Bloomscope Engineering is a Scam Site Used to Attract Job Seekers

On July 18, 2022, a man from Ghana contacted us to ask our opinion about a job offer he had just received to work for Bloomscope Engineering & Construction Companyin Canada. ( It took only a few minutes for us to confirm for this man that Bloomscope Engineering was a scammer’s website.  The scam works like this… The man has been applying for jobs in other countries.  The scam job offers tell the man that they’ll pay for his flight to the country to join his new company, BUT he has to pay the upfront visa costs.  These “visa” costs are the scam and charge victims about $250 up front.  The victims are asked to wire money to a representative who has no connection whatsoever to the country’s governement visa agency.

Here is why Bloomscope Engineering & Construction Company is a scam website and not real…

1. NEWLY REGISTERED DOMAIN: The website says they’ve been in business for 96 years, with an average of “65 promotions per year.” They also say they’ve been in business for “over a hundred years” AND the company was founded in 1996 (making it only 26 years old!) And yet, a WHOIS look up of their domain,, shows that it was registered 48 days ago on May 31st. This means that this 96 year old business didn’t exist online until 48 ays ago!  Check out this WHOIS for this bogus business:

2. GOOGLE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IT: For a business that has been around for 96 years (or more) with claims of so many promotions with clients, why is it that Google KNOWS NOTHING about them?  The only links returned to us on July 18 were links from the Bloomscope website AND this link from Scamadviser saying their website may be risky.

3. LIMITED CONTACT INFORMATION: They provide ONLY a post office mailbox and not a physical address for their business.  They also provide only a WHATSAPP phone number and not a physical phone line. This is very suspicious for a nearly 100 year old company, don’t you think?

4. UNREGISTERED IN CANADA: We searched for this nearly 100 year old business on 2 websites in Canada that have information about legitimate registered Canadian businesses and both websites come up with NOTHING about Bloomscope Engineering:

5. LOTS OF WEBSITE LINKS LEAD NOWHERE: We’ve crawled the very robust Bloomscope Engineering website and discovered that most links point to nothing! For example, visit the webpage called Projects ( and try clicking the links on this page.  They simply point to the page you are on! That’s common all over this scam site.

The man who contacted us about this bogus business was sent four pdf documents by his new “boss.”  They included a “Bloomscope COVID – 19 Evaluation Questionare 2022” in which the man was asked if he had symptoms including “Diarrhoea.”  He was also sent the “Notice” below. Note that Mr. Morrison explains why he is unable to provide a video chat interview.  This is a MAJOR RED FLAG!