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Work from Home: “Quality Control Associate” and “Shipping Agent” Scam

[Published 6/25/21] and are both part of a long list of fake websites to support shipping scams. These criminals hire people to repackage boxes of merchandise purchased with stolen credit card information in a “work-from-home” scam and then ship the merchandise to another location after stripping off ALL identifying labels/information from the original source. People are promised a salary of $2,000 – $3,000/month PLUS $40-$50 per box they can reship in 1 day.  NO ONE GETS PAID!  They get ghosted after 4-6 weeks, or however long the criminals can squeeze out of them for free mule labor.   

In mid-June, a woman contacted us to say she received a random email on June 7 inviting her to apply for a job as a Shipping Agent. No company name was mentioned in the initial email but she later learned the company is called SlogisticsUSA. The email came from someone named “Delia Robinson” but sent from an email server in Japan (2-letter country code = “.jp”), using the name “muro66.”

The woman found the email and business to be a bit odd but applied anyway.  She had an email-based interview and was hired on June 14 by someone named “Julie Rigby” using an email domain  This domain, along with are used to support the scam website called “Slogistics USA.” (Click email to enlarge)



Like the many other shipping scams used by cybercriminals, there are always tell-tale signs of fraud if you dig into the weeds of these “businesses.”  

1. BOTH and use the EXACT SAME WEBSITE, with the same “Meet Our Team” and “Testimonials.”  The only thing that is different is the company name!
In fact, the photos featured on were pulled from the website.  You can see when you look under-the-hood at the code used to create the SlogisticsUSA website.  The code calls for these photos from the SkywayGlobalInspect website!

2. AGE OF THE BUSINESS: All of these scam sites tell you they have been in business for months or years. and both say they have been in business for 5 years.  This is a lie because they didn’t register their websites until June 6 for (and June 9 for, the domain used by these scammers for their email) and September 21, 2020 for!

Also, the domain “” was registered through a service located in Russia.  Not very American, is it? Also, the “Tech Contact” addresses given either don’t exist or lead to an apartment building with no apartment listed.  Their names and email addresses also seem bogus.  For example, the Tech contact (Justin Peavler) for the domain “” listed his email address with a service called “isdaq[.]com.”  Isdaq[.]com has a very bad reputation as being used by spammers/scammers! Check out this rating for it at And Justin’s home address does not exist anywhere in the state of Arkansas, according to Google.


3. TESTIMONIALS ARE FAKE: Both of these websites have several “Testimonials” of people who say positive things about these scam sites. Except that they are not real people!  The photos are stolen from other people on the Internet.  Here are two examples…

“Demmy Newman” – eCommerce Business Owner – is actually a woman named Jackie Burke.  Ms. Burke worked at ShipBob, Inc. at the time of this publishing date.  As of 6/23/21 you can see her profile listed on using the same photo taken by these scammers. She is also listed on the website as the VP of Business Development. She is NOT “Demmy Newman!”

In fact, these criminals have stolen several photos from the folks at ShipBob, Inc! The Testimonial listed by a man identified as “Rafael Nunez” is actually the CEO and Founder of ShipBob, Inc and his REAL name is Dhruv Saxuna. You’ll find this stolen photo on the ShipBob About Us web page with the real name.

4. NO CREDIBILITY: Every business on the Internet wants to be promoted and have lots of attention paid to it! That’s one way businesses grow. But this is NEVER the case with these fake businesses! They specifically have code hidden in their pages that instruct Google NOT to follow them or keep information about them. When you try searching for these businesses you get NOTHING. NO SUCH BUSINESSES can be found.  However, we do find posts on or Reddit by people calling these businesses scams or questionable.  Check out these examples:



  • Collect evidence to give to the FBI. Document everything that happened to you, especially labels from where the packages have come and labels where you are sending the packages
  • Hold onto the packages you have and STOP SHIPPING them! If necessary, do not accept any more packages and have them returned to the sender. Notify the senders that the merchandise was not purchased legally.
  • Send an email to your “supervisor” and tell them you KNOW they are a scam and you have reported them to the FBI. 
  • CONTACT the nearest FBI office and give them all the evidence you have collected! Refer them to our articles about this scam operation.
  • FIle a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so that other people can hear about this:
  • Post a complaint on