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Microsoft Account Rep to Massachusetts schools

In the past we've reported about Microsoft tech support scams that target people at home but we've never heard of this Microsoft scam until today.  A Massachusetts school received a phone message from "Jason" who claimed to be the school's account rep from Microsoft. He said he was the new Massachusetts Education Account Manager and listed his number as 701-433-4408. The area code shows that the call came from Fargo, North Dakota.  The number and his pronunciation of the word "licensing" made the school suspicious. We Googled the phone number 701-433-4408 and found absolutely nothing related to the legitimate Microsoft Corporation.   But we did find someone else who recently posted that a similar phone number was a Microsoft call scam:

Listen yourself and decide if this is a scam:

UPDATE:  Doug from TDS called "Jason" back on the 701-433-4408 number just two days after this scam was reported.  There was a long pause before the phone began to ring, as if it were being routed some distance or number of times but we cannot confirm this.  The ring-tone had a lot of static and seemed to be a very low sound quality.  There was no answer after 15 rings, nor voice message from anyone, let alone Microsoft.