Is There A New Sheriff In Town?

We just heard today from a young man who was targeted by the underage girl sext scam.  He sent us this recording of a criminal pretending to be “Officer Reynolds” from a police department.  This is not a voice we have heard before on the recordings that victims have sent us.  Is there a new sheriff in town?  He sounds very convincing!  Perhaps he’s a real actor, gone bad.  Listen to his act and let us know what you think…


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Here are other voice messages sent by victims of the “underage girl” sext scam that we have received in 2018:

1. Attorney Robert Powers (March, 2018)

2. Agent Clark (March, 2018)

3. Detective James Abbot (February, 2018)

And then “Miss Keen” from the “Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force” called, claiming to represent Detective Abbot.  This is very unusual because women rarely get involved in this scam:

4. Detective Jimmy Smith (March, 2018)

5. Investigator “John Pete Mike” called and left his phone number and extension to call back.  The number he left is for a New Jersey taxi service.  Hmmmmmm…. a mistake or was he running a scam from his real job?