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How We Help Educate

The Daily Scam is proud of our effort to help and inform others about online fraud and deception.   Since launching our site in August, 2014 we’ve helped educate more than 450,000 visitors.  Since 2014 we have personally responded to nearly a thousand people who have contacted us for help identifying or dealing with a scam. And though we cannot provide details at this time, we have also given lots of data about a particular scam to the FBI who are investigating it.

Occasionally the news media has reached out to us for information about a scam they are reporting on, or we have reached out to them to bring attention to a scam.  Here are just a few of the news media we’ve worked with in the last couple of years:


KIRO Channel 7 News – May 8, 2018, Reporter Jessica Oh cited for our reporting on the “underage girl sext” scam.

WBZ Radio Boston – February 6, 2016 Doug and his son were both guests on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ 1030 AM radio to talk about Internet Scams. Doug’s son was interviewed because he was targeted by an advance-check scam through (Listen to the broadcast here.)


WATN TV Memphis – February, 2018 – Doug provided Jeni Diprizio, a reporter at WATN TV, with details and understanding about the underage girl sext scam.  This scam is mentioned on these pages of


WKFBK Radio Sacramento – Dean’a Kodiak, News Reporter/Anchor for News Radio KFBK, part of the  iHeart Media Markets Group, has interviewed Doug nearly a dozen times during 2017.  You can read about two of these stories here:


WHDH Channel 7 Boston – In January/February, 2018 Doug contacted Steve Tellier at WHDH to try to bring more attention to the fake Amazon customer support phone scam.  Though he isn’t cited in Steve’s report, Doug’s information was the basis for Channel 7 to run this story:

7News Investigates: Fake Customer Service Numbers Duping Consumers

WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta 
– February, 2018 article about the Amazon Customer Support Phone number scams:

What Do Those Whom We’ve Helped Tell Us?

We hear from readers every week.  Here are just a few comments we’ve received in early 2018:

J., 2/26/18:
Thank you! Without your post, I’d probably go as far as Wanda did, which is a waste of time. So I truly appreciate the website you have set up for this. So many Americans are scammed, it’s ridiculous.


B., 2/14/18:

I was hit with the Pof sext scam today and I want to tell you that the amount of relief I felt after visiting

your site was enormous. It was exactly how some of the examples stated to a T. Got asked for my number, got asked for pics and a video, got called by the “father” who gave me the broken computer scenario. Called me “son” and asked for me to check in daily. At first, I was freaked out but after I found this website I literally went from contemplating suicide to joy. I wanted to tell you that this site may have saved my life. I’m not trying to be dramatic but I did think it.


J., 2/11/18:

your website saved me and educated me to share the story to my friends and family. I posted it on craigslist and everywhere else I could. THANK YOU!!!!!


N., 2/6/18:

I am so happy I stumbled upon your site. You may have very well of saved my life and more!  Keep doing what you are doing! I hope these guys don’t get away! Very frightening experience! Again, thank you so much!


D., 2/6/18:

Hello this scam that I faced was very similar to you have posted on your site, I really appreciate that you guys did this.


Anonymous, 2/6/18:

Thank you for what you’re doing! I am still really freaked out!


L., 2/5/18:

Thank god I found this site. Now I know I’m not alone.


M., 1/30/18:

I’m so grateful for finding your website, these people need to be behind bars asap. I’m even gonna donate to your site next week. Keep up the great work and thank you sooo, sooo much N., 1/23/18:Thank you for the reassurance. I’ve had a lot of stress over this on top of other things I have stressing me out. Thank you soo much. Anonymous, 1/20/18:Thanks for educating me on scamming on the internet.  An exposé on these dating sites is long overdue! 

B., 1/17/18:

I just read the post on your website, plenty of fish has plenty of sharks, and I shared almost the exact same experience as describe in the article by Jake. I was hoping you guys could give me advice on how to proceed…


M., 1/13/18:

I want to thank u so much for doing what u do. I was freaking out before I read The Daily Scam and talking with u.

Page views on our website are increasing dramatically!  In January and February, 2018 we have already had 70,000 articles read by visitors!