Google Listing Scam Call

Doug at TDS got a call on November 9, 2017 from 978-644-8083 with a canned message saying “our records show that you have not updated your business listing with Google. To verify your listing press 1, or press 9 to be removed from the list.”  Doug pressed 1 to see where this would go and after a brief hold, the voice of a man came on the phone saying “thank you for holding. Am I speaking with the business owner?” Doug asked “what business do you think you are talking to?”  The guy hung up on him!  Listen to the call:

This Google Listing scam has been common since 2014 according to several websites.  This scam is described well at these websites.  The scammers are looking to charge you for something you either don’t need or can get for free.

New Data Shows Google Listing Phone Scam on the Rise

Google Business Listing Phone Call Scam

Apparently this scam is still targeting businesses.  Doug at TDS again received a call but “Mike” at the Connecticut number 203-318-9285.  Mike hung up on Doug after he asked what business he (Mike) represented!