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SCAM: These scams tend to be very well-crafted. However, a simple mouse-over of any link in these emails reveals that they do not point to the website they claim to represent. [View the lower left corner of each graphic.] The scammers are quite clever. Their bogus bills generally come out just ahead of the real Verizon and AT&T billing cycle.  These types of emails typically point to fake websites that are designed to look like your cell phone website. To be honest, we’re not quite sure what their “game” is. e.g. Are they just looking to infect your computer, steal your credentials to your cell phone account hoping that you use the same login information at a bank or credit card? ….we’re not sure.  Just delete.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Besides looking at the link revealed in the lower left corner of all of these scams by a mouse-over, notice that all of these emails lack any personal information that identifies the recipient. Some list “your account number ending in 001” or some other lame number.

CAUTION: We do not advise visiting the links revealed in these scam emails because it is possible that some of these websites might cause a computer infection.

Example #1: “Your online bill is ready to be viewed” A mouse-over of any of the links in this bogus bill point to “” This is a couple’s personal website that has been hacked. Clicking any of the links in this email trigger a script that infects the visitor’s computer with a Trojan. The Zulu […]

The first four examples of this scam are nearly identical and all came out during the same scampaign. Notice that a mouse-over of the links in each scam email reveal that they point to different websites. The scammers don’t like to put their “eggs all in one basket” in case the hacked web server is […]

There are several reasons to suspect this is a scam: 1. The link in the text points to “” not Best Buy 2. is a URL shortening service so the recipient has no easy way to determine where the real link points to until they click on it.  That is too late! [Read our […]

In late October, 2014 we were contacted by more than 40 people who had received the scam text below to ask it if was legitimate.  It’s not!  All of the texts came from a variety of Hotmail email addresses and the domains varied but were similar…. Domains like “” or “”  Each one we checked […]