[UPDATE BELOW 3/13/20] We want our readers to be aware of a scam call that many people started reporting in May, 2019.  Below is the message we received from the phone number 928-277-1351.  The caller invites us to visit the website 2019cashflow[.]com for an opportunity to make money!

The live male caller says “Hey I was just trying to touch base with you I’m reaching out to business professionals or even retired professionals who are looking to sink their teeth into a highly leveraged automated and outsourced online business that won’t take up any of your time so if you’re looking for a real way to get another 5 figure monthly cash flow stream going then make sure to go to www dot 2019 cash flow dot com Again that’s 2019 cash flow dot com This is a dead serious opportunity and we’re not looking to work with just anyone go to www dot 2019 cash flow dot com right now.”

Lots of websites are reporting this scam and phone number including:



However, while researching the caller’s 928 phone number, we discovered someone else on 800Notes.com saying she received a phone all from a woman who made the same announcement but asked her to visit the website retire2019[.]com.

A WHOIS look up shows us that 2019cashflow[.]com was registered anonymously just 9 days earlier on May 4 and retire2019[.]com was registered a few weeks ago on March 25, also anonymously.

This smells like a nasty scam to part you from your money!

UPDATE 7/12/19:

We were contacted by a TDS reader on July 12 saying that he received a robocall inviting him to visit 2019cash[.]com and take advantage of a “great money-making opportunity.”  The reader knows all too well that the only one making money is going to be the person who created this scam!   A visit to 2019cash[.]com will redirect a visitor to another website called membersystemlogin[.]com. In Google, it shows the text “DISCOVER THE “SECRET FORMULA” THAT HAS SOME OF OUR MEMBERS PROSPERING WITHIN DAYS OF JOINING US! DISCOVER THE “SECRET.” Both of these bogus websites were registered anonymously through proxy services.  (The first was registered in September, 2018 and the second just 2 months ago in early May, 2019.) Here is a screenshot of membersystemlogin[.]com:

Apparently, this scam has appeared in MANY forms for many months now and was written about it detail by the website ScamFinance.com in this article titled 2019Freedom Scam Reviews.

These scam calls have also been reported to us as coming from other phone numbers and voice messages:

602-584-5305 (7/29/19)

Additional phone numbers that are being used to deliver this scam include:

602-584-4410 (8/2/19)
480-651-8232 (8/14/19)
469-264-8512 and 602-584-5305 (8/15/19)
602-584-5305 (8/19/19)
435-250-7715 (8/26/19)
986-201-0963 (3-1-20)
719-467-9046 (3-3-20)

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