Amazon Work-From-Home Scams

In the Fall of 2018, we began to see and hear about a variation of the “work from home” scams that we have reported on in the past, including this voice message that came to us from one of our TDS readers.  It is an invitation to visit internetcareer[.]org.  The woman who sent it said “I never applied to Amazon and I received a text today telling me to click on a link to continue by giving my resume.  I deleted it. Then they called and left this voicemail from a phone number in Jupiter, Florida 561-406-0358. I also had a missed call from Los Angeles, California which is also very strange.”

The domain internetcareer[.]org was registered using a private proxy service five months before she received the phone call invitation.  A visit to this website on October 13, 2018 showed a LONG winded pitch to sign up to “work from home” for Amazon:



The web page at Internetcareer[.]org makes outrageous claims about doing nothing but watching the money roll in.  And they set the bar ridiculously low!  Anyone who speaks English is automatically entered into the program!  (That and having a pulse.) . These scammers have been directing people to a variety of websites to apply for Amazon work-from-home positions that are NOT the real or represent the real  Most people who have investigated this scam believe it is a phishing scam to collect your personal information.

Clark Howard of has done a good job detailing more information about this scam.  You’ll also find information about this scam on  Don’t believe this junk!  And apply the “smell test.”  If it seems too good to be true, it is!

If you hear about any “work from home” jobs that make you suspicious, send them to

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