Package Reshipping Job Scams – Again!


We believe that the criminals who created the fake website have very likely created another website meant to trick U.S. citizens into receiving, repackaging and shipping products that are likely purchased with stolen credit card information, or are otherwise illegal to ship.  We say this because we can show that all of these “reshipping” businesses and their websites are similar and completely fraudulent.  Also, WHY would a legitimate business ship something to a person and then pay him or her to repackage the contents and reship that package somewhere else?.  Does that make any sense at all?  We didn’t think so either. (Click here to read our article about Scroll down to Email #8 on the page!)

This story begins when a TDS reader sent us an email on June 30, 2020 from someone named “Roxana Midkiff.” Roxana invited the woman to apply for a job as a work-from-home Logistics Manager for a company called Overseas Deliveries. (NOT to be confused with The TDS reader knew it was a scam.  We decided to apply for that job disguised as a woman we’ll call Betty Boop!


From: Roxana B Midkiff <>
Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 7:15 AM
Subject: Hello , KJ-259477618

Hi ,
I am an authorized representative. We have came across your CV on a job seeking resource.
We would like to offer you an opening: Logistics Manager
The pay is $3000 a month + bonuses.
Schedule: Part-time. 

Job regulations:

– Lawful Permanent Resident in the U.S.
– Basic knowledge of Windows & MS Office;
– Strong ability to perform several tasks in the same time if it is needed;
– Perfect interpersonal skill is preferred;
– Rendering client consultation services
– Must be at least 21 years old;
– Retaining traditional paper workflow and working with finance file reports.
Reference number: ID_10-2075

If perhaps you are serious about this job, please email us back with your full name, main
number, and the perfect call time, and certainly one of our HUMAN RESOURCES Professionals will contact you.

Thank you kindly for your attention.


RED FLAG #1: Roxanna Midkiff does not say what company she represents and her email contains awkward English. The incorrect English suggests to us that Roxanna is not a native English speaker.
RED FLAG #2: Roxanna’s email address is from the free email service called, not from a legitimate company.  There is no other contact information provided.
RED FLAG #3: “Betty Boop” has no CV listed anywhere! She has never before contacted Roxana.


From: Betty Boop <>
To: Roxana B Midkiff <>

Hi Roxana,
Thanks for contacting me.  Yes, I am interested.  Will you tell me more about the job?
Betty Boop

From: Overseas Deliveries LTD <>
To: Betty Boop <>
Date: Jul 3, 2020, 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: job offer


Due to Coronavirus situation in the world Overseas Deliveries  is  delighted  to extend an offer for the work from home position of Logistics Manager. We hope that you will accept the offer and we look forward to working with you. We are sure that you will do well in the role and that you will make a significant contribution to the ongoing success of  the company. The Employment Agreement is attached to this email. Please download the agreement, carefully read it in full and ask any questions as necessary.

Once we receive your signed papers we will give you your personal link

to register in the online office. To log in it you need a computer or laptop or tablet. Parcels will be delivered to your home by Fedex UPS USPS. Once you receive a parcel you need to take pictures of it and upload them to the online office. Then you will receive an outgoing shipping label to print. It is paid. You don’t pay for anything. So you just drop off a parcel and that’s it. Parcels are not heavy and big. Usually it is clothes, electronic devices. Once register in the system you will have your parcels list with the full description of a parcel and tracking information.

For the first month we pay you $20 per package shipped biweekly through PayPal. Starting from the second month additionally $3000 on a monthly basis.

Once  you  have  read it, please PRINT SIGN the agreement, scan it and send  to: If you don’t have a scanner you may  email  it as a picture.  We DON’T accept electronic signature. We also need a copy of your any Document of Identification.               

This offer will remain open until July 15th, 2020.
Attachment: Employment Agreement.
We look forward to hearing from you!                                     

Alexis Andrews
Head of recruitment
+1(302)208 0134


“Alexis Andrews” included 2 pdf files.  An “Employment Agreement” and a “Job Description.”  We thought it was very clever that the Job Description includes their slogan “Miss Your Home, Not Your Mail!” followed by “And we expect that you can join us and assist expats with their mail. Let’s help our dear customers to live abroad like at home!”

The Job Description includes a list of skills that are required, such as “Mathematical Skills” like “ability to add and subtract two-digit numbers…”  They set the bar really high! Click each link to open the pdf:

Employment Agreement OD

Job Description OD


RED FLAG #4: We got offered a job without any interview process or meeting!  Alexis didn’t  even request a phone call!  English continues to be awkward indicating that “Alexis Andrews” is not likely a native English speaker.
RED FLAG #5: The domain for the business called Overseas Deliveries ( was registered in Russia just 16 days earlier.  The website for is also hosted on a server in Moscow, Russia.


From: Betty Boop <>
To: Overseas Deliveries LTD <>

Mr. Andrews,
I am very interested in this opportunity! Can we have a video chat to discuss this job.  Is that possible?
Betty Boop


From: Overseas Deliveries LTD
To: Betty Boop <> 

We can give you a call. What is the number we can contact you?                               

Alexis Andrews
Head of recruitment
+1(302)208 0134


From: Betty Boop <>
To: Overseas Deliveries LTD <>

Mr. Andrews,
I am a very cautious person by heart.  And so, I would feel much more comfortable seeing you in person over a video chat rather than just a phone call.  Do you use skype or zoom?


From: Overseas Deliveries LTD
To: Betty Boop <> 

No, we don’t use it                             

Alexis Andrews
Head of recruitment
+1(302)208 0134


That was the last we heard from Mr. Alexis Andrews, Head of recruitment for!  Below is a screenshot of the top page of their website as of July 3, 2020.  Click to enlarge it. (We’ve removed a LOT of empty, white space on their website to make the image smaller.)


  1. If you looked at their website screenshot, you’ll see that they clearly say the company was founded in 2013 and serves 73 countries, delivering at least 15,430 packages.  So why was their domain name,, registered just 16 days earlier?
  2. For a 7 year old company operating in 73 countries, why is it that Google knows NOTHING about this company?
  3. Perhaps the most damning evidence of all comes from the section of their website called “Meet the Team.” Their Team consists of 3 photos of men they identify as:
    a) Anthony Harper, Senior Manager
    b) Mark Horton, Logistics Manager
    c) Richard Lang, Warehouse Supervisor
    We found that each of these 3 photos were stolen from other websites and are NOT the names they posted on the website.  Look below. You can verify our findings yourself by Googling the real names of these 3 men and looking at images of them…
    From the website:


  • Anthony Harper, Senior Manager in real life is Mr. Bo Andersson, President/CEO of the Japanese automotive supplier called Yazaki Europe.
  • Mark Horton, Logistics Manager in real life is Mr. Rick Peterson, a businessman from Edmonton, Canada.

  • Richard Lang, Warehouse Supervisor in real life was the Bosnian-Serb businessman named Slavisa Krunic.  He was killed in a mafia-style execution on April 22, 2020.

At the bottom of the web page for, there is a single review under the title “What Customers Said.” The review is by a young man identified as “Peter Wilson.”  We were able to find that same photo of “Peter Wilson” on the Internet.

“Peter Wilson” appears to be someone named Jorjiko from Kazan, Russia. He was found to give online ratings for many things including a restaurant/coffee shop called “Monkey Grinder” in Perm, Russia (near the Ural Mountains), according to a Russian search service called 2gis[.]ru.  We also found his photo on a rating for an electric toothbrush!

             Click to enlarge:     

It is crystal clear to us that is a fake website and business, very likely tricking U.S. citizens into engaging in illegal activities. We also believe that it is likely that the criminals behind this effort are Russians, considering how many breadcrumbs point back to Russia. We also think this website is connected to the same cybercriminals who created because this scam is so very similar to that of appears to be one more fake website on a growing list of fake business websites and jobs meant to trick Americans into shipping packages overseas.

Many websites appear to have been used in this and related scams:

On February 6, 2020 we reported in our previous article about package reshipping scams about a company called HoldenParcel[.]com. Before the HoldenParcel[.]com website was taken down, it was found to contain nearly all of the same names found on the Tradex Plus USA website.  It also contained the exact same “Press Release” bogus design that was found on the Tradex Plus USA website.  These “Press Release” links were for Mashable, Business Insider, VentureBeat, and Forbes.  They didn’t point to anything about HoldenParcel[.]com. (Click to enlarge screenshot of HoldenParcel[.]com)

Besides holdenparcel[.]com we have found a collection of suspicious websites that have been registered in the last 2 years: (Registered on June 28, 2019 in St. Kitts & Nevis; hosted in Nordhein, Germany. (Registered on Dec. 11, 2019) (Registered on May 13, 2018) (Also registered on May 3, 2018) (Registered on May 3, 2018)


BOTTOM LINE: We STRONGLY recommend that you stay far away from any “work from home” job that asks you to receive, repackage and reship merchandise!  Our bet is that you’ll be shipping stolen goods!