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Student Loan Scam Calls

[Posted 6-1-19]
On June 1, 2019 one of our readers received a voice message from a woman who identified herself as Barbara Davis.  Ms. Davis was calling about his federal student loans.  But the problem here is that he had no student loans.  Ms. Davis did not identify the company she worked for or the reason for the call.  But she asked our reader to call her back at a different number than the call came in on.  He was asked to call 866-253-8228.  Listen to her message…

We did a Google search of that phone number, 866-253-8228, and discovered that the Internet has been blowing up with complaints in the last 48 hours about this scam call.  Most people saying that they have no student loans, no company was represented, etc.  One caller who reported this as fraud on said that he called the number and a computer message answered the phone and saying that if you do not have student loans you can be taken off of their call list permanently if you pressed 9.  The message that followed said the caller would never be able to qualify for any of their programs in the future.

You can read more from people posting this as a scam by visiting and

Let us know if you hear from “Barbara Davis” or other suspicious calls about student loans!