Your AT&T Account Has Been Suspended

There is a phone scam making the rounds that begins with a recorded message.  It says “If you are an AT&T Wireless customer, your account has been suspended for verification.  For account, press 1.  To be transferred over to a representative, press 2.”

The criminals behind this scam are spoofing the real AT&T service number because the caller ID came up as 800-331-0500.   A web search for this number shows many people reporting this scam call.  Others are reporting the same scam call coming from 800-441-0500. (visit:  Many people are saying this is a phishing scam for personal information.  For example, one woman reported that pressing “2” to speak to a representative brought her to a prompt asking for the last 4 digits of her social security number.

Another variation of this scam was reported in January in which callers are asked for their PIN they received via a text message.  Read the posts about this variation here on the AT&T Forums.

Apparently the same scam has targeted Verizon Wireless customers as well and was reported by many people here on their community board.

If you have a better quality recording of this scam or a variation of it, send it to!