Savers Post International (SPI LLC) –

Hiring scam looking for “Warehouse Coordinators”

[Published May 15, 2021] The Russian-speaking cybercriminals have continued to target Americans into being their mules to illegally move merchandise again and ghosting them when it comes time to pay them for their many weeks of work.  The newest fake business brought to our attention is a website called Savers Post International (SPI LLC) using the domain (A second fake shipping business we just published an article about is called Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC), found at

This website and its content is nearly identical to the many other fake shipping businesses we’ve exposed in the past by this gang of Russian-speaking criminals.  However, these scammers are now learning from their mistakes by reading the very articles we publish for the public about their scam websites. From our articles we see they are correcting many of the problems we point out.  They have also taken additional steps to make their websites and businesses appear legitimate.  We highlight some of their efforts in this regard at the bottom of this article. Nonetheless, we are convinced that the website,,  for Savers Post International is fraudulent and here’s why…

1. Their website says that their business was established in 2010, yet both of their domains were registered on April 19, 2020. (It is the habit of this criminal gang to use one domain for their business website and a different domain to send/receive emails to/from it’s victim employees.  The domain used for email this time is

2. This time these criminals tried to make their business look to be legitimate by hiring a third party agency, Northwest Registered Agent in Montana, to help them register this business as a legitimate “Domestic Limited Liability Company” with the State of Montana on March 17, 2021.  So how is it possible that their website says in multiple places that they have been in business since 2010 when the State of Montana shows their business was just registered on March 17, 2021? By the way, as “proof” of their legitimacy, these scammers will send documents from the State of Montana to the people they hire (and scam by not paying them), showing that they are a legitimate business, registered with the State. Don’t believe them!

3. GOOGLE SEARCH: The ONLY reference to Savers Post International that comes up in a Google search on May 11 is a link to from someone claiming this company is a scam!  For a company that claims to be about 11 years old, one would expect to find a lot of information and reviews of such a long-standing company!

4. NO SUCH BUSINESS ADDRESS: On multiple web pages, and in the documents registered by their agent in the state of Montana, Savers Post International repeatedly states that their address is: 4193 10th Ave N Unit 3C, Great Falls, MT 59401.

Google doesn’t show any business located at 4193 10th Ave N in Great Falls, Montana. In fact, Google only shows undeveloped land across from a small residential area at this address. We easily found Bundi Gardens, located at 4410 10th Ave N, showing that even numbers were on the south side of this view. Odd numbered locations, like 4193 would be sitting in an open empty field!  Also, this webpage on shows this exact address listed as a vacant field on May 12, 2021. says that their information was updated on April 17.( Nor does Google show any company at all when we conducted a search for their phone number: 844-404-0010 on May 12, 2021.):

5. STOCK PHOTOS & UNIDENTIFIABLE PROFESSIONAL TEAM: All prior scam websites created by these criminals have used stolen photos or stock images of people.  Their “About Us” pages have typically applied fake names to stolen images that were easy to locate.  These scammers have learned from their mistakes!  This time they made sure to only use photos for “company employees” that could not be found by online tools, such as Google image search.  However, by doing so, they’ve also selected photos and names that have no trace whatsoever!  We’ve spent time searching for “Robby Ford, Logistics Manager,” “Ashley Moore, Warehouse Supervisor,” and “David Self, Warehouse Worker” and found none of them!  Not by photo and not by name with any photo to match these names.  In other words, these people and their faces don’t exist anywhere, including on LinkedIn, a website for professionals. Moreover, take a careful look at the suit being worn by “David Self” in this employee picture.  Do you really think this man is a Warehouse Worker?  He looks more like a lawyer!

Also, anyone can purchase stock photos and throw them onto a website to represent themselves.  These stock photos don’t mean the business is real or legitimate!  Here are just 2 examples from their website at….

  1. Photo to the right of “About SPI LLC” on the top page shows young workers gathered around a table.  This exact stock photo can be purchased from
  2. At the top of the main page of this website is a banner consisting of a couple of photos. One shows the body of a woman wearing black gloves with her arms crossed. A small box and computer lie on a desk in front of her. This photo was available to purchase from many stock photo websites, including


If the exact same text on one website is found on another website, it means one of several things… 

   a) One website plagiarized the other website’s content
   b) The websites are owned by the same website creators

When we conducted a Google search for some of the exact text from we discovered it on several other websites INCLUDING a previous FRAUDULENT website created by these criminals and called (Read our February, 2021 article about the bogus website.)

EMAILS SENT FROM Savers Post International to people who believe they were hired by a legitimate company and expect to be paid for their work rather than being victimized and used as mules to move merchandise:

 On May, 2021, <> wrote:


Welcome to “SPI LLC” (“SAVERS POST INTERNATIONAL” LLC)! I can tell that you are going to be a great addition to our team. We are all looking forward to having your energy and expertise on our projects.

There is a lot to learn as you get started in these first weeks. The volume of training and new processes we are throwing at you may feel overwhelming.

Shortly your personal manager will contact you and provide access to your admin panel. Information will be sent via email. Check your inbox and spam folder on a regular basis.

From now on make sure that you keep an eye on all incoming mails. You should receive your first package and shipping supplies within 3-7 business days from now.

You are working with one of the most top rated companies in EU so please, make sure that you pick up phone calls during the office hours and check your email regularly. By living these values every day, you will be successful in this company and in your career. They should guide everything that you do here.

I am committed to your professional growth, and want that to be part of our ongoing conversations. We also have a company goal of providing connection, appreciation, meaning, and impact as part of your daily employee experience. If you feel like any of these are not happening (or if you just want to celebrate because they are!) my door is always open.

Again, congratulations!

Regards, HR Department



From: <>

Subject: Creating Your Personal Accounts With The Shipping Carriers




Please note: You will receive corporate shipping supplies (tapes, bubble wraps, boxes, markers, mailing tubes, poly bags, company branded tia-shirt and cups) from the company within the next 6-8 weeks from now. 


For now, please order your first batch of free supplies from our partnering carriers (provided below). Get ONLY 2 rolls of clear tape for attaching the shipping labels. In case you need to purchase clear tape, please keep a copy of the receipt for reimbursement.

While receiving and shipping packages you deal with the following shipping carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Laser Ship and OnTrack. The 3 major providers are UPS, FedEx, and USPS. You need to create your PERSONAL online accounts with these 3 shipping carriers to use some of the online features they offer.

IMPORTANT Don’t request package pick-up from UPS or FedEx office if a package has a different name from yours. You wait until drivers will bring it to your door. IMPORTANT

Get registered with FedEx at (Note that FedEx asks for your credit or debit card to verify your address, they won’t charge you a penny).

Get registered with USPS at Then log in to your USPS account and place an order for the following FREE shipping supplies:

  1. Priority Mail Box – 4—4-P_O_BOX4

  1. Priority Mail Box – 7—7-P_O_BOX7

  1. Priority Mail Shoe Box

  1. Customs Form Envelope

Note: These products ship in packs of 10 or 25. An order of 1 equals 10 or 25 boxes or pieces. Order 1 of each and the total should be $0.00. Please shoot me an email when you place the order or if you need help.

Get registered with UPS at Then log in to your account and go to

 Please order the following FREE shipping supplies:


  1. UPS Express Boxes (Large)
    2. UPS Express Boxes (Med)
    3. UPS Express Boxes (Small)
    4. UPS Express Hard Pak – Secure


  1. UPS Express Reusable Envelope


6.Address Pouch

Labels and Stickers:

  1. UPS WorldShip Peel-and-Stick Labels – (2 per Sheet)

IMPORTANT! Please find the closest UPS, FedEx and USPS drop-off locations and use these locations to ship out the packages. If it’s unreasonably far away, you can use third party locations like Office Depot, Staples and others. Please always choose original locations over third party locations if possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Regards, HR Department






  1. Hire a Registering Agent to act on its behalf to register their “business” in the State of Montana.
    These criminals have hired Northwest Registered Agent to register their business for them. (They also hired this Agent to register another fake business called Ship Site Post LLC.  We’ve also published an article about this scam site.) By doing so, they protect their identity. On the Northwest Registered Agent website it says that someone can “get a registered agent,” “start an LLC,” and get “privacy by default.”

2. Hiring an agent to register their fake business for them helped them to receive the following:

    1. State of Montana Certificate of Existence (#9566019); on March 17, 2021
    2. Certification Letter as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (File #C1205032-14811132); on March 17, 2021
    3. An assigned Employer Identification Number (EIN) of 86-2975315
    4. An “Article of Organization” #148111132 in the State of Montana; filed on March 17, 2021

However, Savers Post Intl LLC is so new that we could not find any reference about it by searching on or the U.S.Securities & Exchange Commission website on May 13th.  Both of these sites are used to look up information about registered businesses.