Fake/Suspicious Investment Firms and Financial Advisors

Anyone can publish a website and say anything they want. But that doesn’t mean it is real or truthful. We’ve uncovered several websites claiming to be Investment Firms or Financial Advisors that are, in our opinion, completely fraudulent or HIGHLY suspicious. The facts found on these website don’t add up and/or there is no corroborating evidence to support their claims. While we could list a dozen different reasons or more why each of these sites doesn’t pass our “smell” tests, we’ve listed about a half-dozen reasons for each. YOU be the judge whether or not these companies pass YOUR smell test, based on our concerns. (Click on graphics below to enlarge.) Also, check out our article about fake online banks and our list of more than 130 fake banks/banking services! Many of these banks appear to be connected to the fake investment firms below.


HGF Solution LDT / Hallmark Guarantee Financial Solution /   https://hgfsolutionltd.com/

1. On their main page, HGF Solution LTD says that they started operating in July, 2008. The graphic underneath this claim says that they have more than 25 years of experience. So why is it that their domain, hgfsolutionldt.com was registered on December 5, 2022, about two and half months before we found their website?

  1. The person who registered the domain (Registrant) for HGF Solution LTD is named Reginald Mongeur and listed his address as “No 23 mor drive, Randolph, FL, 33313, us”. There is no such address! In fact, zip code 33313 is for Lauderdale Lakes, Florida and there is no town in Florida named “Randolph.”
  1. Using quotes in a Google search for “Dr. Meyer Albert Friedrich,” the HGF Solution Managing Director, turns up nothing at all. (Quotes in a Google search tells Google to search for those exact letters in that exact order.) This is especially odd since his biography on the site says that he was appointed to this role in 2015 and his biography says that he “speaks regularly at large-scale events including the annual World Trade Symposium, Paris FinTech Forum and The Milken Asia Summit.”  Also, Dr. Friedrich is suddenly called “Simon” in his biography!
  2. Dr. Meyer Albert Friedrich’s biography also says that he “serves on the Board of Directors for Everbridge, a critical event management (CEM) software company.” We visited the Everbridge.com website in February, 2023 and looked at the list of all members on the Board of Directors and Dr. Friedrich’s name could not be found. In fact, his name can’t be found anywhere on the Everbridge.com website.
  3. We also tried to find corroborating evidence for “Dr Fernandez Allen” Head of Mandate/Managing Partner and could find nothing at all.
  4. The website HGFSolutionLTD.com contains LOTS of capitalization errors, grammar errors and awkward English. While we appreciate that this business claims to be based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and therefore English is not likely their first language, one would think that they would make sure that their web presence was well written and had correct English on it.
  5. Finally, we thought it odd that this fantastic investment website representing a business of 25 years, also sells odd t-shirts, music albums, posters and whatever “ship your idea” means….


    Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited  /  https://swpltduk.com/

    On Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited’s “About Us” web page, they say “Our company was established in Cayman Island by consortium of professional portfolio managers and financial advisors. We commenced operations in July 2008, and our principal activities consist of investments, consumer and commercial financing, hedge funds, Crypto currency.”  If this is true, why is it that they didn’t register their website until July, 2022, fourteen years after they “commenced operations?” Not only that, but instead of registered their website IN THEIR BUSINESS NAME, they chose to hire a proxy service, HIDE THEIR IDENTITY, and have the proxy service (Privacy Guardian) register the website for them.  This makes no sense to us! Let’s dig into more of their claims posted at swpltduk.com

    To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “how do i suspect thee, let me count the ways”  -in addition to the two oddities listed in the paragraph above…


    1. According to the SWPLtdUK.com website, their business address in the UK is “71-75 SHELTON STREET COVENT GARDEN LONDON WC2H 9JQ.” All UK Businesses are required to be registered and there is a website on which the public can look up these registered businesses called CompaniesHouseData.co.uk.  We looked up Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited in this online database and found nothing.  Oddly, the CompaniesHouseData.co.uk website told us that there are 553 companies listed at the address on Shelton Street shown by Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited.  But SWPLtd is not one of them!  Here is a screenshot of a section of the alphabetical listing of companies in the area claimed by Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited.  This company is missing from the alphabetical listing…
    2. The Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited website shows that their phone number is “+44 7883 289362”  We conducted a Google search for this number and in addition to seeing that it belongs to this website, Google ALSO shows that it belongs to a website called swplimited.com. This website is no longer active. HOWEVER, a man named Steven Shawn, from SWPLimited.com, as a 419 scammer on the website 419scam.org. This post was made in June, 2022 and his information is listed as   Steven Shawn
        Snr. Investment Manager
        SWP Limited
        Tel/whatsapp: +44 74 0111 7298
        Email: steven@swplimited.com
        Web: www.swplimited.com

      (NOTE: Steven Shawn, representing SWP Limited is also described as a 419 advance fee scammer on the website StopScamFraud.com in a September 2021 post, but does not use an email address from the domain swplimited.com.)

    3. The Management Team at Sovereign Wealth Portfolio Limited lists four people:
      • DR. DWIGHT CAMBRIDGE, Head Of Mandate
      • MOHAMED MOUSTAPHA KONE, Senior Associate
      • MR. CHRISTIAN LONSDALE, Business Development Manager
      • DEWEI PAI, Chief Financial Officer


      What is most interesting to us is that these same 4 people are listed as the Management Team for a business called Advance Financial Services Group, who use the website afsgltd.com. Scamadviser gives this financial services group the LOWEST possible trust rating!

    4. Advance Financial Services Group  /  https://afsgltd.com/