Beware Emails from Friends

One of the most effective types of scams are those that come from someone you know, or from someone who claims to know you.

The most typical form of this scam happens when someone you know has his or her email account hacked.  The hacker then sends out a malicious email to everyone in the hacked account’s address book.  These emails usually contain very little text, but almost always contain a malicious link.  Short comments like these are commonly used…
How are you?
How’s life
Check this out

You can’t assume that every email sent by someone you know, was actually sent by that person!  If an email, or its link, seems peculiar, don’t click.  CALL your friend and ask about it.  Also, don’t email back to inquire because you may get a response from the hacker instead!  It’s happened to us!

And then there are the bogus emails that do their best to make you curious enough to click the link…  Click through the 25 slides on the top of this page and you’ll get a good idea what we mean…

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