Scams Identified

In our first year of operation we used to post the number of scams that we had identified since starting our research and business in the summer of 2011.  This number represented the total number of different types of scams we had seen over the months.  We have to admit that sometimes it feels like we’re spitting hairs.  Though we could simply say we’ve seen airline scams or bank scams, we think that our visitors would find it more valuable and interesting if we identify the banks or airlines that we have seen targeted by the scammers when possible.


On the other hand, we got pretty sick and tired ourselves of trying to keep track of them all, so in the end we decided to stop posting those numbers. However, in a geeky kinda way we do get excited when we see something new because we feel like we’ve seen it all, over and over.

Below are 100 different types of scams we saw in 2014.  Next time we get bored with nothing to do we’ll look through our files and add another 100 or more to this list.


scamkeysAddiction problems
Airfare cheap
Alcohol problems
American Airlines
Anxiety reduction
Apple Computer
Apple iCloud
Apple iTunes
Background checks
Bank of America
Bath and Shower Cleaning Products
Better Business Bureau
Breaking news
Burn fat quicker
Car dealership reduced prices
Certification in Project Management
Chase Bank
Clearance sales
College degrees available online
Credit card rates
Credit score change
Dental implants
Dental plans
Diabetes reversal
Diet, Lose weight
Dr. Oz endorsements
Drop your dress size
Electric bill reduction
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs – Viagra, Cialis, etc.
Find local contractors
Foreclosed Homes for Sale
Gift cards (e.g. Target, Walmart, DunkinDonuts, MacDonalds, gas)
Gourmet meals purchased online
Grocery bill reduction
Hair improvement products
Health Insurance Deals/Plans
Home siding
Hook up with women/girls
Improve health / reverse disease
Insomnia cure
Job offer (e.g. Coca Cola, Starwood Resorts, Nike)
Kitchen Carving Knives
Medicare supplemental insurance
Mortgage rates
Motion-Sensor detector
Negative information about you posted on web
New Years resolution
Oil Change coupons
Pain relief
Phone bill reduction
Phone systems for business
Recipie books
Reduce nerve pain
Refinance homes
Reverse Mortgage
Sam’s Club
Security camera / monitoring
Shopping spree
Shrink your waist
Sleep aids
Smartphone sale
Solar panel discounts
Southwest Airlines
Steaks purchased online
Survival knife
Term Life Insurance
Testosterone boosting
Tinnitus cure
Toilet paper coupons
U.S. Government HARP program
Utility bill reduction
VA Loan Benefits
Vacations (e.g. Puerto Rico, Hawaii, cruises, safaris)
Veterans Benefits
Video surveillance
Vision improvement
Vouchers (e.g. Costco)
Water crisis
Who’s who invitation
Window replacement or installation
Wood furniture polish
Woodworking projects
Work at home


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