Computer Service Scams

In late October, 2018 we were sent this audio recording left on someone’s voice mail.  The caller claims to be “David Mason,” a computer technician who is calling from 805-586-3329 to offer a follow up free computer support service.  The caller is clearly male and talks with a very heavy Indian accent.  And this is a complete scam!  He’s calling to tell you that he has been receiving “red alerts” from your computer.   He continues to say that we need to “check and clean your computer.”

What makes this particular scam call unique is that the caller is not AI but a real person and he addresses the recipient by name, as if to add some legitimacy to the call.


Here’s another automated message scam phone call from “Computer Services.” It says that you had auto-debit from your account last year and are about to be charged again for this “computer service.”  You can cancel the charge by calling 805-250-3635.  The call is bogus!  As is that phone number!  There are lots of complaints online about this phone number and many people have identified the number as being used for a computer service scam.

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