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Hiring scam looking for work-from-home “Quality Control Manager”

[Published May 15, 2021] The Russian-speaking cybercriminals have continued to target Americans into being their mules to illegally move merchandise again and ghosting them when it comes time to pay them for their many weeks of work.  Two new fake businesses were brought to our attention. This article is about one called Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC), using the domain (A second fake shipping business we just published an article about is called Savers Post International (SPI LLC) using the domain (NOTE: This scam site is not related to the legitimate business found at


Like all of their fake companies, this fake shipping business has a “training video” that is about 6-7 minutes in length.  All of their videos are animated and often use the same voice used for their other fake businesses to explain your job and the company itself.  The video for Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC) says “We mostly work on reducing the malfunction and damages on the products before delivering them to the customers and we also make sure the description of the products matches them and therefore we are different from other logistics companies.”  and “We work as a middle man between United States companies and buyers across the world.”  Don’t believe this BS!  It is a professionally crafted video meant to add legitimacy to a fake job moving merchandise illegally. We’ve been told by one of their many victims, who was ghosted after about 5 weeks of working without pay, that many of the addresses of merchandise shipped to her had bogus phone numbers on the labels.  She knows because she tried calling each of them once she figured out this “business” was likely a scam.  However, a couple of unexpected boxes showed up, which were not in her dashboard (meaning they were not scheduled/anticipated).  When she called each of these senders, both said they had not shipped the items she had received and knew nothing about the shipments!

Many people have contacted The Daily Scam during the last year and told us the same stories, over and over. They receive boxes from a sender, open them to remove ALL evidence of the shipping source and original labels, and then re-pack the merchandise using new labels provided by the scammers. Supposedly, each employee will get a $40-$50 bonus PER BOX for doing this!  Does this sound legitimate?  No one gets paid.  After about 4 weeks, you get ghosted and locked out of your dashboard, the place where these criminals communicate about your deliveries..  Once pressure mounts online by too many “workers” complaining about the “company” their website disappears, only to reappear somewhere else in another name and another training video.  We’ve tracked at least 16 of these fake companies all connected to the same criminal gang (who speak Russian).  Most people report to us that one of the first items they are asked to repackage is a Suisse Gold bar.  It appears to be valued at thousands of dollars! This is likely just a test to see if the scammers can trust you to do their dirty work! (How ironic, right?)  However, that “gold bar” is a fake and can be purchased on Amazon for less than $5.

So why do we believe that Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC), using the domain, is another one of these fake shipping businesses? Let’s pull back the curtain to reveal the lies…

1. Their business domains were very recently registered and do not match the date they say their business started, (or the number of customers they serve in such a short time.)
For this scam site, these criminals use the domains for their website AND to exchange emails with their “quality control managers.”  Both domains were recently registered on April 20, 2021. That means their website and “business” didn’t exist online before that date.  And yet, their website says that they were established and working in 2020.  We’ve had unsuspecting victims tell us about email exchanges with the following people from this fake company:

  • Manager: Julio Sharman (304) 407-7758
  • Supervisor: Taylor Wegner (304) 407-7768
  • Supervisor: Justin Geary (304) 407-7787
  • Luis Tran

2. Google Searches show nothing about this business. Wouldn’t you think that a business would want Google’s attention to inform the public about it?  They would want to show up high on the list of returns when people search for shipping companies, especially in the area where they are located or when searching for their name, right? This is NOT the case when searching for either Ship Site Post LLC or SSP LLC. Searching for either of these names, with or without quotes around them, turns up no links, references, reviews or anything at all about this shipping business. (As of May 14, 2021) Even if you ask Google to search for the very domain where this website is posted,, Google can see it but it will tell you that it doesn’t know anything at all about it. (See screenshot) If you click “Learn why” Google’s Help Center says “It means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn’t actually hide the page from Google.”  Why would try to hide itself from search engines like Google?  Because they are a FAKE BUSINESS!


3. Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC) cannot be found at the physical address listed on their website and in the state registration documents they paid an agent to register on their behalf! On multiple pages of their website, and in state documents filed on their behalf, Ship Site Post LLC gives their business address as 712 14th St bldg 23 Huntington, West Virginia 25701. A Google search for this address clearly shows a building at this address occupied by Ferguson Enterprises, a Plumbing Supply company.  There is no “building 23” at this location.

NOTE: On May 13, we called Facing Hunger to see if there was an additional shipping business located in their building complex on 7th Avenue.  And there was!  However, the business is Watts Brothers Moving and Storage, not anything related to Ship Site Post LLC (SSP LLC).

4. All Website Testimonials are FAKE and use stolen images of other people.

This criminal gang always uses stock photos to represent themselves, along with stolen images of other people to which they slap new names.  Sometimes they use the same images on multiple websites and if you look back through our many articles about these criminals you’ll see many of the same stock photos, such as the photo above of the man wearing a yellow vest scanning a label on a box.  It’s a stock photo.  The use of stock photos may be misleading but it isn’t proof of fraud.  However, these stolen photos are proof of fraud…

A man named “Robert Peters” is quoted as saying “I have been using this company for over a year. Absolutely fantastic service and great shipping prices.” (This statement is remarkable since this company didn’t exist until late March, 2021, according to filing documents listed on both and the West Virginia state website business registry.)

However, a reverse image search of this photo of Robert Peters clearly shows that this man is named John Piters, a web application architect. His photo was also stolen and posted on the fake website called, and others. (If you visit our article called Package Reshipping Scams Are Like Whack-a-mole! And scroll down, you’ll find photos of him used on other websites)

Another testimonial posted on is by a man identified as “Paul Smith.” It was exceptionally easy to conduct a reverse image search to learn that this is a stolen photo of a man whose real name is Chad Mureta. And again, you can see from the screenshot of the reverse image search, that this photo was also used on other fake websites created by these criminals, such as

5. A Google search using text content found on also pulls up the exact same text from other websites INCLUDING other FAKE shipping businesses created by these criminals. For example, on their Services page you’ll find the text “Purchase products from USA online ships and get it delivered to your country!” Google informed us that this exact sentence can be found on the scam site

Searching for that sentence in Google also informed us that many of the same images used on were also used on!

6. There is no record of the companies Employer Identification Number on file (as of May 13, 2021)

This fake website posts an Employer Identification Number (EIN) of 86-2952062 for SSP LLC. We conducted a search for this EIN at both and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR Company filings.  Both sites say they cannot find any company with that EIN.  Perhaps it is because the company only filed their fake documents in late March and there hasn’t been enough time for the EIN to make its way to these databases?  But if that is the case, it is just more evidence to point out that this company cannot possibly be “a year old” and founded in 2020!


To see the documentation filed by a third party agent on behalf of these criminals, visit any of these links.  You’ll discover that the third party agent who filed their documents was the SAME AGENT who filed documents for the other recent FAKE business created by these scammers called Savers Post International (SPI LLC) using the domain


A final note… On March 2, 2021 Channel 12 WBOY in Fairmont, West Virginia posted this warning from the Better Business Bureau about a fake shipping company called Sinoway Operations USA LLC.  It concerned the same scam work-from-home positions to repackage boxes that are classic scams by this Russian-speaking criminal gang.  It’s very likely that Sinoway Operations USA LLC was another one of their scam sites too!

We could go on and on with more facts that reveal this website as a fraud but we think you likely get the point! If you’ve been victimized by one of these fake shipping websites, send us an email and tell us about your experiences! Help inform others and shut these scammers down!




On May, 2021, <> wrote: 



Accounting Department is requesting your payment information to add you to the payroll.

A Quality Control Manager is paid 2500$ fixed and additional 50$ bonus for successful package sent on time (paid monthly). Average monthly income after Federal and State taxes is 4200$. Tax will be taken out automatically and at the end of the year, employee will receive W-2 Form in order to files tax return.

Payments are issued once a month on your pay day. All packages MUST BE SENT before the paycheck is issued every month. Any delayed tasks might cause payroll being on hold. The first payment is issued after 30 or 31 days from the date the first package has been shipped out. It might take additional 24-48 hours for the banks to process your payment ONLY for the first time for security purposes. We want to make sure that your payment information is accurate, thus we check if twice for you.

  1. If you would like to be paid by direct deposit to your personal bank account, pls provide the following information.

Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Account Holders Name:
Account Number:
Routine number:
Account type (Checking/ Saving):

Note: The account you would like to use to get your salary needs to be registered on your name.

  1. If you would like to be paid by PayPal, please provide the email address linked to your PayPal account. Note: 3.4% commission fee is deducted by PayPal.
  2. If you would like to be paid by check, please provide your mailing address.


Please provide your payment information by responding to this email.

Thank you.

Regards, Accounting Department


712 14th St bldg 23 Huntington, WV 25701

(855) 558-0188


Mon-Fri 09:00AM-06:00PM EST

Sat-Sun Closed