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May 6, 2015


Another week in scamville and the subject lines continue to impress us and lead us to believe that the scammers understand what make’s people tick. How many of the subject lines below would make you curious enough to take the first step and open the email?

Become an EMT in just 6 weeks

Confirm for your delivery

Confirm your 3K transfer by Monday

Cover all your appliances with choice home warranty

Cut your water bill in half

FBI letter of notification [code 210]

Find just about anything instantly with your iPhone or Android

Get your 16mm and 8mm films & old videos on a DVD

Incoming fax

I think you’ll like this

Jen Aniston caught in her dressing room

My photo

New health care reform laws are in

No interest for the first year

Notice of payment


Nourish skin

Rush Limbaugh exposes Obamas secret

Shocking update about diabetes!

Stop snoring so everybody gets a good nights sleep

Take this to avoid herpes – NBC news

Thank you from

Treat as urgent and get back to me

View anyone’s criminal history

What she did will amaze you

Where WWIII will start

You qualify for a lower monthly payment

Your installation

Your memory will be restored if you eat this african plant

Your phone number






Phish NETS: Bank of America + Apple Computer (again!)

“We detected irregular activity on your account…” We believe that most people would open this phishing email because it was successfully spoofed to look like it came from. However, it is a dangerous and clever phishing email. The attached file is a web document that tricks the recipient into thinking he or she is looking at the legitimate Bank of America web site login page. Notice that the email doesn’t identify the recipient or his/her account!

1-Bank of America irregular account activity

“Last warning – confirm Apple ID.” Once again the scammers are targeting Apple account holders to gain access to the credit card that is on file with every Apple online account. Here are two nearly identical phishing emails that targeted people recently. However, there is a very important difference between them. The first one is sent “from”, an address in Germany (.de is the 2 letter country code for Deutschland = Germany) The second email is more artfully done because it is spoofed to look like it was sent from The “Click here” link in both lead to fake login pages located on web pages. Once again, notice that neither of these emails contain any information identifying the recipient!

2-My Apple ID 1



2-My Apple ID 1










YOUR MONEY: Rate Alert on Property and Direct Deposit Confirmation

Scam emails often try to suggest a familiarity with the potential victim. …A personal connection to the recipient that will encourage him or her to open and click a link. Such as this email with the subject line “Your current payment.”

“Our records show that a Rate Alert was just issued on your file and your current property…” As if they know who YOU are and WHERE you live! But they don’t! Read the email over and you’ll see that it doesn’t contain a stitch of personal information to identify you! This is just another scam to part you from your money.

4-Rate Alert issued on your property


As is this next email…. “Confirm your direct deposit #5098…” What exactly is this email even saying? And in case you wondered, “” is registered in Irkutsk, Oblast, Russia  Google can’t seem to find the website at all.

Just delete!

5-Confirm your direct deposit












TOP STORY: Order Mother’s Day Flowers from Teleflora

This extremely long email, filled with lovely details to order bouquets of flowers for mother’s day, is nothing more than a well disguised scam. It may **look** legitimate but look closely at the sender’s email address AND where the links point to:


All links in this email point to, not! “Make Mother’s Day Unforgettable” by infecting your computer with malware or handing over your credit card information to criminals across the world! We’re honestly not sure which is the likely result but we know your mom won’t end up very happy with your decision to purchase flowers from these scammers! Instead of roses you’re likely to get skunk cabbage. As far as we can tell from Google, Farmacafe is a restaurant in Bielsko-Biala, Poland but we can’t find a website for it. It sure isn’t!

This scam email is a another good reminder why it is so important to mouse-over links and look before you click! Scammers always send out scam emails during holidays that are disguised to look like holiday solicitations.

6-Teleflora Mother's day flowers









FOR YOUR SAFETY: Neighborhood Safety Alert and WhatsApp Virus

In “for your safety” this week we wanted to share three common scams that are all extremely risky. The “Neighborhood Safety Alert” scam is meant to generate clicks to a malicious website that can infect your computer with malware. Most people with younger children would probably take notice with a subject line like “Offender Alert System report issued.” And who hasn’t heard of the creep Ariel Castro, who’s photo is in the email! Sex offender alerts are often used to socially engineer people’s clicking behavior. Don’t fall for this trash!

7-Neighborhood safety alert - Ariel Castro









Though this next scam is difficult to read, it is important to mention it. It was sent to us by a reader who’s email account was hacked and used to send out fake WhatsApp messages to her friends. But clicking the link actually results in a computer infection.

Delete, delete, delete!

8-WhatsApp virus










You won’t believe what’s happened to us! We WON the Google E-mail Electronic Online Sweepstakes!! And, by amazing coincidence, we also got a free flight on Southwest Airlines which we’ll use to fly to Great Britain to collect our Google Award! (We just need to figure out how many dollars “950,000 GBP” really is.)

Check out the pdf letter that accompanied the Google award scam! The grammar and awkward sentences are priceless. You have to give the scammers an “A” for trying though! Click to Download PDF

10-Award details -Google Winner





9-Your Southwest tickets have been issued










Until next week, surf safely!