Envestt Trust Consulting Services

Envestt Trust claims to be a consulting service of nearly 50,000 employees, with a dozen offices across the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada. They claim to have experience working for more than 30 industries and partnering with Dell, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and many other very well-known U.S. companies.  So why do we believe this business and its website are a complete fraud?  After we describe our reasoning let us know if you agree or disagree by emailing us at spoofs@thedailyscam.com.

Screenshot from Envestttrust.com taken on December 13, 2020.

This fraudulent website came to our attention in December, 2020 when a woman told us that she had been interviewed for a position with Envestt Trust Consulting Company and hired. The interviewer used the name “James McKinley,” the phone number (407) 706-8815, and the generic Gmail address: envestttrust@gmail.com. The woman told us that Mr. McKinley wanted her to purchase her own equipment using money from a check sent to her by the company. She said the whole interview process was weird and conducted through Google Hangouts.

This is the purpose of these scams. To create an excuse to send someone a fake check to deposit. The victim is tricked into believing that the large check is meant to pay for the first week’s salary (or a bonus) and the balance will pay for the equipment needed to start your employment. But the victim is pressured to transfer her real funds as soon as possible to pay for equipment from the approved vendor. Of course the transfer is via untraceable means and 5-7 days later the check received by the victim will bounce. Long after she has transferred her own real money to the scammer!

CAUTION: The scammers who created this fake company have posted jobs real websites like ZipRecruiter.com, Lensa.com, Glassdoor.com, JobSearcher.com, and others.  This doesn’t make these jobs legitimate!  They are all “advance check” scams!

We’ve crawled the Envestt Trust Consulting Services website and found many mistakes or content that is suspicious and we’ll share a few of these with you.  However, these are not the bombshells that scream FRAUD, they’re just the “icing” on the cake.  Keep in mind… If this business’ website were indeed representing a company of nearly 50,000 employees, with a dozen offices across multiple continents (32 countries), and serving thousands of companies like Oracle, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and others, wouldn’t you EXPECT their website to be completely free of typographical, grammatical and other errors?  Wouldn’t you expect the links to work and the information to be unique and clear?  We would!  Enjoy the icing on this fraudulent cake…

1. In the screenshot above from the top of this business website, did you notice the spelling error?

2. If you visit the website’s Career page, you’ll find that there are many incomplete sentences that are meant to be links to other web pages.  They are not links and there is no additional information.  Also, what ARE the “10 Reason to Join Envestt Trust Consulting?”  There is no link to the ten reasons and they are not listed on this page.

3. When evaluating the legitimacy of a website, it is often helpful to copy a unique sentence and ask Google to search for that sentence.  We visited the Services web page for Envestt Trust Consulting and admired the sentence “The speed of change is throwing traditional business methods into question and disrupting the relevance of entire industries.”  A Google search for that sentence showed us that EXACT sentence on the Services web page for the very legitimate company called Capgemini.  In fact, we found other content used on Envestt Trust Consulting Services to be identical (or nearly so) to content found on Capgemini! Look below at Google’s return when we searched for the second sentence on the Envestt Services web page.

4. We investigated the addresses of the offices listed for locations of Envestt Trust Consulting Services in Chicago, IL, and Orlando, FL and could not find any business listed at these addresses.  Moreover, the address listed for them in Florida — 228 E. Concord Street — is a home residence.

5. For a company spanning 32 countries, across several continents, with nearly 50,000 employees, wouldn’t you expect that they have been around for many, many years?  Then why is it that their domain, envestttrust.com, was only registered anonymously in early June, 2020?


We could continue raising suspicions about Envestt Trust Consulting Services in many more ways but it’s time to drop our bombshell that proves beyond a doubt that this website and associated business are a complete fraud.  Here is a screenshot of the “Leadership Team” web page showing the top employees of this company. (Click to enlarge.) They include:

Michael B. Hubbard, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Luis D. Pilcher, Chief Operating Officer (COO)
George K. Deleon, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
…and others. (But notice that the scammer stuck the only 3 women at the bottom of the list, perhaps revealing his misogynistic prejudices!)

What IMMEDIATELY caught our attention was the photo of Phillip T. Andrews, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise.  The photo is CLEARLY that of the actor John Hamm, who has played many roles, including in the series Mad Men.

Once we spotted that fraud on the Envestt Trust Consulting Services website, we made quick use of Google’s image search to show that NONE of the “Leadership Team” listed on their website is the person he or she claims to be!  In fact, the CEO, listed as Michael B. Hubbard, is really the former Prime Minister of Australia named Malcolm Turbull.

“Louis D. Pilcher” is actually a man named Michael Dakhoul.  Here is an interview on LinkedIn that uses the photo found on Envestt Trust:

The fraud of their “Leadership Team” continues.  We also discovered that several of their team are simply stock photos purchased from sites like Alamy.com and Shutterstock.com.  This included “Arianna D. Lopez,” “George K. Deleon” and “Wallace C. Taylor.”


Interesting Footnote:

“Envestt Trust Consulting” has a LinkedIn page with a WOPPING 74 connections as of December 13, 2020.  Quite impressive for a company of nearly 50,000 employees, don’t you think?  Equally intersting is the logo use for Envestt Trust Consulting Services.  which can clearly be seen on their LinkedIn page but not so easy to find on their website:

 We also found this logo on a website called Fiverr.com.  Fiverr.com is a free online marketing service to find freelance workers.  The logo is used for a freelancer located in Nigeria.  Nigeria happens to be the country we believe is MOST RESPONSIBLE for job interview scams.  What a coincidence!