July 4, 2018


Much like the tides that rise and fall against the seashore, we have been hearing from readers about the ebb and flow of the Cybercrime Investigation scam.  (Read our feature article.)  This scam disappears for a few weeks and then suddenly many people are reporting it to us all over again.  In most instances this scam is delivered as a text to people’s phones, like this one sent to us just a few days ago from one of our readers…

Of course, any real police would never contact you via a text.   If you receive any oddball texts, send them to us at spoofs@thedailyscam.com.



Phish NETS: Important Information About Your American Express Account

Thankfully, these particular cybercriminals are idiots and most people would never fall for this poorly crafted phishing scam.  However, there is one thing that these criminals were extremely clever to do. Look VERY CAREFULLY at the “from” email address in this email and spot the typo.  This email did not come from AmericanExpress.com…

Honestly, we didn’t spot the typo until the third time we looked at the “from” address:  americanexpress “@” americanexCpress[.]com.  The domain americanexcpress[.]com is not associated with the American Express card.  Moreover, this email came with an attached web file (html coded file) and it is very dangerous to open.  The HTML coding can direct your web browser to do just about anything. We cracked it open to discover very little code.  But in the code that we found is a call for your web browser to visit a server in Greece (“.gr” = 2-letter country code for Greece) and run a javacript.  This is extremely dangerous! Fortunately, at least two online services have identified this website in Greece as a threat.



YOUR MONEY: Michael Kors Handwear and Oakley Frogskins

Forgive us.  We’re as tired of reporting this crap over and over as our readers are likely to read it.  But it is the most dominant online junk these days trying to pull money from your pockets. Both of these emails follow the same pattern as others we’ve posted these past few weeks.  The email address begins with a woman’s name and is then followed by a subdomain (“dave” and “darnell”) and a 5 or 6 character crap domain. The domains in these emails are uonjt[.]com and fsekr[.]com.  Uonjt was registered on June 8, about 2 weeks before this email was received, by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Lmt.  Fsekr was registered in September, 2017 by Bizcn.com from Guangdong, China.  We first wrote about HiChina Zhicheng Technology back in 2015 and exposed shady practices as they tried to offer consumers tips for spyware.  They have a long shady history and many bloggers who expose online threats and fraud have said “stay away!”  We also exposed scam websites that were registered to Bizcn[.]com back in 2015, including our feature article “How Google Is Used As A Weapon Against You.”  The criminals behind these Michael Kors and Oakley ads are pros and have been at this game a long time, as far as we can tell.

Avoid them like the plague!



TOP STORY: Happy July 4 – This is your lucky day!

Happy July 4 to all our American Readers!  (And to the rest of the world as well!) On this July 4, as our country celebrates the anniversary of its birth, we wanted to take a moment to express how remarkably lucky we are in many different ways. First, we must be lucky because we got an invitation from Lucky Lottery telling us we’re lucky and might win a $10K jackpot!  For only $2 we can make our dreams come true!


But this doesn’t come close to our next lucky moment, not by a long shot!  Out of the blue, we received an amazing job offer for the position of “Project Buyer” at a starting salary of at least $95,100.00!  This is truly remarkable since we never even applied for the position! How fortunate are we?! (It’s a good thing each of us is over 30 and have permission to work!)

But wait, there’s more!  We received notification from Mr. Mark Klein from the International Monetary Fund that we have $5.5 million dollars waiting for us!  It is now lying DORMANT and UNCLAIMED. We absolutely plan to claim that money and wake it up!


And finally, as if we were 200 pounds of lucky rabbits’ feet, Mrs. Kirstjen Nielsen, THE Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told us that there is an abandoned consignment box worth $40 million dollars AND IT BELONGS to US!  Friends, we are blessed! After we collect all of this money coming to us, we plan to hold a giant party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the Declaration of our Independence was signed! You are all invited! Look for your invitations soon!

Wow!  Can you believe our luck!?


FOR YOUR SAFETY: Scary Sextortion Continues…

Last week we informed readers of very frightening, threatening emails sent out at random to target men, trying to extort money from them.  A reader sent us another one that came from a different source (Brazilian email address) with a similar message. To some naive men, these emails can be devastating.


Until next week, surf safely!