CVS Pharmacy Text Recruiting Job Scam

Many people get random texts from phone numbers they don’t know.  Some of these contain links and we STRONGLY recommend that people never click the link without investigating the content and source of the text.  However, some texts invite you to apply for jobs, like this one that comes from the phone number 443-428-9306

The first thing to notice is that “CVS” is presented as “C V S.”  This presentation of a business, and the fact that the sender uses the language “Silent Evaluators” and no dollar sign next to “1,200” tells us the sender is trying to avoid any type of anti-spam service monitoring bulk text sends through the phone provider.

The link provided with the text is a Google shortened link: / DKxTdv

The REAL CVS Pharmacy would never begin a hiring process through random texts, inviting people to click a link through Google.  And this shortened link will send you to an online form created on  A REAL CVS job would send you to their real website at


When you arrive at the online job form you are told that this “mystery assessor job” is being offered through a company called “Mspa-global” and offered the story that “we get hired to go to other companies and act like customers in order to know how the staffs are handing their services in relation to their customers.”  The awkward English and incorrect grammar should tip you off that this is NOT legitimate!  Continue reading the form and you’ll understand better what we mean by incorrect English grammar.

All of this is just a sophisticated effort to send you a fake check which you’ll be pressured into depositing immediately and then spending it on things like Gift Cards!  The scammers will ask you to send them the Gift card numbers so they can cash them, all before your bank tells you that the check is fake and didn’t clear!  Guess who paid for the gift cards and gets fined by the bank for depositing a fake check?

Caveat emptor!