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August 5, 2015


1 Year Anniversary Special Edition

It’s our birthday! One year ago this week we quietly launched and spent a month tweaking our baby before announcing it to the world early in September, 2014. In the first few months after we launched we were surprised at how much attention we were getting from the hackers who tried really hard to shut us down. We wrote an article about those experiences and are still amazed that they were lying in wait and began their attacks within hours of launching our site. You can read more about those crazy early experiences and our fight to stay afloat in our article Why It Hurts to be Right!

For this one year anniversary we wanted to share some scamolicious facts with our readers as we reflect on the past year…

Since we began to keep better analytical records on February 9, 2015 our web pages have been viewed more than 18,000 times. We estimate that our total page views since last August are more than 22,000 and readership is slowly but steadily rising. Each month we have more viewers than the month before!

What Scam Report Has Been Viewed The Most?      

The winner for most read scam have been our articles about the advance fee scams targeting people offering services on the website! They offer services such as child care, house and dog sitting. These articles have been viewed nearly 8000 times since we first reported on this scam in October, 2014. We even contacted one of these scammers pretending to be a 25-year old offering babysitting services. “She” sent us a fraudulent check for $2850.00 from an address that didn’t exist and a company whose checking account information had been stolen! Many people have contacted us about these scammers. We’ve spoken to people in eight states including some of the companies whose checking accounts were targeted by the scammers so that it appeared that the company had issued the checks. We also received dozens of emails thanking us for exposing this scam. Here are just a few comments from them…

I was Scammed recently, I’m 19, married with no children, I also received her messages via text message. The email from “Donna” was taken from your website, I copied and pasted it, sending her this message to shut her up. I’m so frustrated with this. Thank you for bringing awareness of this issue.”

“Hi I just wanted to thank you guys for your website. This “woman” contacted me on my phone, which she got off of and I sent my resume to this person today and she started talking about sending checks to me and stuff so I searched the name and this website came up because obviously they tried the same scam on someone else.”

“I got a text from a woman who said she got my # on where I am looking for nanny jobs, asking for my resume. Only she said she was from Washington, but her phone area code was georgia. This didn’t bother me too much but as we exchanged emails I started to get suspicious so I did a quick google search and found your [web] page. I am so upset. I thought I would finally be able to afford to move out of this terrible neighborhood that I’m in…  Thank you for this site! I would have been in big trouble if not for you!”

“Thank you! The article is great. I really appreciate you getting this out there for others.”

We have updated and re-reported on this scam four times already and will likely do so again in the coming months. Our articles are:

Second Most Viewed Scam Report:   

Our story posted in November, 2014 about the U.S. Treasury Agent scam phone calls has also received a lot of attention. This scam was personal because we were targeted by these scam phone calls to our homes too! We thought it was so funny that the caller identified himself with the name “Steve Martin.” We couldn’t reconcile the “seriousness” of the caller’s message about getting arrested if we didn’t respond to their notification with the wild and crazy guy we all knew and loved!

Third Most Viewed Scam Report:  

Fake Snapchat phishing sites set up to steal user’s login information! We are really proud of our reporting on this scam back in January for two reasons. In the first place it was young teens who brought it to our attention and asked us to investigate. And secondly because we believe that The Daily Scam was the first organization to report to the Internet on this set of related domains used in this scam.

Third Most Viewed Scam Report:  

Ray Ban Sunglass Online Store! Sure surprised us! We’re partial to Oakleys ourselves.

Most Viewed Scam in Our 18-Category Scam Collection:  

Ray Ban Sunglass Online Store! Sure surprised us! We’re partial to Oakleys ourselves.

Most Popular Edition of the Weekly TDS Newsletter:  

April 28, 2015. We think people are most interested in the “Your Money” article titled Scam Calls to Your Smart Phone.

Second Most Popular Edition of the Weekly TDS Newsletter:

December 28, 2014. Honestly, we’re not sure why hundreds of folks keep coming back to view this newsletter but we’re happy they do.

Surprisingly Popular TDS Articles We Never Predicted:

  1. Why is this legitimate? –An article help users understand what facts identify content as legitimate and not a scam.

  1. Why Yahoo is the Worst Email Service on the Planet — We get it but didn’t think anyone else would pay much attention to it. We were wrong!

What we wish visitors would read/watch to better educate themselves:

  1. Tips for Recognizing Scam Emails Before You Open Them
  1. Learn to Surf Safely by Understanding Website Domain Names
  1. How to Use Google to Detect Online Fraud and Phone Fraud
  1. Video: How to use mouse-over skills to detect fraud
  1. Video: Can you tell good apples from bad? Apple phishing scams!

The primary reason we jumped into this effort was because we were sick and tired of seeing friends and family targeted over and over again by online fraud.   And though we’ve invested thousands of dollars to create and maintain, along with thousands of hours of work, we get no profit from the effort. On the other hand, we both feel strongly that we are doing good in this world and will continue to provide this service for as long as we can afford to with both our time and money. Here are just a few recent reminders of the kinds of scams and malicious emails that target us all with subject lines like “Invest in pet health insurance,” “Make a difference – Become a teacher,” and “Great deals on tv, Internet, and phone packages.” (By the way, the attached Word doc in the “renewal invite letter” contains malicious code.)

Animal health insuranceBurial insuranceGreat deals on tv internet phone

Make a difference - become a teacherRenewal invite letterSeniors medical alarm





But we’re just two over-worked dads. We are also looking for one or two more people to join our effort to help us reach out to a wider audience (social media), or join us to investigate, expose and write about online fraud. So if you know a budding investigative reporter or someone wanting to be called Director of Marketing who would be interested, have them send us an email!

Finally, we would like to ask our readers for help in two ways.

  1. Your feedback, both positive or negative, is greatly appreciated! We love getting emails and web submissions from our readers! Some of you have directed us to investigate new scams or offered more information about scams we’ve reported on. Please drop us a note at or fill out our brief web form at and let us know what you like or don’t like about our website and newsletter. What do you wish we offered that we don’t?
  2.  We would love to increase our readership and know that more people are learning how to recognize and avoid online scams and fraud. Please encourage family members and friends to sign up for our free weekly newsletter. Ask them to visit: (Please don’t sign them up without their permission. Signing up is a 2-step process and they may think we’re spammers if they suddenly see an email from us asking them to confirm their sign-up.)

We’ll be back next week with our usual Newsletter. No need to worry, if we see something particularly juicy from the past week, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Until then, surf safely!

Doug and Dave