You Are a Second Prize Winner – Geico County Financial Trust

One of our readers mailed us their winning letter, announcing they she was the winner of the “USA Mega International Sweepstakes” along with their winning check from Geico County Mutual Insurance of Richardson, Texas for $4500.00!  The woman was asked to deposit her $4500 check and use $2100 of it to pay the processing fee.  Once this was completed she would be sent $450,000 (minus the $4500), the balance of her winnings!

“We are pleased to bring this official notice which confirms that you are a 2nd prize winner in the second category of the USA Mega (under the international Sweepstake draw) held on December 10th, 2018.  The serial number 8079109 attached to your name matched the first five lucky winning numbers 77-64-98-67-44, you have consequently won $450,000.

Geico county financial Trust have been assigned by the international sweepstake organization to inform you about your winning and your payment.  You will be paid with a CERTIFIED CHECK, which will be delivered by special courier company.

Enclosed is a check of $4,500.00.  This check is provided to help you pay the processing fee.”

This is nothing more than a variation of the fake check scam.  The check, which appears to be extremely well-crafted and looks legitimate, will likely take 5-7 days before it bounces.  However, the woman will be asked to pay the “processing fee” within a couple of days of depositing the check and through a method that will be untraceable, such as Green-dot money card.

The recipient is asked to contact the “Claim Agent” to process this claim.  The name is given as Robert Newman, telephone number 236-818-6794.  When we search this number on Google, we find a link to this very scam described on the  We have notified Bank of America about the fraudulent check and account information (3/13/19)


Geico Insurance Company has acknowledged this scam and says they have nothing to do with it.