Fake & Suspicious Dog Selling Websites

[Last Updated: 5/26/24 – WARNING: THIS SCAM IS STILL VERY ACTIVE! We recently found more than 60 bogus shipping companies that scammer use to trick their victims into paying money in advance. Check out the long list below for scammer’s shipping sites!] On Saturday, January 29, 2022 we were contacted by a woman who had been very excited to buy a German Shepherd puppy. To protect her identity, we’ll call her Dinah.  In Dinah’s online search, she found a website called germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com. This turned out to be a scammer’s website and she lost $650, but it could have been $1900 had she believed the scammer’s lies about additional shipping requirements!  Dinah contacted us with her story and we launched an investigation of this website which claims to sell German Shepherd puppies and ship them anywhere in the world.

Surprisingly, our investigation in early February, 2022 turned up more than 21 fake or suspicious dog selling websites and services, including other scam sites linked to phone numbers and other information given on these dog-selling sites.  Below is a list of ALL of the fraudulent and suspicious websites we have found related to the purchasing and shipping of dogs and puppies.  Below this we’ll give you the details about Dinah’s story and you’ll find many more details and related articles as to WHY we think these sites are fraudulent or suspicious.  If you have been victimized by scammers who pretend to sell or transport dogs, let us know by emailing us at DogScams@thedailyscam.com!


PLEASE NOTE THAT MANY OF THESE FRAUDULENT/SUSPICIOUS WEBSITES WERE FOUND ON A Weebly website that says it was managed by “Company.com.”  Company.com is doing such a poor job of preventing fraud on their website AND making it impossible to report abuse to them that we do not recommend doing business with ANY website found on Company.com!

Adorablecavapoopuppies.com Adorable Cavapoo Puppies (domain registered on Sept. 13 by “William Tatum” who said his address was that of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida!)
Alishamichelle.shop Maltese Puppies (domain registered on Oct. 4, 2022 in Iceland)

BeaglePuppies4Homes.com Beagle Puppies
BeaglePuppiesForSaleNearMe.company.com/  Beagle Puppies
BichonfriseFarms.com. Bichon Puppies
Bravegoldendoodles.com Brave Golden Doodles (domain registered on April 3, 2022 in Iceland)
Bulldogsbreeder.company.com.  Bulldog Puppies
BuyBostonTerrierPuppies.company.com/about-bostom.html  Boston Terrier Pupplies (Notice the typo for “Bostom” in the link)
BuyPomeranianPuppies.wordpress.com. Pomeranian Puppies
Candylandgoldenretrievers.com Golden Retriever Puppies (registered on May 14, 2022 in Cameroon)
Classicteacuppomeranianshome.com Pomeranian Puppies (registered on Oct. 19, 2022 in Cameroon)
Companionpugsfarm.com Companion Pugs Farm (domain registered on Sept. 23, 2022 in Iceland – 3 weeks earlier)
Crownpitbullpalace.com Crown Pitbull Palace (domain registered on Aug. 23, 2022 to a fictitious address in downtown Chicago!)
Dachshundpuppiesau.com Dachshund Puppies AU (domain registered on March 8, 2023; hosted in Singapore)
Dafiecegoldenretriver.com Dafiece Golden Retriver (domain registered on August 15, 2023)
DeluxeBoxer.com Boxer Puppies
Dolledupschnauzerhome.com Schnauzer Puppies (registered on Nov. 28, 2022 – no website posted as of 12/29/22)
DreamChihuahuapups.homesteadcloud.com Teacup Chihuahua Puppies
DynamicMiniSchnauzer.com Schnauzer Puppies
Elisecavapoopups.com Elise Cavapoo Puppies (domain was registered in New Zealand on August 29 – 2 months before being reported to us)
Familyraisedtibetanmastiff.com Family Raised Tibetan Mastiff (domain was registered on September 21 – 2 weeks before reported to us)
FrenchBulldog.company.com  French Bulldogs
FrenchBulldogPuppyForSale.net French Bulldogs
Germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com  German Shepherd Puppies
Goldens-pup.business.site  Golden and Labrador Retriever Puppies
GoldenBassets.com Basset Hound Breeder
HanDachshundPuppies.com Han Dachshund Puppies (registered on 12/1/2023 and hosted on same server as Marry John Dachshund scam site below)
Helenatoyandteacuppomeranianpuppies.com Helena Toy and Tea Cup Pomeranian Puppies (domain registered on July 23, 2022)
Infinitypupps.com (registered on Nov. 29, 2022 in Iceland; no website as of 12/29/22)
JeffMaltese.com Maltese Puppies
Jpekins.com (registered Nov. 9, 2022 in Iceland; no website posted as of 12/29/22)
Maltipoo.homesteadcloud.com  Maltipoo Puppies
MaltipooPuppiesForSale.company.com/  Maltipoo Puppies
marryjohndachshund.com Marry John Dachshund (+1 252-557-4851) (Reported as a scam on 12/21/23; domain was registered on 12/10/23, hosted in
Germany. The scam used a fake delivery service called Air Flight Vets  (airflightvets.com  phone: 854-999-5274
maxfrenchbulldog.com French Bulldogs
ParadiseYorkiesHome.com Paradise Yorkies Puppies
Pethomehubbullies.shop Bulldog puppies (registered on August 31, 2022 in Iceland)
Pocketsbeaglesclark.com (domain registered on Oct. 12, 2022 – SITE SHUT DOWN by end of December, 2022)
PomAndMaltesePuppies.company.com/ Pom and Maltese Puppies
Pomeranian.homesteadcloud.com Teacup Pomeranian Puppies / Phone: 443-9457-0728
Pomeranain.company.com  Pomeranain Puppies
Prestigecotons.com Prestige Coton de Tulear Puppies (hypoallergenic)  (domain registered on Sept 16, 2022 in Iceland)
PugslandBreeder.company.com/  Pugsland Breeder
RoseBerners.com  Bernadoodles Breeder (Email: astoriaberners@gmail.com / Phone: 406-302-4574)
RockfieldAmericanBullies.wordpress.com/  Rockfield American Bullies (Bulldogs)
RoseRagDoll.com selling kittens (Phone: 406-578-7775)
SamoyedPups.company.com/  Samoyed Pups
SharpeiValley.com (Email: info@sharpeivalley.com)
Sherylbassethoundhome.com Sheryl Basset Hound Home (domain registered on Sept. 12 in Iceland, just 5 weeks earlier.)
Siberianplayboys.com Siberian Play Boys (domain registered on Oct. 27, 2022; no address/phone listed)
Starlifepoodles.su Star Life Poodles (domain was registered on July 26 2022 and is hosted on a server in Ukraine)
SuperiorBoxers.com Boxer Puppies
SuperiorBeagle.com Beagle Puppies
Tinyteacupyorkiepuppies-for-sale-usa.ukit.me Yorkie puppies (scam site targeting Australians)
ValentinaFrenchieHome.com French Bulldogs
worldsharpeipuppy.com Sharpei Puppies
Zigicorgies.com Zigi Corgies (domain registered on June 24, 2022 in Iceland)

SCAMMER’S PET SHIPPING WEBSITES: (Shipping your new pet is an important part of this scam!)
3 Stars Apex Company Ltd / 3starapexcompany.com (registered on 4/17/2023)
Abacus Freight and Logistics Corp / +1(661) 776-5779 / abacusfreightandlogistics.com (registered on 7/19/2023)
Aboluch Logistics / +27 10 006 7396 / aboluch.co.za (registered on 2/7/2024)
ADH Export Shipping
/ +1(251) 216-1406 – adhexportshipping.com (registered 3/30/2024)
Alpha Shipping, LLCAlpha-Shipping.org (This site was also an employment scam site! All “employees” and reviews on this site are stolen images or
stock images) – complaints against this “dog shipping” site can be found on
Air Lands Perficient Companyairlandssperficientcompany.com (registered on 3/20/2024)
American Pets TripAmericanPetsTrip.com (Domain and website expired)
Aramexshipping Services / Aramex Delivery Services / +1(323) 489-5915 / Hover Express Delivery  (NOT to be confused with the real site at
aramex.com!) –
aramexshippingservices.com (registered on 1/25/2024)
Asian Logistic Express – cargo.asianalogisticexpress.com – +1 345-456-7890 (registered 1/3/2024)
Aussie Pet Relocation
AussiePetRelocation.com (Domain and website expired)
Aviary Express / (267)-743-8988 – aviaryexpress.com (registered on 5/17/2023)
Beach Lane Shipping GroupBeachlaneshippinggroup.com (Domain and website expired)
Blue Hills Logistics / +1 (212) 255-5511 / bluehillslogistics.com (registered on 1/10/2024)
Bravo Movers / 786-344-5598 / bravomover.com (registered on 7/14/2023)
Canvas Global Logistic / 1-888-452-1505 / canvasglogistic.com (registered on 12/23/2023)
Cargo Globe / cargoglobe.online (registered on 6/27/2023)
Chrono Express Logistics / +1 6166063019 / chronoexpresslogistics.com (registered on 6/3/2023)
Crete Shippings / creteshippings.org (registered on 1/28/2024)

Easy Express Mxn Drops / +1 716 759 4054 / easyexpressmxndrops.com (registered on 1/16/2024)
Elite Gold Express Transport Services / +861 321 527 9639 / elitegoldexpress.com (registered on 12/15/2022)
Epic Line Cargo / epiclinecargo.com (registered on 8/13/2023)
Erfolg Logistics / +371 654 55630 / erfolglogistics.com (registered on 4/10/2023)
Express Courier Center
expresscouriercenter.com (registered on 4/6/2023)
FasTrans / Fast Transport / fasttranspriority.com (registered on 8/7/2023)
Feathers Cargo Logistics
/ +1 (252) 460-1451 – featherscargologistics.com (registered on 9/6/2023)
Fixy Logistics Incfixylogistics.com (registered on 12/23/2022)
Fleets Force Delivery / 1-888-452-1505 / fleetsforcedelivery.com (registered on 1/11/2024)
FLG Shipping & Logistics / +971 4 395 8003 / +48 730 512 345 / flg-shipping.com (registered on 8/22/2022) / flgshipping.net (registered on 1/22/2024)
Fortico Delivery Agency
/ +55 47 9955-4702 – forticodeliveryagency.com (registered on 1/5/2024)
Gateway Logistics Agency / (903) 385-8630 – globalexpressrelocator.com AND gatewaylogisticsagency.com – +1 (816) 866-0605 (Both registered 5/29/2023)
GFS / Globe Shipping Services / 962 79 5529741 / gfsjo.com (registered on 10/9/2023)
Global Airway Logistics / globalairwaylogistics.com / +1(406) 869-3835 (registered on 5/10/2023)
Global Deliverry
/ +1(786) 228-6370 – globaldeliverry.com (registered on 4/29/2023)
Global Express Relocator / Global Logistics / (903) 385-8630 – globalexpressrelocator.com (registered on 6/10/2023)
Global Farer Logistiks / (719) 422-3797 / globefarerlogistiks.com (registered on 8/14/2023)
Global Shipping Company / globalexpressdeliveryy.com (registered on 8/12/2023)
Global Shipping Lines / globalshiippings.online (registered 6/29/2023)

Global Transit Logistics
/ +447743315586 – globaltranslogistics.org (registered on 2/18/2022)
Global TransX / (619) 331-0397 / globaltransx.com (reigstered on 6/22/2023)
Global United Airways
globalunitedairways.com (registered on 9/1/2023)
Globalcon Logistics / Global Con Logistics and Safe Deliveriesglobalconlogisticsandsafedeliveries.com (registered on 8/5/2023)
Horizon Pets MoversHorizonpetsmovers.com (Domain and website expired)
Inter-Continental Transport / Inter Continental Transport Incintercontinental-transport.com (registered on 6/8/2022)
Jeeya Associates / +919987057138 / jeeyaassociates.com (registered on 8/29/204)
Logistics 24 Ltd / +447956302807 / logistics24.co.uk (registered on 12/21/2023)
Logistics Jone Shipping / LogisticsJoneShipping.com / +1 (254) 307-5432 (registered 9/16/2023)
Logistics Ruby / Ruby Logistics / logisticsruby.co.uk (registered on 12/29/2023)
Matic Shipping / +86 183 7492 3251 / maticshipping.com (registered on 9/1/2022)

Mega Courier Express / +1(510) 905-4823 / megacourierexpress.com (registered on 12/30/2023)
Metrics Logistics / +18184798299 / metricslogistics.com (registered on 1/31/2024)

My Express Logistics
myexpresslogistic.com (Domain & website removed as of 4/9/2024)
My Express Logisticx / (208) 297-3453- myexpresslogisticx.com (registered on 10/26/2023)
New Sea Line Ship Charter / +7 (965) 454-95-50 / newsealine.ru (registered on 5/29/2023)
NLS Mynamar Enterprise Ltd / +959 267 888 432 / nlsmynamar.com (registered on 2/1/2023)

OnPoint Shippers / onpointshipppers.com / +1 (724) 264-8244 / +1 (724) 367-6577 (registered 8/9/2023)
Petco Pet Ltd. (Petco Ltd.)
Petcopetltd.com (Domain and website expired)
Precious Tails TransportationPrecioustailstransportation.com (Domain and website expired)
Precise Express Shipping and Logistics / pexplogistics.com (registered on 1/30/2024)
Premier Class Shipping / +233 203300859 / premierclasshipsec.com (registered on 6/1/2023)
R & D Pets Logistics
/ (267)-743-8988 – rndpetlogistics.com (registered on 5/4/2023)
Rocket Delivery Expressrocketdeliveryexpress.com (registered on 1/29/2022)
Royal Route Courier Inc / +1(458) 239-9813 –royalroutecourierinc.com (registered on 12/22/2023)
Safeway Express Logisticssafewayexpresslogistics.com (registered on 3/16/2024)
SHM Transport / shmtransport.com (registered on 5/21/2023)
Swift Express Lc / Swift Express Logistics / +1 718 218 5250 / swiftexpresslc.us (registered on 6/9/2023)
Swift Ship Plus – swiftshipplus.com – +1 (614) 954 2169 (registered on 11/16/2023)
Timeline Establishments / timelineestablishment.com (registered on 3/14/2023)
Trans Logies Ltd (still showing FasTrans and FastTrans) / translogiesltd.com (registered on 9/14/2023)
Ultimate Logistics Agency
/ 345-456-7890 – ultimatelogisticagency.com (registered on 10/4/2023)
Ultra Cargo Pro / ultra-cargopro.com (registered on 12/7/2023)
USA Pet Air Delivery
usapetairdelivery.com (registered on 7/7/2023)
USPS Ultra Delivery / (404) 548-8006 – uspsultradelivery.com (registered on 3/11/2024)
Worldwide Air Transport / World-Wide Air Transportworldwide-airtransport.com (registered 6/17/2022)
Xerin Logistics / +971 54 3299851 / xerinlogistics.com (registered on 1/6/2023)

Fraudulent & Suspicious Posts on Facebook
    Beagle Puppies for Sale and Adoption (Pet Service)
    Beagle Puppies for Sale Near Me (Pet Service)
Bernese Mountain Puppies for Rehoming (Cortez Bernese)
    Puppies and Dogs Available Near You (Pet Service)

Other Animal/Pet Selling Websites:
Starburkexotics.com Starburk Exotic Animals (domain registered in April, 2021 in Iceland)
Topmainecoonkittens.com Top Maine Coon Kittens (domain registered in Iceland in Sept. 2021)


Dinah found several photos she liked on germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com. She reached out to the owner via the email posted on the website, pgermanshepherd@gmail.com, and received a response that strongly suggested a warm, loving and thoughtful breeder….

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 1:05 PM Germanshepherd Puppiesforsale <pgermanshepherd@gmail.com> wrote:
Welcome to https://germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com, I am writing with regards to your interest in giving a home to one of our puppies. Our puppies are all purebred pups, one of the best dog breeds and a good companion. They are so intelligent, courageous, extremely lively, proud and adventurous, they enjoy affection. They are raised in our home and have been around kids and other home pets. They are up to date on all shots and vaccines and will come along with Their documents including a health guarantee, playing toys and nutritional manual.

Our prices depend on the exact puppy you want.

We accept visits on weekends and we also offer shipping and delivery services at our clients convenience for clients who can’t make it here to get a puppy they are interested in. Our services are 100% reliable and we guarantee client satisfaction at all times.

All puppies purchased from us come with the following;
   – Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantees
   -Health Screenings & DNA tests.
   – Health Certificate.
   – Age appropriate shots.
   – Food Menu.
   – Play toys and treats.
   – Blanket, collar and leash.
  -A Personal Letter With Your Best Wishes.
   -Vet Documents

Before we proceed, We are not selling these puppies for profit but for the love of the breed and we will want to ensure our dogs are going to loving and caring homes. For that reason I will appreciate it if you could answer a few questions. 

1) Have you had a puppy before?
2) Are you a breeder?
3) Do you have any veterinarian around your location?
4) If the puppies destroy something worth $ 100 what will be your reaction?
5) Any experience with a puppy?
6) What is the name of the exact puppy you want?
7) where are you located?

With this information, we will know if your home suits our puppies. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the puppies so we get back to you with more details.

Get back to us so we can advise you on the next step you will take to have the baby home.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon


Over the course of a few hours, Dinah settled on a particular German Shepherd puppy from the photos on the website, and sent in a payment of $500 through Zelle, along with an additional $150 for the shipping expenses.  However, the very next day, January 29th, the woman received this email below from “American Pet Courrier” (using the email americanpetstrip@gmail.com) to inform her that her puppy was stuck in Denver and that she needed to pay another $1,250 for a “thermal crate.” She thought the reason for the additional charge was very suspicious and called the Denver airport. She discovered that the “courier” was not even registered at this airport. Furthermore, the authorities at the Denver airport told her that this was very likely a scam. The woman immediately reached out to Zelle and Wells Fargo Bank to inquire about recovering her $650 since this was fraud. 

NOTICE that the second email to Dinah references a scam website called AmericanPetsTrip.com. (Check out the phone number they list in the upper right corner! It’s not real!) Also, AmericanPetsTrip.com is listed as a scam on the following websites:


On Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 11:11 AM AMERICAN PET COURRIER <americanpetstrip@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Client
  Tracking # WPC050826635317
   Website : https://www.americanpetstrip.com/track-form/

Accept warm greetings from the Entire AMERICAN PETS TRIP Animal Transport Department , We wish to inform you that, your GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY has arrived DENVER International (KDEN) Airport on Transit.The Puppy has now been checked at the ANIMALS WELFARE quarantine Department and all the registration papers, health certificates and passport are correct. But it shows that your puppy is just 9 weeks old and the ANIMAL WELFARE policy states any puppy below 14 weeks will need an Electronic Thermal Crate for the safe delivery of the puppy during this winter period in the USA.

Due to the regulations we now have, you are required to Rent or Purchase an (Electronic Covid 19 Thermal Crate) to have your puppy delivered during this winter period.

Reasons for a change of Crate !!

1: The Delivery crate of the puppy has to be changed from a Ventilated Crate to an Electronic Thermal Crate. The ventilated crate does not contain potty pet space for water bowl and food cane or sanitized spits during this winter period.

2: The Ventilated crate is too small for the relaxation of the puppy on the flight. Due to the above reasons, the crate has to be changed from a Ventilated Crate to an Electronic Thermal Crate.

3: We are experiencing an unfavorable weather condition and transporting the puppy in the Ventilated crate will be detrimental to the health of your pet as places are very cold.

4: We need an Electronic Thermal Crate during this period of shipping because it has a TEMPERATURE REGULATOR which will be regulated according to your puppy’s body temperament thereby maintaining a constant body temperature.

Below are some of the available crates for rent .

Thermal Electronic crate 0150 PD————-$1250.00
Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD ————$1100.00
Thermal Electronic crate 024 PD ————-$1570.00

We do not sell the crate to our customers but we offer them for a hire or rental terms to safeguards your puppies on flight. The money paid for the rental of the crate will be 98.5% REFUNDABLE to you by the delivery personnel at your Airport. Since your sender used a Ventilated crate,our agent will come along with it to swap it for the Electronic Thermal Crate that you rented from us . We request that you make a choice from the above list of crates and choose the type of crate you will like your puppy to travel in, for its own safety.


Thermal Electronic crate 0150 PD——–$1250.00 

Please respond to this email to get this resolved as soon as possible so your puppy leaves with the next scheduled flight.

American Pets Trip


The invoice available through the American Pets Trip website looks very official… (Click to enlarge)

Remember, Dinah didn’t receive an email from pgermanshepherd@gmail.com, the seller from whom she purchased the dog.  She received an email from someone at “American Pets Trip” (https://www.americanpetstrip.com / americanpetstrip@gmail.com) who told her that her puppy was younger than had been reported and she needed to rent a heated crate at the Denver Airport.  The AmericanPetsTrip.com “About Us” page says that they have been in business since 1957!  And yet, AmericanPetsTrip.com was registered anonymously less than a year ago in March, 2021 and is being hosted on a server in Bucharest, Romania.  Some of the “positive” reviews on AmericanPetsTrip.com are IDENTICAL to reviews on another pet transportation service which claims to have offices in Australia and Atlanta, Georgia called Aussie Pet Relocation.  Aussie Pet Relocation claims to have been in business for 15 years and yet, a WHOIS shows that their website was only registered anonymously at the end of August, 2021 and is hosted on a server in India!  Both of these “pet transportation services” are completely FRAUDULENT!

Based on what we learned from both GermanShepherdPuppiesForSale.company.com and AmericanPetsTrip.com, we’ve uncovered MANY fraudulent or suspicious websites claiming to have dogs for sale or adoption.  Below is a brief review of many of them and the most important reasons why we believe these sites are fraudulent or suspicious.


This website on Company.com is NEARLY IDENTICAL in design and presentation as the germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com which defrauded Dinah of $650.  Also, the “Tips and Recommendations” page on this bogus website contains LOTS of stolen text taken from a legitimate dog breeder’s website at Sunshine Beagle Pups.



The phone number listed on the scam site GermanShepherdPuppiesForSale.company.com is ALSO listed on several other sites that offer dogs for sale.  This includes:


The phone number was also found on a Wix website offering to sell marijuana that was called “carmenalex480” before it was taken offline just recently.

Also, please note that these scammers periodically list dogs as “SOLD” or “RESERVED.”  This is simply meant to pressure readers into thinking they have to act quickly to send a down payment for the dog of their choice.  But these scammers also make mistakes.  Check out this mistake on https://pomandmaltesepuppies.company.com/  in which “JAMMY” didn’t age over time BUT changed gender from a male to female!  By the way, the Google map on the Contact form of this website, shows their marker as located inside City Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts!


We even found one of these scam websites that allowed people to leave comments on their site, in addition to posting fake comments stolen from other sites.  Check out these REVEALING COMMENTS on the blog for SamoyedPups.company.com from 4 people who were apparently scammed by this website! (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)  And notice that one of these victims also mentioned Zelle as the method by which these scammers wanted to be paid, just like Dinah was asked to pay for her German Shepherd.

If you were to visit the website BuyBostonTerrierPuppies.company.com you would see that they list their phone number as (405) 266-3728.  A search for this phone number turns up several complaints against this website by people saying they were scammed after paying for a dog that was never delivered.  Here are a couple of those complaints:

   Better Business Bureau (bbb.org)

This same phone number also shows up on another suspicious website called https://buypomeranianpuppies.wordpress.com/


Our research took us to many suspicious Facebook pages where puppies were also listed for sale.  Many turned up when we searched for the exact words “On a scale of 1 to 10, my cuteness is an 11. The family that I have now tells me that I am a true cutie”


This problem of extensive fraud is not restricted just to the sale of dogs.  During our investigation, we found that one of these scam phone numbers was also found on a defunct website that sold Siamese cats and was also located on Company.com: “Siamese Cattery” siamesecattery.company.com.  This bogus website is listed on Dun and Bradstreet’s website as Linda’s Siamese Cattery

In addition, these scammers have posted advertisements for their websites in local news sites and blogs across the country.  This is just one of many examples….


Sadly, all of these suspicious websites and various bread crumbs are just a drop in the bucket of fraud! Some of our searches led us to other types of scams and websites we haven’t yet had time to investigate!  For example, the phone number listed on the scam website germanshepherdpuppiesforsale.company.com is 443-457-0728. In addition to several other fraudulent or suspicious dog-selling sites, we also found that phone number on a fake law firm website (that was half-completed), a website claiming to sell marijuana, and a website selling pinball games called pinballdirect.us.  The PinballDirect.us site lists a warehouse address in Milton, North Carolina that DOES NOT EXIST according to Google! 


So how can YOU best protect yourself from these fraudulent websites? Our advice is simple… Don’t buy a pet from any website UNLESS….

  • You can video chat with the business owner and see LIVE video feed of your puppy, at least 2-3 different days/times to verify they are LIVE feeds of the animal you want to purchase.
  • You can get references from the business owner for people with whom you can also video chat and see THEIR WONDERFUL DOG!
  • Finally, we strongly suggest paying for your pet and other expenses by CHECK because a check must be signed and deposited in a legitimate bank.  If the business won’t accept a check, or a legitimate credit card transaction, then run away!

Caveat emptor!

Three Strikes and You Are Out!

We are now finding so many fake and suspicious websites selling dogs, cats, and even ferrets and capybaras, that we can’t post detailed images about them all.  But we have screenshots to support every claim we describe below. We have included the suspicious sites below into the list at the top of this article.  Below we name the suspicious website and list at least 3 strikes against the website to indicate WHY we believe it is suspicious or a complete fraud.

#16/17 pomeranain.company.com and BichonfriseFarms.com

1: The Home Address is listed as 2627 W PARKMOOR CT, Appleton, Wisconsin. But this address is a 1190 Sq Ft condo with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  Quite a small space for raising lots of puppies, don’t you think?

2: The “Health Guarantee” found on their webpage is identical to the Health Guarantee found on BichonfriseFarms.com, which is also VERY  suspicious because this latter site was registered anonymously in Iceland on February 8, 2021 using NameCheap.  (This is a favorite Registrar service and location of scammers).  Also, if you read the what they say about 3 dogs for sale, it’s clear that the text was copied and pasted for each dog, even though the gender changes for one. of them!

3: Male Pomeranain puppy called “Joo” (11-12 weeks old on Feb 7) was also found on a North Korean website called aboutdog.kr and was called Kei.

4. The Home page shows happy new puppy owner “Juliet Adams from Memphis, TN” with a photo of a girl about to open a little dog carrier. This same image was found on multiple sites saying that the case carried another breed of puppy, a kitten and a ferret!

5. Testimonial from “Stacey P.” from Columbus, OH shows her standing at an airport. But the testimonial says it is written by “Jack and Kristen” AND this same photo was found on another dog-selling site called bearfacepomz.com (which was registerd 4 years ago and likely legit)

6. Email address on the Contact page is given as: support@mayhempomshome.work. The domain mayhempomshome.work was registered anonymously on October 2, 2021 and is being hosted on a server in Denmark.

7. The “About Us” page shows their pink “grooming” and “laundry rooms.”  These photos were stolen from the very real website at Charpoms.net (Charpoms.net was registered in 2009 and appears to be legit.)

#18/19 Bulldogsbreeder.company.com and Kingslinebreeders.com

1. Instructions below the dogs available for purchase say to “Text us” rather than call.

2. The “Contact Us” info at the bottom of the page invites visitors to subscribe “today to Munchkin cats for sale!” The words “Munchkin cats for sale” is still linked to: https://munchkins.company.com/. This is also true at the bottom of the top page of the website. The words “visitors know how” are also linked to the munchkins.company.com website but the letter “h” in the word “touch” is linked to Kingslinebreeders.com.
The “s” in “Contact Us” points to “kingslinebreeders.com.”  “Kingslinebreeders.com” was registered in Iceland through NameCheap on April 25, 2021. (This is a favorite Registrar and location for scammers.) There are references to this site on Facebook as both “Kingsline Breeders” and “Kingline Breeder/”

3. The map on the Contact us page points to a forrested area across from Southport Road. No homes/buildings can be seen at all. The address listed at the bottom of the main web page is 2325 56th Hwy Spartanburg, South Carolina, 29302. Google says there is no such number and road in Spartanburg, SC. The map image below it shows a location in California, not S.Carolina.

4. The “About Us” page talks about Kim and Robert’s passion and love for raising dogs, ending with “The outcome of their passion is their beautiful, quality, happy, and healthy puppiekingslinebreakers.coms! And yet the top page of the website has the sentence “Adrian’s Bulldog Breeding House”. Who is Adrian?

#20 Frenchbulldog.company.com

1. Poor English on home page opening paragraphs

2. The main page contains a section called “Our Services”  which lists “Exclusive Colors,” “Worldwide Shipping,” and “International Standards.” This section is IDENTICAL to content found on other suspicious or scam sites at Company.com including:
https://pomeranain.company.com/     https://munchkins.company.com/   https://dachshundpuppies.company.com/     https://munchkinskitty.company.com/

3. The website at Frenchbulldog.company.com lists their address as 4000 Pleasant View Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28312​​. Their webpage includes a Google Map. But the map shows a marker for Fuller Ave, just off of West 6th Ave. in Helena, Montana. Moreover, we used Google street view to locate the home at 4000 Pleasant View Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28312. It is at the corner of Pleasant View Drive and Karen Street. We moved up Karen Street and turned to look into the back yard of 4000 Pleasant View Drive. We find no evidence whatsoever of a home that raises dogs. There is no fence or dog pens, no protected area to keep them from running into the street. We thought this was suspicious.

4. Their “Testimonials” page shows two reviews with different names and reviews but use the EXACT SAME PHOTO! The family is listed as both “Shaly and max from Kentucky, Frankfort” and then “Yannick Jones, Family from California , Sacramento.” They also show another photo of a family with the SAME NAME and SAME REVIEW. But this other family photo of 4 people with face masks appears on their main web page as “Marie Ann” from Arizona Phoenix.

5. Like so many of these scam/suspicious sites on Company.com, this website also says “MAKE SURE YOU MENTION THE NAMES OF THE FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY ‘S YOU WANT TO ADOPT SO IT WILL BE EASIER FOR US TO GET BACK TO YOU WITH MORE INFORMATION”. This website also includes LOTS of hidden text that is meant to capture the attention of search engines and twitter feeds. It can be found at the bottom of the website pages. For example…

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#21 FrenchBulldogPuppyForSale.net

1. frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net was registered anonymously in Iceland using Namecheap on September 5, 2021. This is a favoriate Registrar and location for scammers to register their scam domains. Also, it points out that this website is only a little more than 6 months old.

2. The testimonial page on FrenchBullDogPuppyForSale.net has several reviews that are IDENTICAL to reviews found on the legitimate website called TheRussianBlues.com. (By contrast, TheRussianBlues.com was registered in the US in July, 2014.). For example, on Frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net there is a quote from “Maxwell Hoad” from Seattle, WA saying “We love our sun conure “Pepper”. He’s just a joy! When we picked him up he was already sweet and potty trained! Totally recommend this place and should we decide to get a buddy for Pepper this is where we’ll get the next…” This identical quote can be found on the Testimonials page at jcaviary.com/testimonials. The last few words are then changed in the quote found on frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net

Also, the quote identified as “VESTA MORGAN, MI” on frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net says “Our 6 month old sweet boy has been an amazing addition to our family. He is playful and affectionate and provides us with hours of entertainment and cuddles. It is impossible to imagine our home without him. It was clear from day one that he was well raised by Christine – a gorgeous and healthy animal that is true to his breed (smart, playful, and more social than we could have hoped for!) Our beautiful baby boy (child to some, sibling to others) has stolen our hearts and, as with some of his toys, refuses to give them back (a direct quite from our 11-year-old)! Thank you Christine!!!!This exact quote can also be found on the legitimate website TheRussianBlues.com.

You’ll also find another quote on frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net from “Christine ,MA” that begins with “After the passing of my parents-in-law beloved 20-year old French Bulldog, my husband and I were on the look out to purchase a Frenchie of our own. When we ran across Royal French Bulldog Ranch website, Mist Traditional Frenchie’, we knew that we had found the place.” You’ll find this EXACT quote on TheRussianBlues.com website EXCEPT that specific words have been altered to change cats to dogs! On legitimate website TheRussianBlues.com, the quote begins as “After the passing of my parents-in-law beloved 20-year old Russian blue cat, my husband and I were on the look out to purchase a Russian Blue kitten of our own. When we ran across Christine’s website‘Archangel Mist Traditional Russian Blue Cat’, we knew that we had found the place.” Our guess is that all of the testimonials on frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net have been stolen from other websites, such as TheRussianBlues.com.

3. We found multiple instances of links on frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net that point to other dog-selling websites. Some of these links are 1 single letter of a word, which is very odd. For example, on this webpage, https://frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net/facts-about-french-bulldogs/ , the word “puppies” is linked to a website called PuppySpot.com (which was registered in 2004.). On the main page, in a blue box, is the word “Bulldogs.” This word is linked to a website called BuckeyePuppies.com, which was registered back in 2009. Remember, frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net was only registered about 6 months before we found it! On the webpage https://frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net/rescue-french-bulldogs-for-sale/ we found the letter “e” in the word “raise” was linked to http://excellenthomepugpuppies.com/. But this is also another suspicious website because it, too, was registered through Namecheap in Iceland on November 1, 2021! This is very young for a website and uses a favorite scammer registrar and scammer location. We also found the letter “m” in “information” to be linked to this same website. This was found on the “Privacy Policy” webpage at frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net. Oddly, this Privacy Policy webpage is listed as: https://frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net/cheap-french-bulldog-puppies-under-500/

4. The two photos on the “Shipping and Health Guarantee” webpage, https://frenchbulldogpuppyforsale.net/shipping-and-health-guarantee, are stretched and distorted. This is very unprofessional.