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Not Apple Customer Support

[UPDATED 11/17/17] In late August we published an article about the many fake Amazon Customer Support phone numbers showing up on forums all over the Internet. (Visit: Amazon Customer Support...NOT!) Most importantly, Google is being manipulated so that these fake phone numbers are showing up high in search results.   People who call these numbers are victimized by criminals in multiple ways, especially financially.


Since posting our Amazon article in late August, we’ve found 26 phony numbers.  However, on September 17 while researching another new fake Amazon phone number we came across this Google result below.

Apparently, criminals are promoting the phone number 888-365-0444 as more than just Amazon Customer Support.  They are also promoting it as an HP Support number and an Apple Support number.  The link at AlienVault.com really caught our attention.  So we Googled “Apple customer service phone number” for just the past week.  We were startled by what we found…

In all, we were able to locate 10 fake Apple customer service numbers and a fake website being pushed out to consumers and showing up high in Google searches.  If these phony numbers are being used by criminals like the Amazon phone numbers, the fake support staff will trick consumers into giving control of their computers and Apple accounts to criminals who will steal personal information and make purchases using the consumer’s account.


The FRAUDULENT Apple Customer Service Numbers are:

877-317-7420     866-952-1084
855-855-3844     855-654-1222
855-401-6900     844-239-7666
800-813-0692     800-786-0581
800-582-2401     800-580-2401
ADDED 9/28/17:
844-245-6784      844-523-5140
ADDED 10/17/17:
888-513-4666     844-852-8093
877-368-1508     877-467-0649
ADDED 10/26/17
800-235-3083    888-310-7097
844-202-0908    844-235-6222
ADDED 11/17/17
800-484-0081    833-802-0003
855-834-1333    877-407-9251
877-910-4205     855-888-3966
888-958-7442     800-582-2401
800-608-5461     855-834-1333
855-454-6189     844-870-4017
888-226-1422     800-676-2775
877-769-4179     800-726-0294

New fraudulent Apple look-alike domains are appearing on the Internet to trick people into thinking they are Apple Customer Support.  They are not!  These include: appletechsupportnumber-DOT-net

There are also generic "customer care" websites that claim to offer support phone numbers for many services.  We found fraudulent information about Apple on these sites, making the entire website suspicious.  We do not recommend using them!  They include:


There are many REAL Apple help phone numbers which you can see when you visit: https://www.apple.com/contact/

These real Apple computer support numbers include…

Consumer line: 800–692–7753
U.S. iPod, Mac and iPad technical support: 800–275–2273
U.S. iPhone technical support: 800–694–7466

WARNING: The is a fake Apple website that is appearing in Google searches and, at first glance, it appears legitimate.  The domain name is applehelp.support.  Look at the links returned in this Google search for this domain:

In their effort to make this domain seem even more legitimate, they have added a sub-domain called "apple-support" to produce the domain apple-support.applehelp.support.  If you look in the very last link in the graphic above, you'll see "apple" mentioned 4 times and "mac" twice!  But it is all a lie!  This is NOT Apple's website or Apple's customer support number.  A WHOIS lookup of Apple.com shows that it is registered to Apple, Inc of Cupertino, California since 1987.   However, if you run a WHOIS lookup of applehelp.support you find that it was registered in October, 2015 through a private proxy service of Arizona and the website title is "Hostmonster."  Don't believe this phony-baloney website!