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Test Your Knowledge

Do you think you can tell a legitimate email or text from a fake/malicious email or text?

Try your skills out on the ten samples below.  We’ll go easy on you!
(If you become a member you’ll find longer,  more in-depth quizzes, and quizzes that include live links to test your mouse-over skills.  The quizzes also include an explanation and your results will be tallied along with other members.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Take out a piece of paper and get a pencil… You’ve got ten chances below. Simply look at each screenshot below (picture of a text or email) and write down whether you think it is legit or a scam. (We’ve scrubbed people’s real names and emails from these to protect privacy.)  Answers can be found through the link at the bottom of the page. No fair peeking!

1. Capital One Activation Center
Quiz1-Capital One Activation Center

2. Two Messages on Facebook for You

Quiz2-Facebook messages

3. Google Wallet

Quiz3-Google Wallet

4. PayPal Credit Card Expiration Notice


5. Southwest Air Gift Card

Quiz5-Southwest Air rewards

6. Update your Verizon Billing Information

Quiz6-Verizon update billing info

7. Google Play Chromebook Order


 8. PayPal July Account Statement

Quiz8-PayPal Statement

9. Chase Bank Irregular Activity

Quiz9-Chase Bank irregular activity

10. Twitter Prize Giveaway


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