Utility Company Scam Calls: National Grid

It appears that bogus IRS and U.S. Treasury calls are not the only fake calls that consumers are getting.  We’ve been hearing about callers pretending to represent National Grid, a utility company, demanding payment for overdue bills or they will cut off your home/business electricity.

Read this recent post on Reddit by a user:
“So at work today a company disguised themselves as ‘National Grid’ demanding to pay unpaid bills or they will turn off the power. I had a feeling these guys were up to no good so I called the actual ‘National Grid’ and found out everything was paid on time. Now these other guys are trying to fool people into paying THEM money that you don’t even owe. What I am hoping is that you great people will troll the hell out of these crooks. Here is their phone number to their PHONY company: (888)-840-9880 They will ask you for an extension, just make one up.”

We have also found others talking about these scams online.  Check out…



Warning pages are being posted on the Internet.  Bottom line, no legitimate business is going to call you and demand immediate payment over the phone for anything.  If they do, hang up!

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