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October 19, 2014

It’s been a busy week… Spam has been up, Scams have been up. We’re so close to changing the scamdex to 5 thumbs! We try not to do that unless there is a sudden “scampaign.” Scams about Burial Life Insurance, more Apple account suspension phishing notices, TJ Maax Rewards cards, offers to buy your home for cash, gain freedom from diabetes, Medicare open enrollment deadline, Walgreens gift cards, and much, much more!

Shocking health news continues to be a BIG hook to manipulate folks into clicking malicious links…

1-list of email shocking health news

Bananas cure poor eyesight? Really? Here are just a few scam to enjoy!

Secure a Domain!

This scam actually came to us! People who own websites and lease domain names often receive scams and deceptive marketing tricks. The tricks are typically designed to manipulate someone into re-registering their domain name with another service. However, this was a simple scam with a malicious link:

2-Secure domain name 1

We were suspicious about the name of the domain in the link:

Our suspicions were confirmed when we received emails from three different senders from the domain (not AND each email address contained a different sub-domain… pavo, cetus, & grus. Yet the subject lines and email content was identical. Robo-email?

2-Secure domain name 2

Next we conducted a WHOIS look up of the domain in the link we were meant to click. Unlike many scam domains that are registered the day the scam appears, this domain is about to expire.   Looking below you’ll see that the domain is being hosted in Nuremberg, Germany.

2-Secure domain name 3

This offer was really starting to smell so we decided to copy the link and ask the Zulu Online Risk Analyzer what it thinks about it…

2-Secure domain name 4

‘Nuf said! Delete.

United Booking Confirmation

Thanks for your purchase! $438.60 charged to your credit card! Ouch!

3-United Booking Confirmation

Fortunately, a simple mouse-over reveals that the link points to “,” an Argentinian hair dresser who’s webserver has been hacked. The link certainly doesn’t point to! Unfortunately, many people don’t mouse-over links to look before they click. Mousing-over is still the most important skill to staying safe online!

Improve Your Golf Swing

We don’t know who Mike Bender is but we love his hat. Anyone can put together a bogus email and use photos found on the Internet. The link points to a domain followed by the 2-letter country code “.eu” which stands for Eurpopean Union.

The bottom of the email was filled with random, strange text which is meant to manipulate the score of an anti-spam server with the hope that it will pass the email on to a user’s inbox. Just delete!

4-Improve your golf swing

Before we close we wanted to leave you with more shocking footage from the CIA . This scam was a manipulation of an article that appeared on the website [turn bold text into link: ] Notice that the link in this email, however, points to a website in the Eurpean Union.

5-Dear Concerned American

And finally, did you know that you can learn any language in 10 days? We’re gonna sign up so we can speak “scammer.”

6-Learn a language in 10 days

Surf safely!