EZ Pass Email Scams


We’ve just learned about a new scam that has just hit Massachusetts residents but has apparently been targeting New York and Connecticut residents since mid-summer. (And probably other state residents as well.)

The scam consists of fake emails made to look like EZ Pass invoices.  But the emails lead to a computer infection and a phishing scam.  Click to download a pdf version of one of the scams from the EZ Pass website.

Here are a series of online articles talking about this nasty scam:

Think it’s EZ? by Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

Is EZ Pass Contacting You? It may be a scam – from Consumer Reports.

BBB: Fake EZ Pass Comes with Invoice Virus Attachment from The Ridgefield Press


I guess you can’t believe everything you read….

Stay safe!

EZ Pass fine due