A Professional Love Scammer from Zimbabwe

[Published May 10, 2020; Updated below November, 2023] This is the story about a very successful criminal we’ll call “Mr. Harare Zimbabwe” who has tricked women into giving him more than $375,000 during the three years leading up to our May 10 publication date in 2020.  Mr. Zimbabwe has used at least 39 aliases to represent himself and at least 12 fake business websites based on breadcrumbs we have traced to him as far back as May, 2016.  It will become obvious later in this story why we believe this professional love scammer is located in South Harare, Zimbabwe.  He, and perhaps a team of helpers, specifically target women in the age range of about 50 to 65 years of age.  He sets his snares by first posting fake profiles on dating apps like Plenty of Fish (POF), Tinder, Bumble, Match.com, and Wonder[.]dating and was recently found trying to connect with women on the gaming app called Word Bingo as a man named “Anthony Pace!”  Anthony Pace claimed to be a “single father with 2 beautiful daughters.” He’s an “independent contractor engineer” and his hobbies include mountain biking, camping, horseback riding, and photography. He’ll ask women if they “don’t mind being good friends” and continuing to chat via Google rather than in the game app. 

We were first introduced to this man’s criminal exploits back in mid-July, 2019 when a 58-year old woman we called “Nancy” (not her real name) contacted us about a man she met online. The man was named David Aapro, a supposed Architect who said he was originally from Espoo, Finland, living in Illinois but working in Cyprus.

“David Aapro” had spent about two months developing his relationship with Nancy before he tried to cash in on that “investment” through several stories he fabricated. He started small, with a story about a broken laptop, and software he needed for the replacement laptop. Nancy told him she could not pay for his new laptop. But Nancy did purchase $400 in iTunes gift cards for David to buy the software he claimed to need. And then David’s problems took a serious turn when he was supposedly arrested in Cyprus. He asked Nancy for money to bail him out of jail.  Instead of doing that she became extremely suspicious and contacted us at TheDailyScam.com.  Our investigation exposed his fraud and we detailed it in our August, 2019 article titled “I Love You, Bail Me Out.”

NOTE: This Romance Scammer is still very active and successfully targeting women! As of June 14, 2022 he is still using the alias of “David Jones Sigurdsson” and claims to have a lawyer named PROF. DR. M. FADLULLAH MEHMET. This FAKE LAWYER uses the website found at Chambers Law Firm: https://www.chamberslawfirmcy.com

    1. The website “chamberslawfirmcy.com” says at the bottom of each web page that it was copyrighted in 2015.   However, the website was created on a Wix server and registered on May 24, 2022, less than 3 weeks before we found it. Proof: https://whois.domaintools.com/chamberslawfirmcy.com
    2. A victim of this scammer was told that David Sigurdsson’s lawyer is Founder and Managing partner named Prof. Dr. M. Fadlullah Mehmet. This is not true. The image of this “Founder” were stolen from a REAL lawyer named Evgenios Erotokritou. He is the CEO of E.R. Team Global Consultants. The fake site stole his image from this website: https://lawyers-cyprus.com/cyprus-greece-double-tax-treaty/
    3. Another lawyer listed on the fake chamberslawfirmcy.com site is listed as “EDA CERRAHOĞLU BALSSEN“ and called a partner. But this is not true! The woman in the photo is indeed a lawyer, but her real name is ERMINA PAPASOLOMOU and she works for Arnos Group: https://arnos-group.com/our-team.html

Below is a list of 39 fake names used by Mr. Harare Zimbabwe to represent himself and his fake businesses since 2016:


That was, by no means, the end of Mr. Harare Zimbabwe’s effort to victimize women.  Just four months after publishing I Love You, Bail Me Out, we were contacted by another woman from Florida we’ve named “Celeste.”  Celeste is a very credible and astute realtor who met a man named “Anthony Fausberg” on Tinder in September, 2019.  Anthony Fausberg claimed to be the owner of an international solar installation and construction company called Fausberg Incorporated. Anthony said he grew up in Iceland, had lived in British Columbia, Canada but moved to Miami, Florida two years earlier.  He and Celeste developed an online relationship over four months but never once had a video chat or Facetime conversation. As you might expect, they also hadn’t met in person. There was always a reason why it wasn’t possible, including technical difficulties with devices or locations overseas where Anthony travelled for work.  All communication was via voice, text or emails. Anthony’s business dealings presumably took him all over the world, including Cyprus where he says he was arrested and thrown in jail. Does this sound familiar?  Not only was Anthony Fausberg’s scam nearly identical to that used by David Aapro, but we uncovered many connections between these two fake characters supporting our case that they are, in fact, the same scammer (or perhaps a local team of scammers.) Celeste helped us gather many details to expose Anthony Fausberg’s lies and deceit which we published in our January, 2020 article “I Love You, Bail Me Out Again!” 

UPDATE 10/25/20: 
The Zimbabwe Scammer is STILL actively using the name Anthoney Fausberg to target women on dating apps like Tinder.  A woman found this profile of “Anthony” on Tinder and send us these two screenshots:

While digging into Celeste’s story about Anthony Fausberg, we also discovered many more breadcrumbs to other aliases and fake business websites created by Mr. Harare Zimbabwe.  You can read about a few of these fake business websites and people in our related article called Fake Professionals.  Mr. Zimbabwe has also created two fake bank websites that he very likely used to help him defraud his victims of their money. One of these bank sites was called Trust Bank LLC. (The website is unavailable as of May 10, 2020.) It was registered on August 17, 2018.  The other bank is called Credit Bank Benin, and claims to have Mr. Salif Mohammed as the “Director Manager” since January, 1997.  Google is unable to find any such bank.  Here is a link to Mr. Salif Mohammed’s LinkedIn page, as of May 9, 2020.  There is hardly any information on his page and no connections whatsoever.

While following the many breadcrumbs that connected these fake businesses and aliases, we stumbled upon an unusual single Yelp review about one of these businesses called Hills Construction, Inc.  A woman gave this business a 1-star Yelp review on June 9, 2019, adding “Stay away! This guys a sociopath. Flim flam man, hustler, not to be trusted on any level.”  Sadly, we knew we were seeing one of Mr. Harare Zimbabwe’s victims lashing out at him in the only way she could.  In our investigation of Hills Construction, Inc we have discovered three different domains (and two currently active websites as of 5/10/20) that claim to represent this business.  All three are claimed by the fake founder and CEO “Michael Hills.”  

One of these domains, hillspropertiesinc.co, was first registered on November 28, 2018.  This Hills Construction, Inc. website was taken down sometime before the winter of 2019, very likely in response to this Yelp reviewer.  But we found this fraudulent business has reappeared recently as  hillspropertiesinc.com. (Notice “.com” instead of “.co”).  This domain ending in “.com” was registered on February 23, 2020 through a privacy service in Toronto, Canada.  But this business is also available on a free web service called Yola. (Yola’s roots began in Cape Town, South Africa.)  As of May 9, 2020, the Hills Construction, Inc Yola website can be found at https://hillsincconstruction.yolasite.com/.  We reached out to the woman who wrote that Yelp review…

“While investigating “Hills Inc Construction” as a possible fake website, I came across your review of it on Yelp. I suspect that “Mr. Hills” could be the same professional scammer that 2 other women have contacted me about. (The man used the names David Aapro and Anthony Fausberg.) Would you be willing to tell me why you called Mr. Hills a fraud in your review of him in June, 2019?”

About two weeks later, on March 11, 2020 she replied.  (We will call her Carey.) Carey told us that she had been duped into sending Michael Hills a great deal of money after building a relationship with him online and through many phone calls.  While home after surgery in February, 2019, Carey was on the dating app Bumble and matched with Mr. Harare Zimbabwe, aka “Michael Hills.”  She remembers that during one of their first conversations Michael asked her to send him a photo of herself with her hands on top of her head so he could see that she was real and he could trust her.  Of course that was a complete manipulation but it worked to impress her.  She didn’t think to ask the same of him, but she should have asked him to do a similar thing, but with a different pose.

His company, Hills Construction, was working on a project in Turkey when his manager had an accident. Michael Hills suddenly had to rush back to Turkey and was unable to visit Carey as planned. This is a familiar script Mr. Harare Zimbabwe has used many times in his subterfuge.  She also said that he started out healthy but over time he was less and less so. Perhaps this was meant to develop concern in his victims.  First he tests his level of trust with his victims by starting with a small request.  With Carey, he said he was working on a website project for his business and didn’t have the money to complete it.  He asked her to buy several $100 Apple gift cards and send him the codes.  She did.  As in all his scams, he appears to have connections to many places, including a location near to the victim he has targeted.  He described his office in Boston very well, she said.  But he also told Carey that he lived in San Jose, California (near her) and had a home in Toronto, Canada.  Besides his construction business, Michael Hills also claimed to have an Architectural business.  Once again, these are common threads to the scams perpetrated by Mr. Harare Zimbabwe.  He typically claims to have several homes, and one of these homes or his business is usually located in Canada. Keep in mind that during these months when Mr. Harare Zimbabwe is grooming his victims, he is filling them with love, and the sense that he is a deeply sincere and heartfelt man with whom they hope to have a long relationship. He professes his love for them and that he wishes to marry them.  Several of his victims have told us that they often had 2-hour phone conversations with him. (You can listen to a portion of two of these conversations below that were recorded by one of his latest victims.)  

Carey was still terribly upset and angry, as she recalled her story to us.  Her pain was palpable and I felt badly asking her to share the details of what happened to her.  The only reason, she explained, that she was willing to speak about it at all was because she hoped it might help other women avoid this parasite.  It was clear that she had fallen in love with Michael Hills.  He made plans and promises to come see her.  He even sent her copies of his plane tickets, but problems continually came up that delayed him from returning.  He also changed phone numbers frequently, she said, and had many different email addresses.  She remembers thinking it odd that his voice wasn’t on his phone’s voicemail.

By the end of our conversation she was unable, or unwilling, to report the details of exactly how he had tricked her into giving him so much money.  Or perhaps, she was too embarrassed to share those details.  I only know that as Michael Hills fell upon tough circumstances, she sent him money to help.  Over and over. She said she took money from her 401K account and from her inheritance following the death of her 93 year old mother in December.  She even took out a $7,000 loan for Michael Hills.  All together, Carey told me that she sent Michael $375,000.  In return, he promised that these were short term loans and he would repay them with interest. That never happened. By that point in our conversation, Carey was very upset.  Yes, she filed a police report, she said, but you can imagine where that went.  Michael Hills was a ghost.  Carey, who was also a professional career woman, couldn’t believe she fell for his lies.  She told me that Michael Hills had an amazing skill to reach right into her heart.  That’s why he was able to manipulate her so successfully, she whispered. We ended our conversation with Carey promising to send me photos and texts the following weekend, but she never did. I let it go because I didn’t want to cause her any more pain.

Though The Daily Scam had plenty of other scams reported to us since the middle of March 2020, our inbox remained quiet from any women reporting love scams…. Until mid-April.  We received an email from another woman with the subject line “Re: Anthony Fausberg.”  It read…

“He is still at it. Met him on Tinder, chatted a few times then nothing. Went on Match and came across him again. He used the same name. Told me where he was from, about his business and moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Seemed like a decent guy. I’m always leery of men so I started asking where he lived here, he said in an upcoming development called Bridgewater in a condo. Few weeks later I asked again, to see if he kept his story straight.  He said he lived in a Villa there. He told me his dog Billy had to be put down, questioned him to see if he had other dogs, he said he at one time had a Rottweiler named Harley. After reading your article I texted him and told him what I had read and not to contact me again. He is an evil person to make you think he was an honest guy.  By the way his profile on Match states he’s not into games. Just wanted to let you and your readers know.”


This woman informed us that she had met “Anthony Fausberg” about mid-March, 2020.  The telephone number he provided her had an Ontario, Canada exchange.  And also on April 14, nearly a month after our last conversation with Carey, we received an email from a 55 year old woman from Tennessee we will call Marianne…..

“I have been talking/texting to Anthony Fausberg for almost two months…. Met him on Tinder. I have some of the same pics.  Just started professing his love and a life together, etc.  What can I do to get this guts arrested? Are you guys interested?  I’m so glad I decided to Google him tonight… it took me to you guys.” –Marianne


Marianne was a tremendous resource because she was already deep into an online relationship with this criminal whom she had met two months earlier.  Like other women, Marianne had met Anthony Fausberg on the dating site Tinder. Anthony’s Tinder profile is clearly the exact opposite of the real Mr. Harare Zimbabwe.  It is obviously meant to engender a feeling of trust in this devil.

“I am a principled man with a heart of gold and a rigid moral compass who still believes in old school values like honesty, integrity, and kindness.”

He was charming, highly empathetic, and knew exactly what to say to make Marianne feel loved.  This is clearly one of Mr. Harare Zimbabwe’s most important skills. He has an exceptional ability to win the trust of the victims he targets.  That and the fact that he is skilled at building his deceitful schemes into his narrative slowly over time.  “Anthony” sent Marianne some of the exact same photos he had sent Celeste, plus a few new ones….

As Anthony’s story unfolded, he was in Abu Dhabi because one of his employees was injured on the job.  Similar to what he told Celeste about his work in Cyprus, poor Anthony had neglected to take out worker’s insurance for this job.  You see this was to be his last job before retiring and returning to Marianne to build a life together with her.  Just like his previous flim-flam stories, Anthony explained that the court in Abu Dhabi said he couldn’t leave the country until he took care of the injured worker’s medical bills.  And for some reason, he was also unable to access his company’s bank account in Panama.  He asked Marianne to help him transfer funds from one account to another online.  He wove a confusing story why neither he nor his business manager, a man called Sam Kromstain, were unable to do it.  He needed Marianne to do this for him and though he assured her that it didn’t require any of her own personal funds, she was very nervous to get involved.

During this time, something else happened that was very odd and made Marianne suspicious.  Anthony Fauserg suddenly had a new email address and name.  He became “Anthony Hlodverson” and he contacted Marianne through the email address hlodversonanthony @ gmail.com.  This led us to go looking for a website related to the name “Hlodverson Construction” and sure enough, we found it! HlodversonConstruction.com was registered anonymously less than two weeks earlier on April 12.  This website used the same design, and many of the same pictures, that have been used on several of the websites created by Mr Harare Zimbabwe.  And of course, this was another construction company so it would fit his scam narrative.

It appears to us that Mr. Harare Zimbabwe is getting a bit careless.  Not only did he reuse the same web design and photos from his other fake sites but he didn’t even change the name of the photos he uploaded to this new website of a different name!  For example, we dug into the web code that was used to create his “our team” web page of this new website and found that the photos of Anthony Hlodverson were still labelled as “Anthony Fausberg!”

One of the ways that we’ve been able to connect Mr. Harare Zimbabwe to his many aliases has been through reverse image searches.  Here’s a simple example…. Earlier in this article we showed you a photo sent to Marianne of “Anthony Fausberg” leaning over a large blue exercise ball.  We uploaded that photo to Google images and conducted a search for it.  Google found that this image has appeared multiple times on the free online dating site called “Wonder[.]dating” but each link was connected to men with different names because “Anthony Fausberg’s” photo and name was found amongst suggested men lower down on the Wonder[.]dating web page.

Once Marianne found our article I Love You Bail Me Out, Again! which showed that Anthony was a complete fraud she was hurt.  But she was also angry and wanted this criminal exposed so she agreed to help us do that.  It turns out that Marianne is a very convincing actress!  She continued her texts, emails and hours of phone calls with Anthony Fausberg, without revealing to him that she knew he was a flim-flam man.  We discussed the best way to try to trick him into exposing himself in some way.  This was also the same time that Anthony was beginning to pressure Marianne into helping him move money from one account to another, presumably at no risk to her.  Marianne recorded two of her conversations with Anthony.  We have purposely disguised her voice and removed portions of the conversation to protect her privacy and identity.  Also, the voice recordings of Anthony are faintly recorded.  We had to use sound-editing software to amplify his voice.  He is not always easy to understand.  We also removed long pauses that often followed the times that Marianne spoke, but before Anthony spoke.  It was as if there was a delay between them because of some very long distance for the voice data to travel around the world.

(Important note: Celeste listened to these voice recordings and told us “I listened to all of the 3 conversations…absolutely 100% the same man that I was talking to and I laughed out loud quite a few times because he said the same things to me and called me Babe too…what a con artist – to the Max!”)

The timing of Anthony’s request for Marianne’s help was perfect!  As he began to put pressure on her, we felt it made sense for her to ask him to sign a letter saying that everything he was asking of her was legal and at his personal request.  With our help, Marianne sent him an email that contained a link to such a letter.  She told him that she wanted him to sign and return it before she would do as he requested.  Only it wasn’t what she said it was.  It was a tracking link and, if clicked, could reveal his location in the world and other information such as the device on which he had clicked the link.  He clicked it twice.  Anthony Fausberg, who said he was  on a job site in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, was a criminal locationed in South Harare, Zimbabwe.

Though saddened, Marianne was grateful to have exposed this criminal.  She’s a smart woman.  She now believes that Mr. Harare Zimbabwe conducts research on the potential victims he intends to target.  For example, he knew about Celeste’s love for horses and used that information to his advantage.  With Marianne, there were a few interesting coincidences that she now believes were more likely because Mr. Harare Zimbabwe conducted research on her.  For example, she had posted on her nephew’s Facebook account that she wanted to travel all 50 states in a motorhome.  Interestingly enough, Anthony Fausberg told her he wanted to do that!  Though Marianne lived in South Tennessee, she says it was no secret that she was interested in moving to Huntsville, Alabama.  Anthony Fausberg claimed to have a home in Huntsville, but at the time was headed to New York to give a presentation.  We think Marianne is spot on!  Mr. Harare Zimbabwe is very likely researching his victims as he targets them and using that information to his advantage.  Marianne also noticed that she began to develop her relationship with him in February, 2020 but Celeste didn’t end their relationship until some time in March.  So Mr. Harare Zimbabwe is also planning ahead for his next victim.  Clearly, this parasite has to maintain detailed notes to keep his fraudulent stories straight and convincing. 

By the time this article is published, The Daily Scam will have notified the police in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Though we have no idea if they will take the time to track phone records, identify this criminal’s cell phone and bring him in for questioning, we at least have the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve exposed this fraud and are making it harder for him to prey on women around the world.  Fortunately, other people are beginning to take notice.  On May 5, 2020, just before we published this article, we were contacted by a young woman who told us that her mother-in-law, a widow, had met a man named “Michael Hills” on a dating site.  This daughter-in-law said that her mother-in-law was extremely excited about this man and that “he was the real deal.”  Michael Hills wanted each of them to verify their information with IDs. He sent the woman a copy of his ID but the daughter-in-law tells us that his picture didn’t look right. Michael Hills also said he lives in Oakville Ontario, Canada.  The daughter-in-law grew suspicious and Googled the man’s name and business.  It led her to our article I Love You, Bail Me Out AgainMichael Hills, CEO & Founder of Hills Construction of both Boston, Massachusetts and Oakville, Ontario, Canada is a fraud.  On his website, Hills Construction Inc, you’ll find a photo of a handsome man with a beard in a dark suit.  Except that is not Michael Hills.  That is a stolen photo of a Realtor named Colm Glass.  You can find Mr. Glass’ photo on many Realty websites, such as: Realtor.com, Sotheby’s Realty, and UpNest.com.

And so it goes.  We’re certain this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing from victims of this parasite we call Mr. Harare Zimbabwe.  But we will continue to track him and expose him. 

At the end of July, 2020 we heard from his latest victim.  He pretended to be Michael Hills of Hills Inc. Construction.  You can read the details in our article: Michael Hills of Hills Construction is the Harare, Zimbabwe Love Scammer.

FOOTNOTE: We are certain that Mr. Harare Zimbabwe knows about the articles we publish about him and has used this information to make improvements to his scams.  However, rather than withhold this information, we feel it is extremely important to make it public to warn the public about him.

UPDATE August 23, 2021:

A victim’s son contacted us to tell us how grateful he was to finally find this article.  His single mother had been scammed out of $6000 – $7000 by the Zimbabwe Love Scammer pretending to be a man named Mathias Wilhelm. Mathias Wilhelm said he was an engineer and captain of a Norwegian ship. As the son tells us….

“His scam was that he was working on a ship. First reason was for gift cards so that he could fix the network to communicate with her better – 50-100$ each time.  Then it was money for food for his daughter that he couldn’t get in touch with – 300$.  Then his daughter needed surgery – 500$ Then it was to pay the company he worked for to ship a container of his things to her house – 1000$.  She didn’t fall for that one, I was able to talk her out of it.  She stopped talking to him for a couple of weeks.  He was trying to get more money from her claiming the company he worked for wouldn’t let him get off the boat if she didn’t send him 2000$.  She didn’t fall for that either.  I thought he was gone for good, but a couple of weeks ago he came back and told her that the company he worked for was going to give him 200,000$ but he needed to get money from her to pay his employees first.  She sent him 500-600$ a day for the past week or so until today when I found your article and sent it to her.”

Mr. Harare Zimbabwe Love Scammer continues to use stolen photos of an artist named Chris Hassett. If you Google Chris’ name you’ll see lots of these photos that have been used by this scammer.  Here are a few recent ones….


UPDATE November 14, 2021:

We were contacted by a woman who sent us this screenshot of Mr. Zimbabwe pretending to be a 61-year old man named Victor on Facebook Dating.

UPDATE December 29, 2021:

On Sunday, December 26, 2021, a woman contacted us to say that she had been developing an online relationship with a man identified as “Ethan Laporte” from Bonita Springs, Florida. She met Ethan around November 20 on Elite Singles. His profile name was “iamnewhere 55.” “Ethan” sent her 2 photos. One was of the same man (Chris Hassett, Musician) that the Zimbabwe Love Scammer has used for several years to victimze women.  Oddly, the other photo was of a man named Grant Cardone.   The woman didn’t realize they were different men. The woman tells us that the pictures sent to her by “Ethan” looked slightly different but she thought he was just heavier in one of them. “Ethan” also told the woman that he lost his parents and was raised by his grandmother and is raising two girls on his own. He told her that when he got back to Florida he was relocating to Sarasota to invest in a hotel. They talked and texted daily, she tells us. He of course portrayed himself to be the perfect man…Sweet, sensitive, romantic, and all about her. In other words, he was very manipulative! 

This particular love scammer gave this woman the same story about being a widow with children. His story said that he was working on an oil rig and was supposed to return to Florida on December 24, the day before Christmas. After returning from the oil rig, he were supposed to meet the woman for the first time. But alas, as is always the case in this scam, he texted her a couple of days before their meeting to say that he was so stressed and couldn’t see her. Ethan told her that some machine had broken on the oil rig and he was responsible for fixing it, based on his work contract. He wanted to borrow $3500 from the woman or he would be stuck on the oil rig or lose his contract. Their last texts were on December 22 when Ethan asked the woman to borrow money and she said no way!

Ethan speaks with a French accent, according to the woman. His phone number was 305-735-6411 and his email address is hypocritically given as “mehonest120@yahoo.com.” The woman searched for his name on Facebook (Meta) and found it. However, we discovered that his name “Ethan Laporte” was associated with the Facebook account link “https://www.facebook.com/ibrahimhajiya.maimuna.” This link contains the female African-sounding name of “Ibrahim Hajiya Maimuna.” It is also really odd that the scammer sent both a photo of Chris Hassett in a black winter cap AND a photo of Grant Cardone in a white winter hat.  Perhaps it was a mistake, and he has used photos of both men in different romance scams?  The photos on the fake profile of “Ethan Laporte” are stolen from Grant Cardone.  

1. Grant Cardone is an author and easily found on the Internet. Check out this video he posted in March, 2020 in which he is wearing a white winter hat and from which one stolen photo was taken:   https://x.facebook.com/grantcardonefan/videos/547475726127210/
You can also see that Ethan Laporte’s Facebook profile uses a photo of Grant Cardone with a kitten on his left shoulder.  That photo with the kitten was taken from Grant’s biography website. It was at the bottom of the web page as of 12/29/21.

2. The man in the black winter cap (with the TV in the background) is a musician named Chris Hassett but the photo of Chris in the black winter hat also shows up for another bogus LinkedIn profile of a man named “Mark A. Harms.”

UPDATE March 11, 2022:

On March 10, 2022, we heard from a woman who told us about her recent experience with a man named “Jason Lindvig.” She read our articles about the Zimbabwe Love Scammer and said she had a similar experince. Jason Lindvig is supposedly an architect/engineer born in Norway, who grew up in England, and now lives in West Palm beach and San Diego. This woman met him online. Within a week, Jason started “love bombing” her. But they couldn’t meet in person since he was about to go to Cyprus for a job. Sound familiar? This is just like the “David Aapro” story we wrote about in “I Love You, Send me Money & Bail Me Out.” The woman told us that Jason Lindvig asked her to buy him computers for the site office and ship them to him because he keeps very low limits on his credit card after having been a victim of credit card fraud. When she said she wouldn’t buy and send him $10K worth of Apple computers, he went back and forth between anger and trying to pull her in by telling her he loves her. That and the “fact” that his wife never would have questioned him! (His wife died of cancer, he said, and that he has a grown daughter.) He also started a scam by having a check sent to the woman for $825,000, but made out to him! He told her he needed the check to be securely in her hands while he is out of the country. She told us that the business whose name is on the check came looks suspicious and the check itself looks suspicious, but she didn’t share any photo with us. Why send her a check EXCEPT to create the appearance that he is good for his money so the woman should feel comfortable buying him $10,000 of computers and sending them to Cyprus?

The woman told us that some of her suspicions about “Jason Lindvig” also had to do with the fact that she felt like her conversations were with 3 different men!  Sometimes he seemed to have a Norwegian accent and sometimes it was an African accent. Listen to this 12 minute conversation she recorded and asked us to post! She’s talking to the African-accent Jason who denies that he is a fraud. It is pathetic that this man so easily lies to her…

Jason Lindvig actually has two LinkedIn profiles, using photos of two different men! Both profiles list him as the CEO of Detron Engineering & Construction. One profile shows that he has been CEO since November, 2010 and the other profile shows that he’s been the CEO since May, 2000, which is pretty hard to believe since he didn’t register his business domain until March 15, 2019.


Jason also has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058725923491.
The woman said he had just 5 friends and very little information in his FB account. The woman told us she asked him for a photo of his passport, and he sent one, but she noticed that his passport wasn’t signed. You can’t leave the U.S. with an unsigned passport! He then told her he uses his Norwegian passport to travel and hasn’t traveled since Covid.

Jason Lindvig has two FAKE websites…one for his company, Detron Engineering & Construction, detronengineering.com, and one for himself at jasonlindvig.com.

We had no trouble finding out that the Zimbabwe Love Scammer stole photos from a man named Andrew Nicolls and then slapped the name “Jason Lindvig” all over them! Check out these photos of the real man behind these photos:



UPDATED March 26, 2022:

On March 25, 2022 a woman contacted us to say that she had been developing a relationship online with a man who called himself Christopher Geir Theodore, CEO and Owner of Theodore Contstructions LTD. Mr. Theodore told the woman that he had been born in Norway, raised in New York, and educated in Australia. She said he was very convincing and charming right down to professing his love for his beagle dog named Max! He also seemed to know a lot about Norway. However, the woman noted some important inconsistencies in his “story,” too many to count she said. She finally walked away after his many incredible attempts to get her to make “investments.” She told us that his stories sounded a lot like Mr. Harare Zimbabwe!

Christopher G. Theodore has a LinkedIn account showing a WOPPING 12 followers as of March 26. In his LinkedIn account, Mr. Theodore says “C.G Theodore Constructions LTD. traces its roots back to 2005 in Melbourne, Australia.” This is especially interesting since his bogus website says that the business was founded in 1992 on the “About Us” page (https://www.theodoreconstruction.org/about-us/) AND YET a WHOIS lookup shows that the website theodoreconstruction.org was registered anonymously in October, 2019!

The content found on Christopher G. Theodore’s website at theodoreconstruction.org appears to be stolen from the legitimate website and LinkedIn account for Triad Engineering (triadeng.com). Several of the web pages at theodoreconstruction.org contain no information at all, including the “SUSTAINABILITY” page and even the CONTACT page! There is no address, phone or email listed for the company that claims to be 17 to 25 years old!