is a Fake Bank

One of our readers sent us a link to a bank located at, telling us that it is very likely a fraud.  We agree! This “bank” claims to be Asia Pacific Group by OCBC Bank and located at 225 W. Hospitality Ln. Suite 200, San Bernardino, CA, USA.  They say they are “FDIC” insured and offering CD’s paying 3.5%.  The best CD rates on September 2, 2020, according to, are about 1%.  Here is a screenshot taken of the Asia Pacific Group found at on September 2, 2020:


OCBC is a real banking organization called Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, and headquartered in Singapore.  However, the OCBC website which lists all branches of its group, does not show a branch in San Bernardino, California.  In fact, it doesn’t show any branch in California. And we know that this bank called “Asia Pacific Group” on their website, is not part of the real Asia Pacific Group because that multinational group is an organization that focuses on international banking crime.

It turns out that the domain was registered just two weeks ago in Russia on August 19, 2020!  The website for it is hosted on a server in Victoria, Seychelles –an island in the Indian Ocean.

We also found that another organization seems to occupy the exact same address where Aisia Pacific Group (National) says that it located at 225 W. Hospitality Ln. Suite 200, San Bernardino, CA, USA.  According to their website, the Nu-Era Home Health Agency occupies this address.

The TDS reader who brought this fake bank to our attention tried calling the phone number on their website, 626-313-1611, and told us that he only got a voice message machine and no one returned his call.  When we searched for this phone number in Google, we found it listed as the phone number for a very sketchy Facebook page for “BigMoneyGettas Business”

A search using Google for finds nothing at all about this website.  Instead, Google returns information for a different banking group called This has no association to our fake bank!  Asian Pacific Bank also lists its branches and show no branch in San Bernardino, California.  Also, the website for the real Asian Pacific Bank was registered in 2002.

Once again, all of this simply means that you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.  It is simply to easy to deceive others.  Stay away from !