Package Shipping Scams

We have now published so many articles about fake businesses that trick people into shipping merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards, or shipped illegally, that it’s time to create this webpage that lists all the fake businesses, and links to the many articles we’ve written about them.  They are listed with the most recent websites at the top.  If the website is black and not linked, it means that it is extremely recent!  Even though we KNOW it is a scam business, we haven’t yet had time to write and publish our findings! We’re learning that these criminals, during 2021, are producing fake package shipping businesses at a rate of about 2-4 per month! Nearly all of the businesses below (and perhaps ALL of them) have been perpetrated by the same Russian-speaking cybercriminal gang.  If you want to report information to us about these scams, send your email to

FAKE SHIPPING COMPANIES: (by registration date)

Ship Corners Logistics LLC / / (registered 8/11/21)
Shipping Portals Post LLC / Shipping Portals / (registered 8/11/21)
Allward Woods Logistics Services / (registered 8/2/21)
Abbotlee Logistics Service / (7/26/21)
Grasslay Logistics Service / (registered 7/15/21)
Shop Lite Logistics LLC / / (registered 6/10/21) (registered 6/1/21)
Doubney Logistics Solutions LLC / Doubney Logistics / (registered 5/24/21)
Track High Post LLC / / (registered 5/27 & 6/1/21)
Ship Adventure Post LLC / (registered 5/31/21)
Synergy Post Logistics LLC / SPL LLC / / (registered 4/22/21)
Century Post Logistics LLC / / (registered 4/8/21)
Package Dropoff LLC Delivery / (registered 2/1/2021)
Roydon Logistics Service / (registered 1/24/21)
Thompsett Logistics Solutoins (registered 12/6/21) / On Demand Logistics Services, Inc. (also using: / / Package Chef Logistics LLC / PCL Post / (also using: / Savers Post International / SPI LLC / / / Ship Site Post LLC / SSP LLC / / / QY Shippers / Quality Shippers, LLC / / RDP Post / (also using: / Mindrey-Post / / Shea International / SHEA POST INTERNATIONAL LLC / Shea Industries LLC (also using:
Allmond Shippers / / / Wish Deliveries US LLC / Express Delivery Solution LLC / BSS Post / Best Shopping Solutions, LLC / / Sendpack Parcel (also using / Ship Gecko Logistics LLC / SGL Post
Sinoway Operations USA LLC



  • Collect evidence to give to the FBI. Document everything that happened to you, especially labels from where the packages have come and labels where you are sending the packages
  • Hold onto the packages you have and STOP SHIPPING them! If necessary, do not accept any more packages and have them returned to the sender. Notify the senders that the merchandise was not purchased legally.
  • Send an email to your “supervisor” and tell them you KNOW they are a scam and you have reported them to the FBI. 
  • CONTACT the nearest FBI office and give them all the evidence you have collected! Refer them to our articles about this scam operation.
  • FIle a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so that other people can hear about this:
  • Post a complaint on

Though we do not advocate for taking the following steps, here are several things that victims have told us they have done to these scammers:

  1. One man told us that once he realized the company was a scam and he was being taken advantage of, he KEPT every bit of merchandise sent to him and then shipped EMPTY boxes to their next destination.  Once the “company” caught on they sent him emails threatening legal action.  His response was to invite them to meet him at a local police station!  Of course nothing happened to him and the scammers stopped sending him merchandise
  2. Several people have told us that they stopped shipping packages and held onto the merchandise they were sent.  They contacted their “supervisor” and demanded to be paid for the work they had already done before re-shipping the merchandise in their possession.  So far as we know, none of them were paid.
  3. One amazing person figured out these companies were scams but “worked” for them and collected LOTS of evidence which he has turned over to the FBI, including notifying some people that their stolen credit cards were used to purchase merchandise.