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Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places

Have you ever received one of those random emails from a woman in Russia or Eastern Europe looking for a man? Seems like most of us get one eventually, never mind whether or not we’re a man, woman or child. Like these two amorous requests:

I am Natasha looking for man     I am Irena looking for man

Before you let your curiosity get the better of you and click the link just to peek at what Irena or Natasha look like, consider this… The great majority of these emails are sent by the MILLIONS as part of a scampaign for the sole purpose of infecting your computer. They are just another form of social engineering designed to trick you into clicking a link. The two emails above point to two different websites: “” and “” We ran both of these web sites through the Zulu Online Risk Analyzer and both sites scored 100% for malicious intent. That means a high risk of computer infection.  (And just in case you still think a stranger across the big puddle really wants to date you, listen to Krystyna Trushyna’s explanation of these scams on YouTube and how they take advantage of thousands of men.)

Brides-Beuaty-MALICIOUS1 Brides-Beuaty-MALICIOUS2

Ladies-rus-MALICIOUS1 Ladies-rus-MALICIOUS2