About Us

The Daily Scam was developed by Doug Fodeman and David Deutsch in response to the overwhelming number of Internet scams and online fraud targeting them, their friends and colleagues.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is simple: To help people better understand internet-based threats, scams and fraudulent practices, and how to avoid them. We want to educate the world!


Our Solution

The problem is getting worse every year. Despite people’s best intentions to stay safe online, there are extremely talented scam artists and criminal gangs who successfully manipulate us into infecting our computers with malware, trick people into sending them money, or revealing personal information that puts us at risk. During the last few years these threats have been increasing and we’re as sick and tired of them as you!   It’s not that we just understand your problem… We have your problem. Everyday, we receive lots of scam emails, texts, phone calls and social media messages/ads just like you! (So do our family members!)


The Solution is Education.

We have created lots of resources on our site that are designed to educate you, your employees, students, and family to keep both your computers and your information safe. (And, when possible, we try to do it with a sense of humor to help keep us all from being overwhelmed by these threats.) Our free weekly newsletter “The Daily Scam” exposes the latest scams as they are released across the Internet and offers easy-to-understand tips for reducing your risks online. The scammers see people as the weakest link and easy targets. Educate yourself, your friends and family. Subscribe to our free newsletter and get up-to-date alerts about the latest scams and how to recognize them before you become the latest target.  If you find our site helpful, please consider making a donation to help support us.  We have spent thousands of dollars out of our own pockets in this effort because we believe it is the right thing to do.  Help support us!  And thanks. (We also offer workshops to businesses, organizations, Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce such as the “Find the Fraud” fun workshop that invites people to participate and learn in the process! We charge a fee for these workshops. Contact doug@thedailyscam.com if interested.)


Just a Couple of Guys Fed Up with Scams:

Doug Fodeman was the the Director of Technology at the Brookwood School in Manchester, Massachusetts for 27+ years. He was also Co-Director of Children Online for more than 17 years, an organization devoted to the safety of children and teens using the Internet and telecommunications technologies. Doug has authored many articles and several books on Internet safety, including “Safe Practices for Life Online,”  “A Parent’s Guide to Online Safety,” and “Racing to Keep Up.”  Doug and The Daily Scam were also written about in the December, 2019 Wired.com article “The Phone Call From Hell.” He has also served on the Marblehead School District Cyberbullying Task Force. Doug has made appearances on the ABC Nightly News and the CBS Evening News about cell phone scams targeting children. He has also been a guest speaker with Deborah Rowe of the ABC affiliate WLSAM Radio in Chicago on the topic of cell phone scams targeting children and issues affecting children online, and has appeared several times on the Jordan Rich show on WBZ in Boston to talk about Internet issues. Doug has also given workshops on a wide variety of related topics such as Using Search Engines Effectively, Protecting Your Privacy Online, and The Most Important Safety Tips for Using the Internet. Perhaps surprisingly, Doug also taught High School science for 18 years in a former life.

David DeutschDavid Deutsch has over twenty-five years experience in advertising, design and design management. His experience runs the gamut from direct marketing and print to advertising, marketing and the web. He has been managing people and getting them to do their best work for over fifteen years. Over the last fifteen years David has lead teams to success as Associate Creative Director, B2B for Staples, Inc., as Worldwide Creative Services Manager for GN Netcom/Jabra in Nashua, NH, and as Global Creative Services Manager for 3Com, Inc. in Marlborough, MA. He served on the board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) as Sponsorship Chair and ran some of the most successful large scale, revenue generating events in the group’s history. Throughout his career, David has combined his multifarious abilities to form commonalities between his creative and information technology skills. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Political Science and Creative Writing and continued his graduate level studies in Advertising and Public Relations at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. Today he lives in Marblehead, MA with his family and divides his time as an appointed Constable for his town, building smartphone apps, like Abracadial, a telephone utility, and Zombie I Scream for the iPhone, with his company Thefty Jack LLC. He spends the rest of his time with Doug, ridding the world of internet scams and fraud as the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Educating Industries, the producer of The Daily Scam.


A note about privacy: We always recommend using a WHOIS look-up of a website domain as a way to determine who owns a website, and to be suspicious of any website that hides it’s ownership information behind proxy services.  However, we have hidden our website ownership because of the nature of our work. Since the purpose of our site is to expose scammers and teach people how to protect themselves against these bad guys, we think it is likely that, sooner or later, they will attempt to hack our site and either shut us down or disrupt our work. [To learn more about WhoIs Privacy Protection, visit DNSimple.com.]  I guess this “About Us” page defeats that purpose though.  Oh well.