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Test Your Knowledge of Email Scams!

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Legitimate or Malicious Email? (20 Questions)

Can you tell which emails are legitimate and which are malicious? Take this 20-question quiz and see how you do!

You will see 20 emails. Some of these emails are real emails with live active links and others are screenshots (images) of the actual email. (Don’t assume that all screenshot images are the malicious emails, or that all the “live” emails with clickable links are safe to click!) For each screenshot of an email you’ll see a mouse-over of a link revealed in the lower left corner of the screenshot. (NOTE: All personal names, accounts and email addresses in the images have been blurred to protect the privacy of the recipients.)

For each email, choose legitimate (REAL) or malicious (FAKE). (Malicious  means that the email is meant to deceive, harm, hurt, infect someone or something such as an account or computer.)

Good luck!


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