I Love You, Bail Me Out Again: Anthony Fausberg

[UPDATED 5/7/20] To our TDS readers, what follows below is a long detailed story about a professional scammer who targets older single women he believes have money.  This is the second article we have written about this criminal. Below we connect the dots to this man’s effort to scam another woman just months earlier in 2019 in a very similar scam.  We are also certain that this blood-sucking predator read our first article we published about his exploits because he made several improvements to his scam this time based on what we pointed out in the first article, including better photoshop work of his images and avoiding some careless mistakes that were easy to spot the first time.  HOWEVER, thankfully he is still making mistakes –or the team of people who help him are making mistakes!  Though we are certain this criminal will eventually read this article and again learn how to improve his scam, we feel it is critical to publish this information. It is important to give as much detail as possible WHY we believe Anthony Fausberg is an alias used by the same criminal who created the alias “David Aapro.”  As always, we invite your input. Click on images below to enlarge them.


During the last week of December, 2019 we were contacted by a very credible woman from Florida whom we will call Celeste, to protect her identity.  Celeste is a 61 year old realtor who demonstrated to us that she is savvy, not easily fooled, and very discerning. Celeste had been developing a 4-month relationship via phone (voice) and online communication (text and email) with a man identified to her as “Anthony Fausberg.” Celeste is convinced that “Anthony Fausberg” is the same scammer as “David Aapro.”  (If you haven’t read about the fraudster named “David Aapro” visit our article “I Love You, Bail Me Out.” Given the many similarities and coincidences between Anthony and David’s stories, we agree with her!  Even if it is not the same fraudster, we can demonstrate why we believe that “Anthony Fausberg” is a fake persona who developed a very clever story meant to defraud Celeste of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Spoiler alert… It didn’t work!


First, here is Celeste’s story about “Anthony Fausberg” from her perspective. She tells her story very well. They met on the dating app Tinder after being “matched.”  Anthony’s Tinder account had only one photo. 

“Anthony” has a lovely – oh so charming- British accent mixed with some other country accent.  He said he grew up in Iceland but was living in Vancouver, B.C. before moving to Miami two years ago, and he has dual citizenship.  He says he owns a condo in Miami Beach, Vancouver, a cabin in Whistler, B.C., and a penthouse condo in Dubai. Soon after we started talking consistently we were making plans to meet.  However, he suddenly got this wonderful contract in Cyprus and had to leave shortly thereafter, and unfortunately, he couldn’t meet me after all. Prior to leaving, he had to take his dog “Roscoe” to the Miami kennel he said he uses frequently. [The name “Roscoe” was mentioned as a city in David Aapro’s fake story to Nancy. Also “David Aapro” similarly had to leave for Cyprus for work and could not meet Nancy.]  Of course it was only going to be for 2 weeks and then he would be back.  Anthony flew to Vancouver to get some suits, etc from his condo before flying on to China to order the solar parts for the job.  Coincidentally, later on he said the Vancouver condo was leased to tenants who wanted to buy it and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with it.  Then he was in China and, of course has to stay longer because all of the parts he needs are not there. He has a driver in China whom he likes and goes out with one night. He sent a video and picture of himself at the restaurant.  Eventually he goes on to Cyprus.

Anthony Fausberg said he owns an international solar installation construction company. He told me that this job he was doing was his last one…and that he was going to retire with me in Florida.  He said he wanted to take me on vacations and build a lovely life with me between Florida and our 20 acre 2.5 to 3 million dollar horse ranch in California. Anthony had an extremely professional website, that fooled me, with his photo as founder along with 3 other company officers, showing the solar jobs he did all over the world.  His website is Fausberginc[.]com. It also had information about the many children that he has helped with his foundation in Asia and Africa.  But since December 20, 2019 he disabled the website and it is no longer viewable. However, I took pictures of the pages that were still on my IPAD and computer.

[TDS has confirmed that Anthony’s website is not available when we checked it between December 29 and January 16. Also, we are unable to find any information whatsoever about a Fausberg Foundation through a Google search.]


[TDS Note: Fausberg’s own website states “trusted engineering since 1987.”  If that is so, why was his website only registered a year earlier on December 12, 2018? Also, TDS has discovered other websites that are nearly identical to Anthony Fausberg’s website but claim to represent other people, such as Benjamin Gray.  See the links below to other questionable websites that appear to be connected to Anthony Fausberg. It seems to us that this man has likely used multiple aliases and websites to scam women. Fausberg Inc. had listed a Board of Directors that included Sam Kromstain, Bai Lee Wang, and Maaike Chen. Also, notice the address listed for the Fausberg company. We spoke to a business neighbor of 1406 Speers Road in Oakville Ontario Canada in early January, 2020.  He had never heard of the Fausberg business and walked outside to look for it. No such business was found.]

I always had my doubts …but he kept me hanging.  I was just curious enough to keep playing the game since, if for some reason his crazy story really was true, he seemed like a perfect man for me….and of course…it was only a few more days or weeks every time… Until some new problems arose and he couldn’t see me.  Once he asked me to launder his bitcoin money for him. [See details below.] I just started trying to get him caught up in his stories….I actually was the one who contacted him about every five days when he was silent to say I was “getting anxious and worried about him.”  The joke on him is that I played him too. I know he really thought that he was going to get some money out of me somehow…and he wasted nearly 4 months of his time when he could have been working on a less savvy, street smart woman than me.  He is highly intelligent, a gentleman, and extremely courteous to woo women. It worked on me to more of an extent than I would have liked…I have to admit that I really did love the life he wooed me with. It was certainly a dream life with a man whose picture was appealing and his voice was near mesmerizing.  I have been internet dating since its inception in the early 90’s and have also been self-employed in various sales businesses and can generally read a person extremely well over the phone. This guy is damn good! My heart wanted to believe him but my mind was locked down that I would never give him any money or help in any way.  (In my work, I have had years of mandatory training into money laundering.)

It took him a very very long time to start asking for help and that was a big reason why I hung in with his game for so long. However, I am furious with myself that I let him waste so much of my time and “take me off the market for a decent local man” …but this man and I had many deep and fun conversations that lasted for an hour or more …including one that lasted 3 hours…just talking about any subject under the sun and he is most certainly a professional.  I guess he tells you what he wants you to hear. Thinking back on it now, I believe he probably starts out taking notes on what the woman likes and what she needs in her life and then builds his scam based upon that. He starts out with no problems of his own and happy. Then, as the relationship has progressed, he comes up with all of these terrible travails and starts needing help…so he can be with you…and in my case…spend the holidays together.


Anthony Fausberg travelled to North Cyprus for business and said that was why he couldn’t meet with me (for the first time.)  At one point he said he went horseback riding with Hassan, his driver and translator and Hassan’s daughter.  He went on to say he lost the phone we were talking on and, of course, it took him forever to be able to get the new SIM card etc. since he was in a foreign country.  And so he also called me, off and on, from what seemed to be a pay phone that shows up as being located in Turkey. That number is +90 (850) 390 64 68. Again, since he said he was in North Cyprus, which is controlled by Turkey, that is possible.  That is what he said about the caller ID that came up. (His Miami area phone number is 786-584-8318. If called, it will ring and ring but no voicemail allows the caller to leave a message.)   


[TDS NOTE: According to Google, the international dialing code for Cyprus from the U.S. is +357 while the international dialing code for Turkey is +90.  Therefore, it is our belief that this scammer was calling from Turkey, not Cyprus. By early October, Anthony’s texts were not as frequent. He was supposedly involved in the construction project in Cyprus.]

[TDS NOTE: On October 15, 2019, Anthony sent Celeste a text that laid the groundwork for his arrest and subsequent need to ask her for money. Also, Anthony was always sure to keep their emotional connection strong, even though they had never met in person during the three months since Celeste had connected with him on Tinder.]

[TDS NOTE: As Celeste described earlier, many days would go by without any contact, such as the nine days stretch from October 20 – 29, when she received this text below.  They continued texting for a few more days. Some of the pictures Anthony sends include his work site, with Anthony amongst a group of men at the site. They are all very convincing. The photo of Anthony amongst his workers is of such a poor resolution that we cannot tell if his face was photoshopped onto another man’s body.]

[Anthony then disappeared again for nearly two weeks without any communication, followed by the text below sent on November 13, 2019.  The photo of Anthony in front of the solar panels bothered us. To our eye, it looks as though Anthony photoshopped himself into a picture of solar panels.  We draw this conclusion primarily because of two reasons:

  1. Over Anthony’s left side one can clearly see the shadows of solar panels in the next row on the left.  Yet, Anthony’s face and shoulder show no shadow whatsoever to coincide with the location of the sun, or similar to the shadowing from the solar panels.
  2. Celeste sent us high resolution screenshots of hundreds of texts between she and Anthony.  When we enlarged this text greatly, we found a single spot at the edge of Anthony’s hair where we believe he failed to remove a white background (and black dot?) that was likely behind him when the photo was taken. This white area is not his hair and doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the solar panels.  Anthony has very good Photoshop skills but no one’s perfect! Take a careful look at the wrinkles and “crow’s feet” of Anthony’s left eye. It will be helpful later in this article after Anthony is “mugged.”

The next thing I hear is that he went to an ATM late at night to get $2K cash from it and he gets mugged and accosted by 3 men! He ends up in the hospital – sends a picture of his face bruised and cut the next day saying his arm got hit with a steel rod and will need therapy – but luckily he had an app put on his android phone so that the phone was tracked and the police caught one of the perpetrators but the other 2 escaped to Turkey where his credit cards had charges on them.


On November 16, Anthony texts Celeste to say that he was detained at the airport by local authorities and not allowed to leave the country.  And on November 19, Anthony informs Celeste that he was mugged the night before and that the criminals stole his cell phone and wallet. His assailants beat him up and he is “lucky to be alive” as he says.  These circumstances are interestingly timed.  Anthony has to answer to a Cyprus court and not allowed to leave the country.  And two days later he is mugged and his wallet is stolen. We think it is possible, though we are not 100% certain, that Anthony again used Photoshop to make it look like he had been beaten.  We draw this conclusion from two observations…

  • We can conclude that Anthony was hit on both eyes, or on the outside of both eyes, given the photograph in the text below.  Why then is there no swelling around either eye in this photo taken the very next day?
  • Again, we magnified the high resolution image that Celeste sent us and found that the red area on the outer edge of Anthony’s left eye (the eye you see on the right) appears to be as “paint” added over the eye.  This pink area also has a remarkably straight edge at the bottom that covers portions of the eyelid, white of the eye, retina and outer skin around the eye. Anthony’s eyelids have wrinkles, which can clearly be seen in the closeup photo above.  Somehow, that pink area seems to have obscured or removed the wrinkles on that outer edge of his eye. But the wrinkles are still visible on the other side of his eyelid. Our point is that we don’t see damaged wrinkled skin, we just see “pink paint.”

Anthony and Celeste continue texting for several more days.  Anthony continues to profess his love for Celeste and the life they will build together once he returns from Cyprus and can hold her in his arms for the first time.

Anthony then disappears for three more days, worrying Celeste terribly.  She couldn’t reach him via text or phone call. When they finally spoke over the phone, Anthony asked Celeste to accept a bitcoin deposit from him and use it to pay his court fees.  Celeste said no.] Her story continues….


Anthony has a driver named Hassan who befriends him during the time he is in Cyprus. When the worker [Mr. M. Zaid] from his labour force gets injured, he and Hassan take him to the hospital and Anthony pays his medical bills.  Anthony says his injury was not permanently disabling. The other job issue is that it is often raining and they cannot work on bad rainy days.  Also, some of the solar parts from China were not sent, or wrong parts sent and these things held up the job from being completed on time. But he guaranteed me that he would be back by November 23 because that is when his contract ended and the job had to be completed.


[TDS NOTE: We used the website TimeAndDate.com to look up the weather in the northern area of Cyprus between September 1 and November 30.  According to the website, there was no rain at all in September and November, and rain fell only on October 22 and 27.  We also used AccuWeather.com to look up weather last fall in Agros, Cyprus – a more central region in the country.  Accuweather reported sprinkles overnight on October 14, rain on October 23-24 and 28. November only had a small amount of rain on November 26, 27 and 30th.]


I asked Anthony why he did not have a liability insurance policy? He said he was lucky that the guy didn’t get killed – and he said he never had an injury before at his job sites.  Also, it was his last job so he wanted to save money. I think this was totally illogical that a contractor would hire workers with heavy equipment, etc. and not have some kind of liability coverage! [TDS wonders why it would even be allowed for a construction project!]


So Anthony said the worker started asking for $20,000 originally and he said he wasn’t worried because the workers are so poor there – he knew he could get by with about $10,000.  And then the next thing was that the worker asked for $50,000, then lawyered up and wanted $100,000. Poor Anthony had a bad first attorney (recommended by Hassan) who didn’t speak English well and he felt he was not getting good representation.  Nonetheless, Anthony took his advice and purchased a plane ticket to the nearest airport to me so that he could come back to spend Thanksgiving with me. He insisted he wanted to cook dinner for us – said he really likes to cook! The attorney said he could settle the lawsuit out of the country and to go back to the U.S.

So he then texts me the flight itinerary and I get excited about him coming here and meeting in person.

Next thing that happens is that he calls me (supposedly) from the airport in Lefkosa, Cyprus to say he is staring at a store case with perfume in it and what kind do I want?  He also said he is going to call me when he reaches Istanbul, before the long flight to New York.


I had my friend who works for an airline check out the ticket and she thought it looked legitimate. Next thing that happens is he calls that Saturday morning when he was supposed to arrive that night – and says he was detained at the airport because he hadn’t settled up with the injured worker.  He says he had to sleep on a concrete floor with a blanket and was barely fed any food and they took his cell phone from him – said it was a holiday and his lawyer wouldn’t help him. He next said he called Hassan when they let him out of the detainment cell and Hassan was on his way, and connected him with another lawyer who seemed much more helpful – someone named Batul. [Attorney Rafik Batul is the lawyer listed in the Cyprus Court document for both Anthony Fausberg AND David Aapro.]


Then Hassan takes him to a new AirBnb, but of course I don’t hear from him for a few days because the owner did not have the wifi connected.  Then his troubles seem to go on and on with the new lawyer, trying to get the injured worker to settle. The settlement price ends up going higher and higher so Anthony takes my advice and gets the court to order a second doctor’s evaluation (to compare with the injured workers first doctor’s evaluation).  The new attorney has him move to a less expensive Airbnb and, of course, he has the interrupted wifi again, so can’t call me for several days.


Anthony goes back to court the following week and the judge orders him to pay $243,000!  That’s when he texts me the court document – which looked phony to me – so that is when I started looking into his circumstance more.  I Googled the judge’s name and your article about the scam that targeted Nancy came up (I Love You, Bail Me Out)  From that point on I was on high alert and trying to trap him to see what he would do next.  The next thing he tells me is that he just couldn’t figure out how to get his funds to pay the court ordered sum because his funds were in an offshore bank account in Panama so he could evade taxes on his international construction projects!


[Anthony sent a text to Celeste on December 4 at 4:52 PM (Cyprus time) to say “Hey babe. Sorry for the silence.  Just needed some time to cool down, this situation really disappointed me. So this is the final judgement from the court.”  According to the document on the table that Anthony sent in a photo to Celeste, it said that “Mr. Fausberg is hereby ordered by the Court to pay a total sum of TL1 250 000 (€ 217 000) as compensation to Mr. Zaid for negligence, and to cover all medical cost that may accrue.He has up to 10/12/2019 to present to the court that he has started the procedure and work is in progress to ensure Mr. Zaid is compensated.” European dates use day first, followed by month.


Though Anthony made it very difficult for Celeste (and us) to make out details about this document because of the quality of the photograph taken and sent, we’ve noticed several things that are very sloppy about this Court’s legal document:

  • The title misspells “Chief Justice” as “CHIEF JUSCTICE.” The English paragraph beginning with “Section 32 of the Occupational Health and Safety Law” contains a spacing error and capitalization error… “court” vs. “Court”
  • A Google search for “Chief Justice Halil Cakin” turns up ONLY 1 link across the entire Internet.  That link is to our article I Love You, Bail Me Out!
  • Mr. Zaid’s first name and Anthony’s first name are not entered into this legal court document, only their first initial.
  • The Court document states that Anthony’s attorney is “Atty Rafik Batul.”  A Google search doesn’t show any lawyer by that name. (With or without quotes around the name in the search.) The website HG.org, an international legal resources website, offers visitors the ability to search for lawyers across the world.  We used their Cyprus search page to search for Rafik Batul and found no one listed by that name.
  • The final sentence in this court document, very unprofessionally says “Note: Failing to abide with Court Judgement , DEFEDANT will be charged to Court and will stand a chance of facing 2-3 years in Prison.  (Notice the misspelling of defendant. Plus, no court document would ever tell someone they have a “chance of facing 2-3 years in Prison.”)
  • We are absolutely certain that the solid red seal at the bottom of the page was a web graphic pasted onto this shoddy fake document. We say this because, when the document is magnified, the pixels of that seal do not have the same pixel size as those of the stamp on the left, meaning that they are likely two different graphics. (See full image of court document below.)


Most importantly, we found an “Unofficial Consolidation and Translation Safety and Health at Work Law 1996-2015” on the Cyprus Government website as a pdf file.  In it, Section 32 consists of 5 short paragraphs about fire safety practices.  There is no mention whatsoever about “injured employees should continue to receive future benefits from employers.”  In fact, the word “injured” appears only once in the entire 44 page document and that one time says nothing about receiving benefits. Of course, it is entirely possible that an updated document since 2015 contains such information but we doubt it since the document used for 19 years makes no mention of compensation to workers.]


Anthony asked me if I would accept a bitcoin deposit and use it to pay the court judgment for him.  I told him no! First off, I did not want to “comingle or mix” monies with someone I have never met in person and secondly, I did not want to be responsible for that amount of money,  He said he understood but seemed somewhat angry and did not tell me he loved me when he hung up – LOL! Also, I told him my credit union would never process a transaction like that anyway.  What I did not tell him was that I have had at least 15 years of anti-money laundering training and there was no way in HELL I would ever consider any transaction like that!


So poor Anthony was really in a mess – I asked why he could not have Sam Kromstain, [the Chief Operating Officer for his firm, according to his website]  just pay the money.   He said it wasn’t that easy, that he works on his own now or something to that effect.


When he next called he was depressed.  He had no credit cards (because his wallet was stolen) and couldn’t get to his money. [TDS NOTE: Any credit card company worth its salt will replace a stolen credit card quickly, even in a foreign country!] And he was stuck in Cyprus until judgment was paid.  I knew he wanted me to offer my help but I did not. Instead I offered spiritual guidance and told him to look at the bright side… he had the money and would get it cleared up eventually.  Other people in the world have a lot worse problems, like health, that no amount of money can take care of. I also told him it would be like his divorce of 6 yrs ago… just a bad memory some day, and it probably wouldn’t even matter to him in 5 years.  I continually told him ‘You are a smart guy – you’ll figure it out!


[During this time, Anthony kept professing his love for Celeste….

Anthony also sent Celeste the picture of himself at the breakfast table that we included at the top of this article.  It was taken exactly 15 days after being mugged. For a 59 year old man, Anthony heals VERY quickly, don’t you think? – Anthony’s Tinder account said he was 59 and he told Celeste his birthday was August 29.]

Next I had another period of silence because he was detained again for not paying the judgment in time.  [Supposedly on December 10.] Magically, Sam (from his firm) came through and finally got the court fee paid.  He then called me from a pay phone because he said they took his phone again and the battery had died.  He said he had to sleep on a concrete floor again with only a blanket and was given soup once a day. He was starving and waiting for Hassan to pick him up and take him to a restaurant.  He said he was so hungry that any food would have tasted good to him at that point. Poor Anthony!


After that, he told me he had no more personal money and had to sleep at Hassan’s home on the couch. When he left for the airport he told me that he bought me some art for my home and also paid Hassan three times what he should have, and left his credit card information with a furniture store manager so that Hassan could pick out any couch he wanted in the store. [TDS NOTE: Suddenly he had credit cards again?] Anthony said it was so boring while staying with Hassan’s family because no one in the family speaks English.  He only had a book to read so when Hassan was at work he had no one to talk to.


Anthony then told me that Sam tried to send him money to get his plane ticket home but Western Union returned it. It was intercepted, he said, by the Cyprus government because they flagged it as terrorist funding!  It was supposed to be sent to Hassan’s sister. Anthony said he had to wait for Sam to get the money back and then resend it. I asked why Sam had to wait for its return? Why couldn’t he find another $2000 to resend or simply buy the plane ticket for Anthony.  Anthony replied by saying that Sam had said funds were too tight – how ridiculous!


On December 18, I told Anthony via text that I really hadn’t planned on having to spend all the holidays alone and  – if he just couldn’t make it back for whatever reason – please do the kind and humane thing and let me find someone else.  He called me right away, almost in a panic and said although the new phone couldn’t Facetime, he would have Hassan’s nephew set up the VPN network so we could Skype. [TDS Note: A VPN network is virtual private network.  We couldn’t find any reason why Skype is blocked in Cyprus. It should work fine from any Internet connection without a VPN network.]  I then spent time setting up Skype on my phone because he insisted he did not want to lose me and wanted me to feel secure that he really was who he said he was, and that he was coming here so we could be together.  On Thursday, December 19th, right before I was headed to work, we could not connect via Skype after several attempts. I had to leave for my trip and appointments. This was very disappointing.


On December 20 Anthony came up with the idea that I would just pay for his plane ticket to Panama directly and not give him money. He would refund the cost to me as soon as he got to his bank in Panama.  That’s when I said no. I told him that I didn’t have the money and was not going to dig into my savings and bill money for him. He seemed mad at me and after we hung up I texted him your “Bail me out” article and said it was just too coincidental now that he was directly asking me to pay money.


I never heard from him again.  So I sent him 3 texts this week and found he blocked me. I then sent him the same texts from another one of my phones. I have to admit the texts were on the verge of threatening him.  I wanted to see if he would threaten me back but I guess he didn’t like the content in them. He has blocked all three of my phone numbers now. I believe he is still using the Miami phone number (786 area code) since it did not go dead, it just kept rejecting my calls.


I think it is wonderful that you can possibly help other women from being scammed by this “professional” scammer, who is so good that he certainly could have used his talents in a traditional way and truly could have become a millionaire legitimately.”

~ Celeste

Why does Celeste (as well as TheDailyScam) believe that Anthony Fausberg is a scammer, and that he and David Aapro are very likely the same man?  Here are some bread crumbs to follow….


  1. Celeste and Anthony were in a developing relationship for four months.  It grew to the point where Anthony was professing his love for Celeste and building a life together.  And yet, they had never met and never even video chatted! As Celeste told us the biggest red flag that came up was the fact he kept stalling with almost unbelievable stories of his ongoing travails.” [These problems were meant to explain why he couldn’t meet Celeste.  And when she finally insisted they video chat, he said that his new phone wasn’t capable of it. This scenario was nearly identical to what happened to Nancy by David Aapro.]

  2. Anthony sent Celeste a court document from Cyprus that made her very suspicious, in part, because it looked fake. It was nearly the exact same document that “David Aapro” sent to Nancy. (Nancy’s document is viewable via this pdf.) When Celeste Googled the name of the Chief Justice, Google brought up a link to our article about the David Aapro scam!  Celeste says that the attorney’s name on both documents is identical except for one letter.  What an odd coincidence that Anthony Fausberg should be in North Cyprus, and just like David Aapro, is detained and ends up with the same attorney (with a letter misspelling – “Batul” vs. “Batu”).  And then Anthony sends the same court document to Celeste that Nancy received about David Aapro’s arrest! Also, the last sentence on BOTH court documents from David Aapro AND Anthony Fausberg are nearly identical. David Aapro’s document says “Note: failing to abide by the court rules, the DEFENDANT will be charged to court, and will stand a chance of facing 2-3 years in prison if found guilty on the these counts of charges.”

3. Below is one email exchange between Anthony and Celeste while Anthony was in Cyprus.  Look CAREFULLY at Anthony’s email address.  What kind of person creates and keeps an email address containing a MISSPELLING of his own name in the email? (Anthony vs. Antony)

  1. Anthony Fausberg’s website is Fausberginc[.]com.  Though his website was taken down almost immediately after he and Celeste ended their 4 month relationship, we’ve been able to research several things about his website that don’t add up.  Also, Celeste had taken many screenshots of the website as she became suspicious about Anthony.
    • Anthony Fausberg’s website claims that his solar business was founded in 2007 and he has had his construction business since 1987. (See screenshot below.)  If this is true, why is it that the Fausberginc[.]com domain was first registered anonymously through a proxy service on December 12, 2018.  And why would a legitimate businessman allow his website to be taken offline or lapse without renewing it?  His website disappeared about the third week in December, 2019.
    • Why register a domain anonymously through a proxy service when you are presumably registering that domain using your own real name for your very own real business, a business
    • Google shows that Anthony’s Solar Business website repeatedly lists his business address as 1406 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X5, Canada.  And yet, we cannot find any business listed at this location via Google. In fact, we cannot find any other links that point back to Anthony Fausberg’s website from anywhere on the Internet. We called the owner of a REAL business located at 1410 Speers Road in Canada and the man who answered the phone told us that he had never heard of Fausberg Solar construction company.  He even walked outside to look at the names of the businesses nearby and none matched the Fausberg name or type of business at all. (According to our Google search, there is a different business located at the address 1406 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X5, Canada. It is “Hills Inc. Construction.”  However, this construction business website is also a complete fraud!  We have linked “Michael Hills” to this scammer who pretends to be Anthony.  He has two fake websites for this business Hills Construction… http://hillspropertiesinc.com/management.html  and also https://hillsincconstruction.yolasite.com/ )

  1. One would think that a professional in the solar construction industry, with projects in Asia and Africa, would have a LinkedIn page for the owner.  However, a search on LinkedIn for “Anthony Fausberg” comes up empty.  A search for Anthony Fausberg in Google ONLY shows his website and one other website that we’ve demonstrated via the link below, to be a fake. (See #6 below and the information that follows about the Benjamin Gray Architecture website.)  Hmmm…. “David Aapro” claimed to be an Architect. What an interesting coincidence.

  2. Have you heard the expression “Guilty by association”? Anthony Fausberg is also a fraudster because his name and phone number have been found on another website that is also a complete fraud: “Benjamin Gray Architecture.”  Anthony Fausberg is listed on this architectural firm’s website as “founder” and a Board Member. (Remember that the phony David Aapro pretended to be an Architect!) In the lower left corner of the Management web page it lists the site as “Fausberg Incorporation” and the email address “info @ fausberginc.com.” In addition to listing Fausberg as the Founder of this Architectural firm, the management page lists three other management employees. NONE OF THEM can be found on LinkedIn! Not even the owner of the architectural firm, Benjamin Gray, was found on LinkedIn! The other three employees listed on Benjamin Gray’s Architectural website, are the same three listed on Anthony Fausberg’s website:
    — Sam Kromstain, Chief Operating Officer
    — Bai Lee Wang, Human Resources Director
    — Maaike Chen, Marketing Director
    In fact, the Benjamin Gray website is nearly identical in design and language to the screenshots that Celeste captured from Anthony Fausberg’s website!

CONCLUSION: With the information that Celeste sent to us, along with the additional information that has turned up on Google searches, it appears very likely to us that “David Aapro” is “Anthony Fausberg” is “Benjamin Gray” (Grey) and possibly several other men who have turned up below in our investigation. The man perpetrating these scams against women is extremely skilled in his methods and details. But he has clearly made enough mistakes for us to connect his dots. If you want to read more about the other aliases and websites we believe are being used by this fraudster, check out the links below. The exploitations of this criminal are long and deep. We will continue to investigate and add additional information as we learn more. In the meantime, Celeste’s experiences have taught her well… No matter what, if you haven’t met the man/woman in person to develop your relationship, DO NOT TRUST that this person is who he or she says they are! And NEVER, EVER send money to someone you do not know in person!

WHO ELSE DOES David Aapro & Anthony Fausberg claim to be? 

Meet “Benajmin Gray” and pay a visit to the Benjamin Gray Architectural website… or check out “David Sigurdsson” to see why we believe he is also a fraud!