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Social Security Scams (11-15-19)
Job Interviews in Google Hangouts (11-14-19)
Amazon Customer Support…NOT! (11-13-19)
Gmail Verification Code Scam (11-5-19)
Scams Targeting Tutors (11-4-19)
You’re Hired! Job Scams (10-25-19)
You Won a Car or $25K! (9-30-19)
Secret Shopper Scam (9-7-19)
2019 Cash Flow Call Scam (8-14-19)
I Love You, Bail Me Out! (8-12-19)
BEWARE Global Elite Recovery! (8-3-19)
Package Reshipping Scams (8-3-19)
Craigslist Rental Scams (7-4-19)
Sextortion By Email (7-2-19)
Sextortion Scam Via Facebook  (6-30-19)
Consumer Fraud – Fake Stores! (6-26-19)
Student Loan Scam Calls (6-26-19)
Apple Tech Support Scams (6-15-19)
Car Wrap Scams on the rise (6-12-19)
Fake World Wide Assoc. of Prof. (6-10-19)
Apple Customer Support…NOT! (5-28-19)
I Love You, Send Me Money! (3-27-19)
You’ve Won $4500 Check Enclosed! (3-13-19)
Plenty of Fish Has Plenty of Sharks(3-11-19)
$8 Million Consignment Boxes (3-10-19)
Personal Asst. & Fake Check Employment (1-26-19)
Anti-Aging Face & Skin Creams (1-6-19)
Malware Recording You (11-13-18)
Scams Target & Members (11-12-18)
Computer Service Scam Calls (10-23-18)
Text Recruiting by CVS?
Amazon Work From Home Scams (10-13-18)
Deceptive Marketing Emails (8-22-18)
IRS Phone Scam (7-20-18)
Cyber Crime Investigation Against You (7-18-18)
Sprint Phone Hacking Scam
Your AT&T Account Has Been Suspended
Would You Buy a Computer From Them?
Online Dating Scams (3-12-18)
Sextortion By Bot?
Your Worst Nightmare: Sexting a Minor…Or So You Think
Underage Girl Sext Scam (2-21-17)


Nov 13: Breaking News Breaks More Than News
Nov 6: Facebook “Likes” Link to Malware Disguised as Porn
Oct 30: How Many Red Flags Can You Spot?
Oct 23: Spear-Phishing a Rotary Club
Oct 16: Beware of Extreme Claims
Oct 9: An Award-Winning Story
Oct 2: Appearances Are Deceiving 
Sept 25: How the Best Can Be the Worst!
Sept 18: Stranger in a Strange Land
Sept 11: One Malicious Domain to Rule Them All
Sept 4: Have You Had “The Talk” Yet?
Aug 28: Sextortion Again
Aug 21: Not a “Happy Meal!”
Aug 14: Your Scam Story!
Aug 7: How to Best Protect Your Finances
July 31: What “Sounds Official” But Isn’t?
July 24: 2 Random Hyphenated Words
July 17: Nigerian 419 Scammers Will Brighten Our Day
July 10: Golf Magazine Clickbait?
July 3: Two Very Different Types of Deception
June 26: Poisoned Google Searches?
June 19: Down the Rabbit Hole of an Apple Phish
June 12: Beware The Great White Space!
June 5: Scams of the Week
May 29: The Danger of Redirects
May 22: Stay Away From the “Pro”
May 15: One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Blue Phish
May 8: When All Roads Lead to… JBBRWAKI?
May 1: Painful Social Engineering
April 24: Misuse of Free Website Services
April 17: Telltale Signs of Scammer Email Addresses
April 10: Bridal Shower Shenanigans
April 3: FROM vs. Reply-To
March 27: Extortion on the Rise
March 20: The Last Laugh From the Laffer Center
March 13: A Very Dangerous US!
March 6: Avalanche of Scam/Spam Phone Calls
Feb 27: Malicious Texts Disguised as Amex and Chase Bank



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Common Techniques and How to Prevent an Attack. –Published on Oct. 22 by, this is an outstanding article compiling valuable information from 27 online security experts including Doug Fodeman


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On February 6, 2016 Doug Fodeman and his son were both guests on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ 1030 AM radio to talk about Internet Scams. Doug’s son talked about being targeted by a scam at Listen to the broadcast here!