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Work at Home

Sample #1: Be a Mystery Shopper!
What the heck is that anyway?  We see variations of this all the time. Some one wants to pay us to shop? Maybe we can get them to pay us to do housework too.

Sample #2: Watch a Dateline news report about stay-at-home moms!
Yeah, and infect your computer while you’re at it.  Check out the link that is revealed by a mouse-over: “” “.cl” is the 2-letter country code for Chile.

Sample #3: Hi
This email sounds so personal and warm, almost like hearing from an old friend. Don’t be fooled.  A mouse-over of the link shows that it points to a shortening service “” called ReduceLink.  That means when you click the link you have no idea where you’ll end up on the Internet. URL shortening services are often used to cause computer infections. [Read more.]