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Investigative Tools

Here are a collection of tools for investigating suspicious online content. Links with an asterix are tools that we found to be most valuable to investigate Internet fraud.

Check for Malware:
1. Zulu URL Risk Analyzer *(Best Resource Award from TDS!)
2. MalwareURL.com
3. Sucuri SiteCheck

Understand Who Owns a Website/Domain, Where it is Located and How Old It Is:
1. WHOIS.sc*
2. WHOIS.net
3. Better WHOIS
4. Reverse IP Lookup*
5. 2-Letter Country Codes*
6. Domain Age Check (Older domains may be more trustworthy; a 2-day old domain is very suspicious!)

Lengthen "Shortened URLs":
1. LinkPeelr
2. URL Xray
3. LongURL*
4. WhereDoesThisLinkGo.com
5. Clybs URLexpander

Investigate Phishing:
1. Phishtank
2. Anti-Phishing Working Group

Investigate Malware:
1. Scumware.org

Fight Internet Fraud:
1. Cybercops
2. Check for known scam email addresses at ScamAlert4U.com

"419" and Advance Fee Scams:
1. 419Eater
2. 419Hell
3. 419Baiter [May contain vulgar content.]

Investigate Spam:
1. Spamhaus Project
2. SpamHelp.org
3. SpamCop.net
4. All Spammed Up