iPhone Text Scampaign

During 2014 there have been several scampaigns targeting iPhone owners through text and iMessage.  The latest one occurred on December 19 – 22.  Most often these texts appear to come from unusual email accounts or domains and always have a similar construction.  They offer discounts to Michael Kors bags, Raybans or Oakley Sunglasses, or similar high end merchandise.  Here are two recent texts.


iPhone scam text iPhone scam text 2

These scams have been linked to websites in China that are producing knock-off commercial products.  However, if you are thinking that it may be cool to purchase a knock-off handbag for $40 instead of $400, think again.  These websites are often malicious.  The Zulu URL Risk Analyzer found mk-topshop.com to contain a malicious script…

iPhone scam mk-topshop-com


Did you see the script that points to a domain called cnzz.com above?  Here’s what Zulu thinks about this web address.  If you look at the bottom of the screenshot you’ll see that Zulu reveals that the website installs adware or malware on the visitor’s computer.

iPhone scam cnzz-com

The Zulu URL Risk Analyzer found two malicious scripts waiting at 2015sunglassesoutlet.com.   These scampaigns have been well documented across the Internet but no one seems to be able to stop these scammers.  Big surprise.


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