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March 25, 2015


Are you feeling an uptick in the number of scams and spam pouring into your inbox? We are. It seems that the variety of scams increased last week as well. Also we saw a number of new threats (as you’ll see below), in addition to the common threats we routinely talk about.


There was also an unsual increase in the number of “scare-mails” that are typically effective tricks to engineer people’s behavior into clicking a link.   Here are four recent examples…

Are your kids safe with your neighbors?

Find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

Is your next date a criminal?

A major scandal has broken…. This might turn your stomach!

1-Are your kids safe w neighbors 2-Found out if your spouse is cheating 3-Is your next date a criminal 4-Major scandal has broken







Phish NETS: JP Morgan and Wells Fargo

Check out this email that appears to be sent by a Senior Executive Vice President from Wells Fargo bank. We’ve blurred her name and face because the scammers have actually taken the real identity of a bank employee. This is a trick we don’t see that often. The email mentions documents meant for you but BEWARE… Those documents are purely malicious!


A mouse-over of the word “here” reveals that it leads to a secure website, but not a secure site. The website “” is being misused. If you run a search for the phrase “we have received the following documents regarding your account” along with Wells Fargo you’ll see many links talking about the recent spate of malicious emails. (Check out Google’s return for this search.) The websites that come back on the Google search identify that these emails lead to the installation of malware targeting Windows-based computers. has identified many threats on this website.

Just delete!


Here’s another similar email that pretended to be from JPMorgan Chase & Co. “Check the attached file for your latest account documents regarding your online account.” Sound familiar? The attached zip file also contains malware.

6-JP Morgan zip file


As we said, we saw hundreds of these during the last week. Here’s a small sampling…










YOUR MONEY: Quibids Auction and China Knock-offs

Ever heard of Quibids auction site? Quibids is a bidding fee “penny auction” site. We do not recommend using this auction site, ever. It’s gimmicks and rules drive up the bids in the final minutes of the item and it has been investigated as providing misleading advertising. However, this next email wants you to believe it is for Quibids auction items but it is not. Look at what the mouse-over revealed:

8-QuiBids Crazy Auction

Just remember the expression “if it seems too good to be true…”

This next scam is a dime-a-dozen. What makes this one somewhat different is that the name of the website actually sounds like it could be a legitimate site to purchase sunglasses and it appears so professionally done!


9-Rayban sunglasses discounted

Before you set your sights on some cool Rayban sunglasses though, look what told us about this website. And according to Google, it seems that this is just another Chinese knock-off site pushing junk on American consumers. Check out this consumer story at another very similar sunglass domain.






TOP STORY: Gift Card Hell

We have reported many times in the past about fake gift card emails. During the last week we saw a significant increase in the number and variety. It was almost as if it were the Christmas season again! Check out the names of the websites revealed by mousing-over the links in each of these scams.

10-Gift card for Amazon$25 Amazon Gift Card!


11-Gift card for Amazon 2$100 Amazon eGift Today


12-Gift card for CVSClaim $50 in CVS Rewards


13-Gift card for SouthWest AirlinesYou’ve Just Earned $100 for Southwest Air


14-Gift card for Walgreens$50 Gift Card for Walgreens

Just delete, delete, delete!


FOR YOUR SAFETY: Attached Zip Files

This next email seems so innocent and legitimate. The is a legitimate company called the American Wholesale Regrigeration Company. They got hammered by the scammers who misused their company information. The email even seems to come from But it was spoofed to look that way. Can you guess what that attached zip file contains?


We did a bit of research because we saw many of these emails. It turns out that many other folks did as well. Check out the Google search results when we looked for “zip files from” …Lots of people talking about the malicious zip files and the threat they pose.


Lonely? Like meeting and chatting with people online? Think twice before responding to simple unsolicited emails like this one:

16-asdubai lets chat dear


Looks pretty harmless doesn’t it? Here’s what the Zulu URL Risk Analyzer had to say about this website:


17-asdubai zulu score


Zulu will only analyze up to ten scripts found on a website and all ten were found to be malicious!

Delete, delete, delete!

18-asdubai malicious scripts 





Do you ever get so tired that you just don’t do your best? Yep, us too. I guess it can happen to the scammers as well. Here’s a scam text but the scammer forgot to turn any of the text into his malicious link. Get some sleep dude. Tomorrow will be a better day.

19-weird text


Until next week….

surf safely!