Heather with Credit Card Services

Heather, Rachel…  whatever her name is doesn’t matter.  It’s plain old fraud.  The Internet is littered with complaints about these robocalls claiming to represent legitimate banks and credit card companies for years.  They call themselves “Account Services” or “Credit Card Services.”  Listen to the short conversation between Doug and “Owilda” (??) from Credit Card Services.  She finally hangs up on Doug after he pushes her for the most basic information about her “company:”

Below are just a few of the complaints against this scam and some suggestions for dealing with these robocalls.   Do you have a story to tell about this fraud, let us know by email (spoofs@thedailyscam.com) or send us your recorded conversation to post!

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An app that is getting lots of positive reviews in early 2018 is RoboKiller!