Deceptive Consumer Services

Over many months, The Daily Scam has been finding a small but increasing number of suspicious websites that appear to offer “customer support” services.  Visitors will sometimes find legitimate customer support phone numbers on these sites, along with fraudulent phone numbers pretending to be for many well-known businesses. These fraudulent phone numbers are in addition to the 100+ fraudulent phone numbers we have previously disguised as Amazon Prime Customer Support or Apple Customer Support phone numbers.  These suspicious consumer service websites also offer advice for dealing with a wide variety of consumer or computer issues. However, this content feels as though its purpose is simply to draw your attention to the site and provide the site with some legitimacy. The sites offer to help consumers with problems they are experiencing with dozens of companies, from Verizon and AT&T to Hertz and Expedia, or even help with the IRS and Chase Bank.  Some of these sites offer their own phone number as the preferred number to call when having problems with any other company.  Our advice is clear… STAY AWAY from these sites!  Visit the legitimate business websites when you need help. DO NOT use these services…


Suspicious domain names:                           Date registered:                     Who registered it:

1800customerservicenumber-DOT-com         9/21/2017                                Private proxy service

CustomerHelp247-DOT-com                             3/1/2017                                  Private proxy service

Getcustomerservicenumber-DOT-com            10/14/2015                              Skysol Systems

iContactnumber-DOT-com                                 9/10/2017                                Private proxy service

iCustomerservicenumber-DOT-com                  11/27/16                                  Private proxy service

iCustomerservicenumbers-DOT-com                9/28/17                                    Private proxy service

Instantcustomercare-DOT-com                          2/8/16                                      Private proxy service

Instantcustomercare-DOT-tumblr-DOT-com    via


For example, icontactnumber-DOT-com lists a web page for Chase Bank Customer service numbers.  Icontactnumber-DOT-com correctly identifies the legitimate Chase phone number as 800-935-9935.  However, it also lists a group of other Chase Bank customer service numbers that appear to be fraudulent and unsubstantiated by Chase Bank’s website.  For example, icontactnumber-DOT-com lists the Chase Bank phone number for Lost Cards as 800-945-2006.  However, TDS cannot find this number anywhere on Chase Bank’s many webpages, even after using the Google “site:” command to search all webpages. offers a 3% overall safety rating for icustomerservicenumber-DOT-com


Another word of warning… Scammers are poisoning social media with fake accounts pointing to these suspicious or fraudulent websites and business phone numbers.  Here are screenshots of poisoned accounts on Pinterest and Facebook.


Further down this page you will find the text from the “About Us” page for two of the suspicious domains we’ve mentioned above, as well as many screenshots from their websites. 


We have also discovered other domains that offer consumers access to online accounts but are not who they claim to represent.  Fraudulent websites include…


APPLE FRAUD SITE: AppleHelp-DOT-support


Hululogin-DOT-us pretends to offer a login to your Hulu account; registered on 5/28/16 by Javeda Manish from New Delhi, India.  Below are 2 screenshots, one showing the result of a Google search for “Hulu account login” on September 9, 2017.  Underlined in blue are all the legitimate domains, followed by the fraudulent login for hululogin-DOT-us.  The second screenshot is the top page of hululogin-DOT-us.


Emailaccessonline-DOT-com says it offers access to web-based email services; registered 9/14/16


Below is the text found on web pages for two of these suspicious customer service websites.  Read these and conduct your own “smell test” to see if they feel legitimate:


About US at instantcustomercare-DOT-com:

Welcome To Instant Customer Care:Online Customer Service Directory Also Available Online Support
Get one-stop Customer Support for all your problems


We are evolving in technical era and these technical facilities have made our life very easy. The revolutionary motion of IT industry has made drastic change in our life style. It has made communication, travelling and business very easy as these things were very difficult in olden days. As we talk about communication then in olden days we communicate with our dearest ones via letter. But email services have made it very easy. We can communicate and collaborate with our dearest ones within a second. Despite of offering services to the customers the service provider are very much pertaining towards their customer satisfaction. They have introduced several customer service numbers that can be fid online. If customers face any technical issues then they can call on this number and get the best possible support.


It is not only the matter of email support, whatever the IT equipment and services that you are using and facing any technical difficulty then you can browse online technical support directory and get support to solve the problems. There are different categories, you just need to select the category of the issues that you are having. The moment you select the category, you will be redirected to the respective page and you will get the best possible solutions from there.


If you are unable to get support from online directory then call on customer support number. It will connect you to the technical support team within few seconds. Now, it’s your problem turn to discuss the technical issues with experts. The customer care executives thoroughly analyze the problem and find out the best possible solution for you. They will suggest you some easy steps to follow if it is difficult for you then they can remotely access your system and get resolved your technical problems.

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This website Represent as a directory service for your any kind of help related to your issues( it may be related to company products) you can find the customer service number here suggested by the user and we do not represent any independent support company here also do not provide any independent service for company products.

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